4 Ways to Be Happy and Healthy in Florence

Living a healthy lifestyle in Arizona is easy if you live in the massive urban sprawl of Phoenix, or even Tucson. Smaller towns with fewer resources prove to be more challenging. Florence is one of the smaller towns in Arizona that has compensated well and offers multiple options for living healthy. Here are four examples.

Start With The Gateway to Overall Body Health

Oral health is more important to overall health than people realize. Human mouths are full of bacteria that can cause problems if proper brushing, flossing, and damage prevention do not occur. Heart issues, diabetes, and stroke are all potential side effects of an unhealthy mouth. One of the best ways to achieve healthy teeth is through straightening; this prevents damage like chipping, cracks, and excessive wear. It also reduces the risk of TMJ, aids in preventing tooth and gum disease, and facilitates better digestion. A top-notch dentist in Florence AZ understands the emotional health aspect and takes pride in the happiness and confidence they can instill in their patients.

Take a Class

Florence has an impressive selection of educational offerings and classes. On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, the Fire Department takes blood pressures for anyone who wants it. Twice a month there is a class for seniors on heart healthy eating, taught to them by another senior. The town also offers their ‘Diabetes Academy’ for anyone interested in learning how to manage the disease. Noteworthy is a class just for caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s. 

Join a Group and Get Outside

Organized outdoor events are popular during the 9 months out of the year that the weather is agreeable. ATV trail riding, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, and camping are all options that combine a large group atmosphere with physical fitness. Team competitive play is available for adults and youth in soccer, gymnastics, baseball, tennis, and basketball. 

Find Balance for Mind, Body, and Spirit

A powerful resource one might overlook is naturopathic medicine. Doctors of naturopathic medicine use non-toxic and all natural therapies to return the body to optimal balance among the physiological, psychological, and structural facets. The appeal of naturopathic physicians is that they specialize in everything; digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, bone health, weight problems, anxiety and depression, and addiction to drugs and alcohol are conditions they treat, along with many other health concerns. Florence is close in proximity to some of the best practitioners in the state.

With these resources plus several others not mentioned, Florence makes it easy for health conscious families to thrive. Whether you are a permanent resident or just visiting, everything from a dentist in Florence AZ to holistic medicine are available to be a part of any healthy lifestyle. 

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