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high sierra, luggage, karie herringNow for the third and final installment of our High Sierra Sport Company Trifecta!

I saw in the previous entries how LOTS and I do mean A LOT of you wonderful folks still love duffel bags. Honestly I was quite surprised. I even found that the hubs loves duffels for the ease of use when hurrying through airports or even for overnight trips where he drives. Duffels are those great bags you toss and run with no matter your location.

Plus a duffel is a great carry-on that if you are traveling for pleasure and you do not need to keep your clothes pressed this is fabulous for those quick trips. Just toss all your clothes in and go!

I present to you the AT-GO 22″ Sport Travel Duffel. The AT509 has these fabulous specifications:


  • Side-load end compartment holds wet items, shoes or accessories
  • Molded feet protect bottom from abrasion
  • Strap on back panel allows bag to slip over the extended handle of a wheeled bag.
  • Large main compartment with U-shaped zippered opening for easy access.
  • Special built-in, high-density foam structure helps maintain the bag’s shape while minimizing weight.
  • SRP $150 ARV $69.99
  • [Source: HSSC, 2009]

The features The Five Fish enjoy? The amount of packing space in this bag. Truly this duffel packs a punch with all the space, the extra compartments and ease of use. I like to know that I have this bag when in a hurry to pack the hubs for a quick trip or for a quick myself with the kids. Imagine running through the airport, quick and easy with a duffel over your shoulder for sure. Again, what else can you expect from a company that sponsors and supplies the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team!

Now you can run through airports with this duffel or better, maybe you will be packpacking through Europe with this wonderful piece, so here are your entry details:

MANDATORY ENTRY: What is that one thing you forget to pack that drives you bat crazy! (This is fun folks…be sure to leave your email address or make your blogger profile public)


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Your last chance at the High Sierra Trifecta here on The Five Fish
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High Sierra Luggage

I am thoroughly enjoying all the entries for the AT505 because you really can get into the mind of the traveler when it comes to luggage. So let me present to you “Elevate” EL102 28-inch Wheeled Upright. Seems as though wheeled bags make for easier traveling. As a mother of twins anything on wheels makes life easier, so believe me….I feel your pain!

Aforementioned is the fact my husband travels. A lot. Although his traveling has slowed coming into the fourth quarter of this year, he did spend the greater part of the year hustling through security, baggage claims, and various airports and shuttles. His biggest complaint was having a bag that was sturdy, lightweight, and rugged. Based on the comments for the AT505 giveaway everyone wanted a great bag, either to be checked, carried on, and flat out could handle all the wear and tear that happens with traveling. Glad to know that birds of a traveling feather flock together when it comes to luggage.


  • Custom molded-corner guards. Will protect your luggage when those baggage workers hoof your luggage all over the place. Helps prevent tears and wear.
  • 2″ accordion expansion for extra storage. You want room….they bring it! For those trips where you pack enough but bring home more.
  • Zip, hide-away telescoping aircraft aluminum handle system with locking mechanism.
  • Tow strap for attaching an extra bag
  • Upper front pocket holds airline tickets or travel necessities. Lower front pocket holds magazines and small travel gear.
  • High density foam structure helps to maintain the bag’s shape while minimizing weight.
  • SRP $300, ARV $149.99
  • [Source: HSSC, 2009]

The features The Five Fish like? The top handle that is normally leather and wears away is the lightweight durable fabric and padded for comfort for travelers such as you and I. The inline skate wheels make the “Elevate” EL102 fabulous to maneuver on any surface. What else we like about the bag is that the weight is fabulous. Not too light where it could break and be damaged and not too heavy where you feel like you are lugging around a safe. The total weight….EIGHT and one half pounds! [Source: HSSC] LIGHT! I delivered a baby for that poundage! My daughter who weighs 22 pounds sopping wet can wheel this puppy around so just imagine how easy it is for an adult. Plus again the Elevate has the fabulous fabric to stand up to all the wear and tear the Grid-Weave Duralite,® Mini-Weave Duralite® and Duraweave®[Source: HSSC, 2009] provide extra durability. I mean if these folks are sponsors for the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding team, this luggage has to stand up to some SERIOUS travel conditions.

But hey…don’t take my word for it. See for yourself and enter to win this fabulous piece of luggage! Here are your deets and please…play fair and follow these simple rules:

MANDATORY (SINGLE) ENTRY: Tell me where in the world you would love to travel and why? Like Italy or Switzerland for the skiing, Australia to hike the outback, Asia to take the Oriental Express into Russia. Tell me where and why. (Be sure to leave an email address or make your blogger profile public, I would hate to not have you be qualified to enter!)


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Travel Business Class with High Sierra Sport Giveaway

luggage, high sierraDo you find your husband travels quite a bit for business? (Maybe even you do as a working mom.) I know my husband travels quite a bit for work and he is constantly complaining of the amount of luggage he has to take with him which usually consists of his overnight bag, laptop bag, and sometimes literature for meetings (which maybe consists of another bag as well). All his gear bogs him down that he decided  he needed a bag that would double as an overnight bag and a laptop bag, but supply enough room for his paperwork, gear, everything you need when traveling on a business trip.

High Sierra Sport Company, Luggage, Thefivefish.comI searched HIGH and LOW on the internet for a bag to meet his needs. Believe me I searched. I finally came across High Sierra Sport Company and I was IN LOVE! I knew I found the bag the hubs could use as a laptop bag and an overnight bag allowing for enough room to pack all his gear. The bag I found with High Sierra Sport Company is the AT505 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack (MSRP $300, found in stores for $149.99). This piece of luggage is a BEAUTY and I have yet to see anyone make anything like it yet. The backpack on the front of the wheeled carry-on, zippers on and off as a day-pack or in his case doubles as a laptop, briefcase type bag. The luggage also makes for a smooth transition through the security checkpoints, where he is not fumbling through a couple of bags or having to check any of his bags. While we were also looking at all the features, the entire piece has backpack handles! You got it, the entire thing doubles as a backpack if you are not wheeling it through airports and or hotels.

Weight must be an issue right? With the fact it has the day pack, its a roller bag, the weight must be atrocious. WRONG! I thought that too until I started throwing it around. We even loaded up both bags to see how heavy they are. Not a problem! The features are totally, can I just flashback to the 80s, RAD!

  • Duraweave and Metallic mini-weave: Not your average luggage, the material is rough and tough.
  • Corner-mounted sport wheels: Inline skate-style wheels have corner-mounted housings with a unique integrated bridge to keep the bag rolling true.[High Sierra Sport Co, 2009] Which this bag does! Most wheels tend to bind or they drag like you are pulling luggage with a body in it. I mean what more could you ask for in a luggage and bag company that is the official supplier of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams. HOLLA!!
  • Aircraft aluminum pull-up handle: This feature equates to a sturdy handle that is not flimsy.
  • Custom-molded zipper pulls: Do you not hate those stupid metal zippers that are cold, your hands slip off, and they are heavy. These are designed to reduce the weight of the bag and make for an easier grip.

What else I love about this beautiful piece of luggage? Well two things, the colors are GORGEOUS! Stunning bright and fashionable colors and I plan on snagging this beauty to take with me to BlogHer2010. I will be able to stash my laptop, my swag (oh yeah….did I tell you….this is a THREE part giveaway, this is Piece ONE!), and all my clothes! I could not be more stoked!

Oh the giveaway part….right! Yes, you my faithful readers can win one of these wonderful pieces of luggage to add to your traveling needs.


MANDATORY: Leave me a comment telling me what your biggest peeve is with traveling and how High Sierra would be a fabulous piece of luggage to ease your traveling woes. You have to check out their site and tell me which piece besides this one would be fabulous! (Be sure to leave me your email address, no email address, I cannot tell you that you won! How crap-tastic would that be!)


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