My car and house have Menopause

So DH (Chad) and I have decided to upgrade our home and install a 30 year new A/C unit. Yes, the unit on our home is the original unit. Like everything else the darn thing probably has a stamp that says “1978 Made in Vietnam”. My cabinets said that mind you so I am assuming anything else being replaced must say that. The old A/C unit creates menopause in my home….at around oh say 11pm my house turns into the county morgue. I swear you can chill some fancy prosciutto in this house with how chilly it gets. Then around 2am I wake up sweating like a fat woman stuck in an elevator. Full on drench! My house has now warmed up again, requiring my half dazed self to drag into the hall to turn the thermostat down to my chilly 74*. I like it chilly because gives me a reason to stay cool and cuddle under the covers. Which is retarded because I live in the hottest of the 48 contiguous states. Regardless…off topic.

On top of my house having this wonderful hot and cold spells, my wonderful new mini-van has decided to act in the same fashion. Back on the 9th I had to take it in because the A/C flat out stopped working. I then had a new respect for my mother who also trucked around 3 kids in a car….not only because she trucked them around but did that with NO A/C!! She is a champ! But she was also smart because she took ice cubes that my brother rationed out so sparingly. I mean it will melt otherwise…pass around the damn ice Chris!

Anyway, back to the van. Took it in, got fixed, WEE, cold A/C again. Yeah, this lasted about 3 weeks…exactly 20 days! So I drove the van on Saturday to visit my Mom and get inside after I had ran it to cool it off…..yeah that was in vain. The thing never cooled off and all the kids are loaded ready to go. (Insert lots of curse words!) So, bit the bullet, drove to Mom’s and enjoyed the day. In the meantime, called to yell at the dealership and make another appointment to get it fixed, which is what happened this morning. Had to take the darn thing in. I hope this time they get that fixed…..I am so fed up with A/C issues!! UGH!