Natural Skin Care with ERA Organics

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The largest organ of our bodies and often the most neglected is our skin. We are given so much information about what to put on, how to hydrate, tone, moisturize, exfoliate. Information overload on how to care for our skin, overloaded with chemicals and additives that are supposed to improve the look and feel. Natural skin care with ERA Organics works with your biology. Continue reading “Natural Skin Care with ERA Organics”

Pure Spoon Organic Purees Giveaway

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While organics may seem like “all the rage” and a buzzword, organics truly are making an impact on our food and the way we look at foods and our health. More so as we look to our children and their diets and overall nutrition. As an advocate for clean foods and organic foods, the choices for my children when they were infants were limited and or nonexistent.

Today, grocers and food manufacturers offer so many different options in organics that we become overwhelmed and lost in the flurry of understanding which is which. However, our choices should be simple. Our food should be simple. Think of how grandma or your mother used to make your food, simple, from scratch, no additives or fillers. Continue reading “Pure Spoon Organic Purees Giveaway”

Organic Baby Lotion for More than Just Babies

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Not all baby lotions are alike. Not all organics are the same either. When an organics company comes along that offers products for all stages of baby and motherhood you cannot help to take notice. Especially when the product is more than a gimmick and more than just a brand, but an organization that is passionate about organics and creating safe products for babies, children, mama’s and beyond. This is the story of Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Continue reading “Organic Baby Lotion for More than Just Babies”