A Perfect Night Sleep with Select Comfort

Admittedly sleep is THE most important factor to health. New studies are out that sleep not only affects your weight but sleep, or lack there of, can impact mental health, judgment, mood, your overall well being.

I am a firm believer in a comfortable bed. A comfortable bed with complimentary bedding makes all the difference when you slide in to recharge your batteries for the following day. Who wants to crawl into bed with hot, uncomfortable, itchy, or flat out irritating bedding that results in tossing, turning, night sweats or freezes. Hot summer days and nights call for the use of the air conditioning which may result in night freezes or sweats depending on your body temperature.

Personally, I am a hot body and get rather warm at night. Kicking off my heavy down comforter, then I get cold and reach for the comforter again. The vicious cycle goes on all night long and while I am rested, I do not feel at full capacity.

thefivefish.com, Sleep NumberThe folks at Select Comfort have a fabulous line of bed linens that help to promote an optimum sleeping environment as well as reduce temperature swings. Imagine that, bedding that has a number, or balance, just for your body temperature.

I received my Perfect Comforter on behalf of Select Comfort and my nights have been wake free from hot flashes, sweats, and even freezes requiring me to reach for the comforter again. Because I share my bed with my husband, and let’s face it, he’s a hot body too and likes to cuddle, our bed gets toasty.

We opted for the king size, light weight, down alternative. The down alternative was chosen to reduce indoor pollens in our house and because down can be messy and requires specialty cleaning and handling. Plus I have always had down and thought our bed would be ready for some change.

For the last 30 nights both my husband and I have been adequately covered  by the Select Comfort Perfect Comforter. What we have noticed about other king comforters, down or otherwise is the lack of full bed coverage. One side would have more coverage than the other. The stuffing would get all wonky depending on how it washed, even if you had it professionally washed and handled, and with down comforters the down moves around creating “flat” spots. So we both had enough comforter for the both of us, no tugging and pulling to get coverage.

Neither one of us got hot or too cold. What The Chad has to say about the Select Comfort Perfect Comforter, “It’s light without being too light.” I couldn’t agree more, the comforter keeps your warm without getting too warm and it’s not too light where you might get cold. Like Baby Bear would say, “It’s just right!”

Furthermore, the comforter and cover were easy to piece together. Each insert ties into the cover to prevent slipping, sliding and uneven coverage. No more wonky comforter! In fact, when the winter months come into play, if the weather in Arizona was more cold, we might change out the inserts for a warmer weight, or if your bedmate runs hotter or colder you could each have a chamber perfectly balanced based on your sleep pattern.

What’s fantastic about the Select Comfort Perfect Comforter? You have the opportunity to win one for you bed. For your perfect nights sleep! Want to know how?

Tell me what would be your perfect night sleep. No sweats? No chills? No wonky comforter? More coverage? Always wanted a down or down alternative? Leave a comment telling me about your perfect night sleep with your valid email address.

If you leave a comment saying “Enter me” “I want it” or anything other than telling me about your perfect night sleep your comment will be deleted.

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445 Replies to “A Perfect Night Sleep with Select Comfort”

  1. Hmm My perfect nights sleep would be being neither hot nor cold. I am odd, in that even on the warmest nights, I have to have something covering me. I think too a down alternative would be super nice- you’re right- down is a PITB to take care of even though it is really comfie!

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven’t had a “perfect night sleep” in awhile. I would say being able to lay down, get comfortable without having to move every which way (trying my hardest to get a plush or pillowtop for my back!) and not waking up because I’m too hot or I start hurting. That would be A-MAZING!

  3. Perfect night of sleep? The last time it happened was prior to be with Mike and having kids. LOL It would include a bed that didn’t have lumps in it, wasn’t too hot or too cold, no snoring husband next to me, no lights at all (perfect darkness), and all animals out of my room.

  4. been a long time since a perfect nights sleep- but would be nt moving to cover and uncover myself


  6. My perfect night sleep would be one where I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I would want my bed to be on the cool side with no sags or dents or creaking when I roll. Lets not forget those covers either, I hope they could stay on but keep me cool too. I want a firm but soft bed. That would be my perfect night sleep.

  7. My perfect night sleep will be one with out having to change the sheets half way through because of how bad my honey sleeps.

  8. A perfect night’s sleep for me would require a comfortable bed, nice springy foam pillows that don’t get too hot, and a comforter that keeps my temperature just right – not too hot, and not too cold!! All those would help stop my endless tossing and turning, and flipping of the pillow to get more comfortable!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. My perfect night sleep will be with a soft blanket that does not slide off of my body easily.

  10. My favorite night’s sleep would include no delay in falling asleep, no weird dreams, and I’d have the cleanest bed linens. They would keep me at the right temperature without feeling heavy. I’d have those moments when I’m awake for a moment as I turn over and I’d think “aaaaahhhhhh, this is so nice”.

  11. My perfect nights sleep would be being able to have a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back and continuously wakes me up during the night because I am in pain. I would love to be able to afford a mattress like this!

  12. My perfect night’s sleep would be no husband snoring…lol. No um I would just love to be cozy, it’s not that often that I really get cozy. I’m either too hot or cold.

  13. My perfect night’s sleep would include not being stepped on by the cat when she jumps into bed.

  14. I don’t get alot of very good night’s sleep! I wish I could have one. I have always wanted to try the althernative down. It would be nice to have somethng plush and soft that you could cover yourself up in and yet not get too hot and sweaty!

  15. The perfect night’s sleep? I lay down….after about 10-15 minutes I’m out and I don’t wake up until the alarm goes off. No tossing and turning and brain going a mile a minute….no 2 or 3 visits to the bathroom….no throwing the covers off….putting the covers on….throwing the covers off……..

  16. A perfect night sleep means no waking, no tossing, no turning, and of course sweet dreams all the way till morn.

  17. My perfect nights sleep would be one without leg cramps and shoulder pain. Also my husband is very restless and that wakes me up. No miracles are on tap, but I think the Comforter you reviewed would help a lot.

  18. my perfect nights sleep would be not being woken by a child, and not have a kid want to get in my bed a 4AM


  20. My perfect night sleep would be not too hot and not too cold. Chilly enough to need to bundle up under the covers.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  21. The perfect night sleep for me would be to have me in a feather bed that allows me to sink into it. I love the feeling of pillows. I hate being hot though. I can not have heavy blankets. I would love not waking up with clothing that sticks to me because I get too hot.

  22. My perfect night’s sleep would involve no snorting, throwing a leg over my hip, or yanking off the covers on the part of my husband. It’d also involve actually finding a pillow that didn’t hurt my head!

    I loved sleeping under down when I was in college in Maine, but now the bedroom heats up and I find it too hot!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  23. no sweats, no chills, no tossing and turning trying to get comfy, no hubby snoring and no child climbing into bed to wake me up and push me out. 8)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  24. My perfect night’s sleep would be with a feather-light comforter, silky linens, and definitely no chills. Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. The perfect night is when my wife and I can go to bed at the same time, fall asleep, and ignore the alarm in the morning.

  26. My perfect nights sleep is staying covered up without wrestling my hubby for the covers and sleeping through the night without waking up!

  27. My perfect night of sleep would be a comforter that I wouldn’t have to fight over with my husband and some very very comfy pillows that I didn’t have to keep turning over and over again.

    bakergurl02 @ yahoo dot com

  28. I love to have a sheet that is big enough to really cover both of us, with no tugging. I am usually warm at night, so I like minimal coverage, and lightweight! I like the room cool and dark, and when the weather is super cold, I love a good comforter to curl up with. Cool room, and complete coverage = perfect night’s sleep.

  29. My perfect night’s sleep would be to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night without awakening.

  30. My perfect night sleep would be finding a pillow that works well for my neck so that it is not stiff in the morning, a comforter that is light enough for our hot summers yet makes me feel snuggled and a soft, cushy mattress!

  31. I just want a good “temperature constant” night’s sleep. Last night I alternated between sweating hot and cold, up goes the sheet, down goes the sheet, etc . . .

  32. My sleep comfort is very sensitive to the temperature. If I wear a pair of socks on my feet, I am comfortable all night without covers.

  33. my hubby is extremely hot natured so the a/c is cranked up & I freeze but then our comforter is too heavy so it gets kicked off before long. A perfect nite would be not doing that.

  34. my perfect night sleep would be a quiet room.. like really quiet… where the room is just slightly cool and my husband does not move, turn over, pass gas, or pull the covers… but I don’t like it when he’s not there… oh, and my toddler does not wake up… see first item – a really quiet. 😀

  35. My perfect night’s sleep would be under a comforter like this one that would regulate the comfort level of the temperature.

  36. My perfect night’s sleep- cool, dark room with a fan for white noise. No snoring from DH and no kid poking me in the back at 3 am to tell me they were sick, had a nightmare, had a nosebleed, etc. The dogs would all be quite the whole night. I would fall asleep immediately and not wake up at all for 8-9 hours. Of course, this is all just a dream 🙂

  37. my perfect night sleep would envolve cutting agiant hole in my matress because im pregnant and I usually sleep on my stomach and no wim restricted to the back and sides and I hate it more than anything in the whole world.

  38. I have never had a down comforter before-this would be light weight, I don’t like heavy blankets or quilts when I sleep. we have the problem I get too warm my husband too cold

  39. My perfect night sleep would be on super soft bedding that kept me perfectly warm without being hot

  40. My perfect nights sleep would be a no-toss, no-turn nights sleep 🙂 Plus, I have a tendency to get hot in the middle of the night so the perfect comforter could help too!

  41. My perfect night sleep would be a semi-cool bedroom with a warm down comforter on a soft feather bed and the phone turned off.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  42. My perfect night’s sleep would involve one where I wasn’t sleeping with on leg under the blanket and one leg out… that’s me trying to balance my temperature. It’s a delicate dance…

  43. Being able to sleep through the night without waking (for a variety of reasons, including being either cold or hot sometimes) would make a perfect night’s sleep for me.

  44. I would love to sleep in a warm bed, in a quiet room, and not have to get up to take the dog out in the morning.

  45. My perfect night sleep would be not to have hot flashes or night sweats. LOL! Well, no stopping that but at least a comforter thats just right would make it better.


  46. Sent a request to Fan The Fish on Facebook.
    as Sharon Rooney


  47. My perfect night of sleep would consist of a new mattress, fresh clean sheets, new feather pillows and this comforter to top it off.

  48. My perfect night sleep would be not having to fight with my husband for covers! I would like on that actually stays in place & doesn’t “travel” around the bed!

  49. The perfect nights sleep. No kids. Down everything including the wubby. Brent home. Cold. Dark. 1000 thread count sheets. And king size bed because Brent takes up half the freakin’ bed when comes home. That would be awesome!

  50. My perfect nights sleep consists of temperatures around 67 or 68 and a down comforter to pull up to my chin and snuggle on a very soft mattress.

  51. My perfect night sleep would start off with climbing into a cool, crisp, clean, cloud of heaven, that welcomes me with a soft hug, relieving me of my pre-menopausal symptons of hot, cold, hot, cold, on, off, on, off, toss, turn, toss, turn,

  52. My perfect nights sleep would be no chills I am always freezing the second I fall asleep and wake up shivering. No chills would be awesome.

  53. Perfect night sleep: No burning feet, no one in bed but me, no neighbor dogs barking, not worried about waking up on time. PERFECT

    govivagirl at hotmail dot com

  54. My perfect night would just being able to sleep the whole night through and being comfortable. I am always tossing and turning trying to get comfy.

  55. My perfect night sleep would be the room with a slight chill, the bed warm, window open and it pouring rain!

  56. my perfect night sleep would be just sleeping straight through to morning without waking up in night sweats several times a night and having to get up and walk around to cool off.

  57. My perfect night’s sleep would have to start with a much better mattress than I have now. While it was sold as a premium mattress, it is anything but that. After only a few months, it developed a “valley” that makes it uncomfortable. After a new mattress, my perfect night’s sleep would include high thread count, luxury sheets and a blanket or comforter that somehow assured me a constantly comfortable body temperature. I am often disturbed in my sleep by being too hot or too cold.

  58. My perfect night’s sleep would be a bed all to myself. I know it’s selfish, but the dogs and bf take up way too much space!

  59. My perfect night sleep would probably involve a new mattress at this point. Our bed suddenly got uncomfortable. I like spring nights the best, when it’s warm enough to leave the window open but not too hot.

  60. I love sleeping with the window open on nights when the temperature is just right (between 60-75 degrees) and thunderstorms make it even nicer. I need a firm mattress, soft pillow and a perfect (down alternative) comforter that’s soft, light, warm and cozy. That’s what would make for my perfect night’s sleep.

  61. My perfect night sleep would involve not waking up cold, when everything shifted toward the opposite side of the bed.

  62. My perfect night’s sleep is when it’s nice and chilly outside and I leave the bedroom windows open to hear the ocean and smell the salt air. The room is nice and cool and I have a warm blanket to snuggle under.

  63. My perfect nights sleep would be a cool, dark room with a fan on. The bed would be soft and all the bedding would be soft, too. There would be no snoring, either 🙂

  64. The perfect night sleep?
    No allergies. A cool breeze. Low humidity. Temps in the 40s. My hubby next to me. We know we don’t have to get up early the next day!

  65. My perfect night sleep would be if I could sleep a straight 8 hours with out the kids or dogs or phone or noise waking me up.


  66. My perfect night would be no tossing and turning, no children waking me up, and no dogs wanting to go outside.!

  67. My perfect night’s sleep would involve plenty of comforter for both me and my husband, he always hogs it and wraps himself up like a pig-in-a-blanket!

  68. my perfect night sleep would start at 8pm and end at 12pm the next day 🙂 WITH no children, no husband, fluffy pillows, and a super soft comforter!! Complete darkness!!

  69. My perfect night sleep would be a full 8 hours without waking up cold with no covers because my husband has them all.

  70. My perfect nights sleep would involve a comforter that was warm enough that I don’t need to layer blankets underneath it.
    But more importantly one that was wide enough that it would hang well over the sides of my king size bed so that I get some on my side too.


  71. I am either too cold or too hot, a perfect night sleep would not be waking from the cold, trying to find covers that I had tossed off when I got to hot during the night

  72. My perfect night’s sleep would be to be temperature comfortable all night. I start out the night freezing needing extra blankets and then my the middle I am throwing all the covers off and sweating.

  73. My perfect night sleep would be with my husband not snoring. I have to go to bed before him and get to sleep before he comes to bed because he is so loud I can’t go to sleep. But I love him though. Thanks for the giveaway. dancejamboree at gmail dot com

  74. well a perfect night for me I would say would be covered, comfortable and soft and no dreams, no nightmares or nothing just plain good restful sleep.

  75. My perfect night’s sleep would have to include a soft pillowtop mattress and down or down alternative comforter, jersey or flannel sheets, memory foam pillows for sufficient support, just the right room temperature (which, for me, is slightly cool), relaxing music on the background, and no interruptions through the night so I can wake up feeling revived.

  76. I swear my temperature fluctuates at night – so I’d like my bedding to fluctuate the opposite of mine, so that I am always comfortable! Not asking too much right?! LOL!

  77. for some reason wordpress keeps telling me that the comment I am posting is a duplicate, but I sure don’t see it here:
    I follow your blog on google friends connect- Joanne Schultz .

  78. my perfect night of sleep would be one without a cheapy comforter that after a few washes bunches up in different areas..lol thats what i get for being a cheapskate..also for my hubby to stop stealing the covers would be nice i hate that 🙁

  79. My perfect night’s sleep is one where the ceiling fan is on over the bed and I am snuggly warm under the comforter.

  80. When I was younger, I had a feather pillow and down comforter. I would love to spoil myself again with both!

  81. I always end up getting too cold at night, so warmth for me (without making it too warm for my husband) would make a perfect night’s sleep!

  82. My perfect night sleep would be the room cold enough to cover up, a comfortable mattress and an awesome pillow! And of course, no hubby, kids, dog to interrupt – but we know that won’t happen — at least not for a few more years!

    zukieintex at gmail dot com

  83. My perfect night’s sleep is when it’s cold and I can snuggle under nice warm, cozy blankets (makes me sleepy just thinking about it!)
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  84. It would be great to have a cover that was warm when you wanted it warm, like on a cold and windy night, but was cool when you want it cool.

  85. I would love no cats sleeping on my legs, the windows open on a cool fall night under a semi-heavy comforter with lots of room to stretch.

  86. A perfect nights sleep would be on a warm summer night with the smell of pine trees on the breeze coming through the window. I would be asleep on my select comfort mattress dreaming that I am relaxing by a stream in the woods…………

  87. Thanks for the giveaway…perfect sleeping conditions would include a mid-to-lightweight comforter filled with premium down alternative over a cotton top sheet, untucked to let my feet stick out, with firm hypoallergenic 100% polyester filled pillows to rest my head on; room temperature must be on the cool side !

  88. My perfect sleep would be nice cool room and comfortable blanket over me and no cats jumping on the bed while I am sleeping!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  89. My hubby likes it cool, I like it warm . . . that would be great to have something that fits us both!

  90. My perfect night sleep would be in a bed that is not too hard, soft, sinkable, yet still supportive. A night of low humidity, strong breeze, no need for air-conditioning or heat. A night where the cell or telephone does not ring. A quiet peaceful night. A night of good seven or more hours of undisturbed sleep. Even my dreams would be quiet. I would be asleep in my dreams too.
    Thank you.

  91. My perfect night sleep? Resting without pain on freshly laundered and line dried sheets with peace of mind in regards to the day past and the day ahead.

    fatally_flayed at yahoo dot com

  92. My perfect night sleep would be eight hours without waking up hearing a cat pawing at the bedroom door, without waking up from a bad dream, without waking up needing to go to the bathroom. It’s rare that I don’t have at least one wake-up in the middle of the night.

  93. My perfect night sleep would be in a very chilly room with a nice warm cover to keep me toasty warm. I wouldn’t wake up needing to make a mad dash for the bathroom either in the middle of the night or in the morning. I would wake up knowing I had slept well because I would be in the same position as when I went to bed.

  94. My perfect night’s sleep would be one where I’m not doing what you used to do: blanket on. blanket off. blanket on. blanket off. Rinse and repeat. This comforter will be perfect for not having to do that dance.
    Thanks for the contest.

  95. My perfect night’s sleep is a cool to cold room – high quality sheets and a lightweight comforter that can be tucked under one foot – it’s the most comfortable way to sleep for me!

  96. My perfect night’s sleep would be zero cats wanting in or out, no dogs needing to pee in the middle of the night, no husband snoring and no raccoons or opossums fighting lol! Seriously I’m a busy person all night!

  97. My perfect night’s sleep would be to be not sleeping on my old lumpy mattress with springs that poke into me, and with my cat laying at the foot of the bed and not on top of my hip! Would love to have a nice comforter which is light, breathable but still warm, without my having to sleep with 3 blankets covering me!

  98. A perfect night’s sleep would be laying down on a soft mattress, fluffy pillows to lay my head against and a body pillow. Falling asleep, feeling rested when I wake up and pain free. Oh to dream 🙂

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