Exercise App of the Year – Pokemon Go

Admittedly, I was that parent with the vehement opposition to installing Pokemon Go on my kids’ phone. I thought to myself, “Hell no! I do not want my kids roaming around like zombies staring at their phones. Bad enough we have adults glaring into their phones, now the kids!?” Until, like all my other thoughts and words, I ate those words. Caving to the kid pressures,  I allowed my teenage son to download the app to play this game. The decision was probably the best thing for The Chad, I, and our son. You see when G started playing, the kid got outside more. He started walking, and walking quite a bit. He would text me asking me for the conversion of kilometers to miles. The first day G played Pokemon Go, he walked over a mile and a half through our neighborhood. I was sold that Pokemon Go was the exercise app of the year. Continue reading “Exercise App of the Year – Pokemon Go”

FREE Learning apps for Kids and printable worksheets – Kids Academy on Google Play & iTunes

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Kids Academy Releases Preschool Education Center
for iOS and Android!

Whether you are doing early learning prep for your child or homeschooling, Kids Academy has done it again with upgrading their learning apps. Armed with over hundreds of downloadable worksheets. This is great for parents who are looking to minimize their children’s screen time but still offer a great learning environment. Here are the details about Kids Academy and their apps that are available on both Apple and Android download. Continue reading “FREE Learning apps for Kids and printable worksheets – Kids Academy on Google Play & iTunes”

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll

My Friend Cayla

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How much fun would it be for a child to wake up on Christmas morning and have a new doll that can do more then the average doll. The My Friend Cayla is not just your normal doll that we grew up with. This doll is completely interactive and is used with your tablet or smartphone. You can ask her many different questions and she can answer most of them when she’s connected to the internet. Ask her questions from the capital of Japan to how my much 99×4 is. There were not that many questions that Cayla cannot answer and if she can not find the answer then she politely tells you that it is too hard of a question for her to answer. Continue reading “My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll”

Splash Math Educational Kids Apps #MomBuzz #FreeMathApp

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splash math app, itunes math appsSplash Math – Grades 1 to 5 App

My twin first graders had a blast with this app. They were able to really excel and try out other more advanced math problems; the two of them used it for math facts. My fifth grader used it for his math facts practice as well. Excellent fun and great for learning math.

Splash mathPreschool & Kindergarten Splash Math games for kids and toddlers

A great math app for kids starting to learn to count and do basic math. Following in the common core methodology to prepare kids for what is to come before entering school. Engaging with bright colors and easy to understand problems for the early learners not yet ready to read. Great for kids ages 3 to 5 who are eager to start learning.


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