All About Peptides

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If you are a body builder or professional athlete, you probably know all about the mini-proteins that make up the latest and greatest in weight-loss and muscle building wonders for the human body. For those of you that don’t know anything about the newest and best product to come out of the research clinics, this article is for you. Here are a few facts all about peptides. Continue reading “All About Peptides”

Staying Frugal While Job Hunting

How to Stay Frugal While Looking for a Job

Many Americans struggle with unemployment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate stands at 4.1 percent as of December 2017. If you find yourself currently looking for a job, then it can seem extremely stressful trying to find work while keeping food in your stomach and a roof over your head. The job search can take weeks or even months, but luckily, there are various ways for you to stretch your money so that you can comfortably live without a job for the time being.

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Valentine’s Day Photobooks

Our favorite Hallmark holiday is just around the corner. If you are like me and think that flowers just die and chocolate makes our hips a little more voluptuous despite New Years resolutions, there are alternatives to exhibit your love and affection. One great way to capture your loved one’s heart for Valentine’s day is with a photobook. I adore tangible gifts that can be put to use day after day and year after year.

Show that special someone how much you love them this year. Create a one-of-a-kind custom photobook from Blurb. With their cutting-edge book-making tools, you can make a book that’s all about the most special person in your life or share your story with your closest loved ones. You can add photos, words, stories, drawings—anything you want.

Valid 1/01-1/27: Save 25% on Large Square or Large Landscape books when you spend $100+

You can even create one from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, this handy little video will show you how! So what are you waiting for? Start making that special gift today, prices start as low as $12.99!

Instead of flowers that die or candies that kill your New Years goals, show your timeless affection for the one you love with a Valentine’s photobook.

This post contains affiliate links and is a sponsored placement of which fees and or payments were distributed to Blondies LLC on behalf of The Five Fish.

Clorox 2 – How I fought & beat a monster of a stain

Laundry in my household is the bane of my existence. The. Bane. I loathe nothing more than to labor tirelessly in front of a washer and dryer, laundering clothes. But you can make the best of your laundry triumphs and struggles with Clorox2. Currently Clorox2 is holding a contest where you can share your best story that you and your family have shared. Anything from the worst grass stain from soccer, a dirty mud stain, a finicky blueberry stain for those fruit snackers in your family, or even an asphalt stain like we had in our household.

My son treats his clothing like a giant napkin. We have tried to “train” him to use napkins, but somehow everything ends up on his shoulder sleeves or his pants in the thigh area. Coupled with the fact that on this day we had to go to the store and I noticed his shoes were untied. Rather than bending down to tie them, he sat his duff right on the asphalt in the parking lot of the store, resulting in a nasty black stain.

I knew this stain could not be handled with just my regular laundry detergent and so I applied some Clorox2 to his khaki’s to get those stains out and have his pants back to their standard glory to wear once again without shame. Clorox2 has a family line of different products to meet all your laundry and stain fighting needs. Not just the liquid, but spray stain fighters, gel packs and more.

Which Clorox2 product did you use with your family? What was your monster of a stain?

Be sure to share your monster of a stain story and experience for a chance to enter to win play equipment for your backyard, athletic equipment for your child’s school, plus a one year supply of Clorox2 stain-fighting products so you can continue to fight the good fight against those monstrous stains! Contest ends April 20th, 2012, so head there now.


Sea Life Aquarium Arizona

This past weekend my family and I were treated to a behind the scenes look at the newest sea member of the Sea Life Aquarium here in Arizona. The aquarium recently “adopted” a green sea turtle by the name of Ziva who was rescued in Florida. We were met by the bodacious and bubbly Kelly who is the marketing coordinator who graciously welcomed our extra stowaway for the trip, my father-in-law who is staying with us, and courteously whisked us into the children’s play area. Only moments later were we greeted yet again by a most upbeat member of the Sea Life staff who escorted us to our viewing room to learn about Ziva and her arrival to the aquarium.

We were split into groups as we were guided to the tank where we could look in on Ziva as she swam and swam around waiting to be released into her new habitat to swim free of human harm and predatory actions. You see the sea turtle is a often harmed by boats propeller’s, as is Ziva’s case, and fishing nets and lines. Additionally, littering of plastic grocery bags also mimic jellyfish which are a delicacy for sea turtles. The turtles will choke on the bags due to the floating, translucent bags appearing to be a jellyfish.

Once guided into the tank area we scaled the steps to the top of the tank on the catwalk and peered in to take a good look at Ziva. She is adorable! I wanted to touch her as her skin was very silky smooth looking and her poor shell had some extra “upgrades” to help her swim. Due to her incident with a boat, she experienced a collapsed lung which results in a bouie effect making swimming a daunting task for the little turtle. But she paddled around while everyone looked in on her.

Then the moment finally arrived after everyone received their turn to view the young sea turtle where she was set free into the giant tank to swim about with her fellow aquatic kin.

My kids had a blast, all the interactive games, displays for touch and feel, the learning kiosks, stations, and exhibits to stop and learn about all the fun aquatic life in the sea. My father in law also enjoyed himself, bless his heart for tagging along, we were highly informed by Dirk the aquatic curator who told us about sea turtles, how long they live and how big they get. Such a blast to learn about this amazing creature at the aquarium.

This is the second Sea Life Aquarium the kids have visited. In 2010 we visited the Carlsbad, CA aquarium location attached to Lego Land where the kids saw the sharks that they saw here in Tempe and they were able to touch real sea life such as sea sponges and sea stars to feel the different textures and appreciate all that the Sea Life Aquariums have to offer with sea life conservation and environmental awareness.

Have you visited either aquariums or a local aquarium in your area? What are your kids favorite animals when visiting local attractions and exhibits such as these?




Jenkins Jellies

Did you have the same old boring Thanksgiving? How about the same old boring turkey sandwiches following Thanksgiving from all the leftovers? Well why not kick up your holidays, your sandwiches, your meals altogether? Or do you have a foodie or chef extraordinaire in your family for your gift giving? I know personally I have an aunt who is an amazing chef, needless to say I think I inherited my cooking gifts from her and my grandmother, and she is always on the lookout for fabulous foods.

So I know I would love to gift to her some eccentric gifts and foods for everyone to enjoy with her creations. One year I made her a rhubarb chutney, another some black eyed peas and this year I would love to gift her some jenkins jellies hell fire pepper jelly. I was skeptical at first, as with any foodie as to what exactly the consistency and taste would yield on my palate. Surprisingly enough the jelly is amazing!

A burn to the mouth and tongue for sweet to the taste is this amazing delicacy married from the harvesting of fresh peppers and sweet jelly. More over the jelly is made with organic ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors. The packaging is delectable, with a traditional jelly jar, simple sticker affixed to the front with the quaint rope to fasten the jelly spoon to the side of the jar. A wonderful gift of food that keeps on giving for so many different options for food. We actually had Jenkins Jelly on our turkey meatloaf the other night and boy howdy, this really got my southwestern taste and passion for spice. I could taste the peppers and a bit of habanero or jalapeno, it was awesome to feel the burn and the sweet all at once. But the flavor was piquant enough to fill the senses without the numbing burn from the pepper. The flavor would be wonderful on some southwestern, jalapeno cheddar bisquits that I love to make with my turkey chili.

Now if you really want the proof in the pudding…or in this case the jelly, Hell Fire Pepper Jelly has already received celebrity recognition from Chef Mario Batali, actor Ed Begley, Jr. and actress/cousin Gwyneth Paltrow. In addition to the celebrity endorsement is the philanthropy attached to jenkins jellies which is always a plus for The Fish Family since we love to help our world and community where we can, a percentage of jenkins jellies’ profits go to the Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Fund and Green Wish.

Some back history about Jenkins Jellies:

After buying a home in Highland Park with an abundance of fruit trees, L.A. actress Hillary Danner planted a vegetable garden and began making jelly. A family friend encouraged her to create a unique pepper jelly with an extra kick.

Always up for a challenge, Hillary joined with her longtime friends Maria Newman and Chef Jared Levy to do just that. Organically growing a variety of peppers in Hillary’s backyard, she created a jelly with the perfect balance of where sweet meets heat. The end result was their first product: Locally produced, gourmet and handcrafted Hell Fire Pepper Jelly.

Available for purchase online at or at select Dean & DeLuca locations across the country for an SRP of $12 per 11.9 oz jar and $8 for a 4.8oz jar. Sure to be a chef’s favorite as a stocking stuffer or a foodies gift of taste, Jenkins Jellies is sure to be an affordable and delicious gift to enjoy past the holiday season.

“Disclosure: I was provided with a jar of jenkin jellies at no cost in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

Scent Design Custom Create Your Fragrance

How do you win over the one you love at the holidays? You design a fragrance and or scent that is completely exotic, intriguing, and above all totally personal.

Some women really don’t know what their favorite scents are, but some of my favorite are sandalwood, vanilla, black raspberry, patchouli, almond and citrus. I love warm scents and Scent Design offers a few of these amazing scents for you to create your own perfect, custom oil fragrance. Choose from their vast fragrance list to help you craft your ideal perfume or cologne for your loved one. Each fragrance is listed based on the top note and scent, men’s or women’s, and you can add the special touch of a scent you often find in your luxury fragrances.

Let me not bore you with the details of scents as you learn more about Scent Design:

Scent Design was launched in the summer of 2006, but the idea is much older. After working at a bath and body shop for a few years, I saw a service that was there, yet wasn’t being brought to it’s logical conclusion.
‘Fragrance Bars’ as they are called, have been around since 1970, yet they are hard to find and only tend to exist in some pretty exclusive areas. After searching around the internet to see if I was the only one with this idea, it looked like I was on to something big.

So now that you know you can create your own scent, they are totally unique, exotic, and remarkably irreplaceable why not enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate to create your own scent with Scent Design here is how you can enter to win:

  • Tell me your favorite scent, is it warm, cool, refreshing or what is your significant other’s favorite scent or what do you like to smell on them. Visit Scent Design and choose from their wide array of scents and pre-made designs.
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Contest ends November 20th midnight Arizona Time

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Roku2 Streaming Players – Gift Ideas for Him

Roku 2 was a foreign name in my household. I was told about Roku at work by a co-worker when we engaged in a conversation about Netflix, cable, and the insane costs to maintain cable. From there I did not hear mention again and disregarded our conversation. However, our family took huge cuts to our budget and eliminate frivolous spending. With that we began to research alternative options to cable and I stumbled across the Roku box and the options and streaming channels with Roku.

Not knowing what it is about I asked to review the Roku2 XS for my husband. We love it. The amount of streaming channels, Netflix, and let’s not forget the full blown edition of Angry Birds, this gadget is great for him and the entire family. In addition to the streaming from Netflix, catch all your live sports, UFC fights (my husband’s favorite), music from Pandora, scroll through your pictures on Flickr, entertain the kids with Disney, movies on Crackle, choice of your favorite shows on Hulu Plus, the options are endless.

In addition to all the cool streaming options and channels, is the full blown edition of Angry Birds. This feeds an addicts urge to slaughter some pigs with those angry birds. Hours of fun to be had!

The setup for the Roku box is the most simple; plug and play, and no need for any fancy or complex remotes and installation instructions. You probably want to go out and buy an HDMI cable for those of you who want your HD like we do, so that is the only additional cost to the box. My husband did all the setup while I was at work and I was blown away at how little this device is, yet how powerful. So not only is it energy efficient, it does not take up a lot of space, it also has the smallest energy footprint, using less than 2 Watts when you’re watching a movie. That’s less power than a nightlight. 15 times less than a DVR. And 60 times less than a popular game console (, 2011). A selling factor for this green family when considering purchases for our household.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for him, her, or the entire family the Roku2 is a great gift for any and every member of the family. Prices start at $59.99 and was revered as a CNET best for 2011. For more details visit the Roku site.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

The Five Fish is excited to share with you on this Halloween the review and giveaway of The Dog Who Saved Halloween. For parents you will be happy to hear a flashback of child star names; Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik our favorite brother and sister duo from TV’s Blossom.

Everyone’s favorite four-legged friend Zeus (voiced by Joey Lawrence) and the Bannisters are back in The Dog Who Saved Halloween, an all-new adventure jam-packed with family-friendly thrills and chills! When George, Belinda and their kids Kara and Ben Bannister move into a new house – just in time for Halloween! – everything seems to be fine…until they notice eerie glowing lights and strange sounds coming from their neighbor’s house where creepy Mr. Cole (Lance Henriksen) lives with his protective pooch Medusa (voiced by Mayim Bialik). When a black cat suddenly goes missing, George Bannister (Gary Valentine) insists on investigating the matter himself – and ultimately enlists an odd yet familiar pair (Dean Cain, Joey Diaz) to help. But after the trio and Belinda Bannister (Elisa Donovan) get trapped inside the spooky house, it’s once again up to Zeus to save the day (Anchor Bay Entertainment & Grand Communications, 2011)!

My kids loved this movie, not only for celebrating Halloween and the upcoming holidays, but everyone loves a super hero and a dog all in one.  Lots of laughs and slap stick fun in this family favorite. Add it to your family’s holiday collection of movies this Halloween and in time for Christmas where you can celebrate this holiday favorite all year round.

Here is how you can win a copy for your kids this Halloween Day:

  • Leave a comment telling me what your kids are dressing up for this Halloween or what is your favorite part of Halloween.
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Contest ends Friday November 17th at midnight Arizona time.

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Healthy Holiday Travel

This week marks the official beginning to traveling the week of Christmas. While most of us have already been traveling for the holidays with
Thanksgiving under our belts, literally and physically, we sometimes are not alone in our jaunts to visit family. Fall and Winter mark when reduced temperature and the gathering of people, and of course the conception of the cold and flu season with all the germs cohabitating such a rich environment. So what can we do to ward off, prevent, or even be proactive in the holiday travel season to reduce the spread of germs that cause the cold and flu?
My helpful hints when traveling in confined spaces for hours at a
time and to help prevent the spread of germs that cause the cold and flu viruses:

  1. Wash, wash, wash. Washing
    your hands is the single most important thing to do no matter what.
    Including after restroom use, after a sneeze, after anyone else
    sneezes or coughs. The saying, cleanliness is next to godliness is
    no joke when warding off or preventing the cold or flu.
  2. Carry tissue. Tissue can catch a sneeze, boogars for the
    kids, and this tool is such a simple item. Not to mention if you
    are stuck on a plane or train for your holiday travels, offer up
    one to your neighbor who might already be fighting a cold, cough,
    or the flu. Carry a box in your car, you never know when the kids
    may need a quick tissue.
  3. Carry disinfecting
    gel. Travel and pocket size are great for purses and on the go for
    busy moms, dads, and anyone else. Especially if you are again in a
    plane, train, or automobile for your holiday travels and are unable
    to get to the nearest restroom to wash your hands. Hand sanitizer
    is a great tool when used properly.
  4. Disinfecting wipes. I love disinfecting wipes. I have
    them strategically placed all over my house and a travel size in my
    purse for those not so clean moments, especially while traveling.
    Who knows when the last time that seat or upright tray was cleaned,
    so why not give it a good wipe down. Clorox
    offers some great products for disinfecting wipes to store around
    the house and even on the go.

Don’t forget that Clorox offers a great hard surface spray as well for cleaning those stingy
items that harbor germs and bacteria long after the holiday cheer. For a full list of helpful household hints to keep your family healthy through the holidays and while traveling this holiday season, visit the Clorox site for more details. Happy Holidays!