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Welcome to The Five Fish, my name is Karie Herring. A bit about me, I am an oldest child, semi-perfectionist. I was born and raised in Arizona, I am one of the last few remaining natives to the state. I am an avid horse lover and former rider (dressage, English, Western show), softball enthusiast, short-dog Bulldog & Bassett Hound lover and registered AKC owner, I love to get dirty, play and work hard. I am the donations coordinator for (non-profit) Busy Bees Mothers of Multiples and state liaison for the National Organization Mothers of Twins Club, in my spare time I am the Treasurer (PTO Board Member) for Hermosa Vista Elementary where I maintain all financial records and bookkeeping. I enjoy writing and am a copyright poet, contributing author, I enjoy reading all genres of books, listening to music including the classics (Beethoven, Bach, Pachebel), a fan of fine, abstract, and modern art. I am a ‘green’ woman on a mission to try to save the world one carbon footprint at a time. Anything else you may want to know hunt out in my blog, I am an open book.
“The Chad” and I met while I was ‘finding’ myself in Albuquerque, NM. I moved there shortly after high school on my quest for adulthood, self discovery, and to enjoy life as a new adult. We played house for a few years acquiring fun cars, building a brand new home, and eventually our family. I have been married to my best friend “The Chad” for nine, going on ten years and we have three brilliant children; our oldest gift of a child Grant and our troublesome twins Seth and Sara.
I am a reformed, generational “car guy,” third generation, to be exact, car guy. I spent many years in ‘the box’ of finance in a dealership learning the hard ropes of the working life, gaining appreciation for the simple pleasures due to an extensive work schedule. I traded in my car guy badge for bankers hours and began building my referral empire business in mortgage consulting and origination. I have been working in the industry since the boom of 2003 and I haven’t been able to slow down since, with the exception of my children.
I did, however find time to go back to school and finish my undergraduate in business administration and finance. My education was important not only personally and professionally, but I wanted my children to know the value and importance in having an education. Also the importance of working hard for your own education, goals, and dreams, by accomplishing goals alone but with the right support system one has an extensive amount of appreciation for conquering personal feats in life.
Finishing school and working in the mortgage industry has awarded me with the perks of working from home to spend time raising my own children but maintaining a personal balance of monetary and personal contribution to my family. As the twins age and move into primary school I will be able to reward myself further by re-entering the workforce outside of the home.
In the meantime, I share my antics and stories of being a mom who tries to do it all raising three kids in an imperfect home with lots of love, time, and partial patience. I also share my stories of how my childhood shaped me into the woman I am, strong of heart and mind, willful, sometimes overbearing, arrogant, but most of all humbled by life and the struggles of the day to day lesson.
Our family could be considered a school of “Magellan” Fish as we adventure through life meandering the mundane and the extraordinary, chronicling and enjoying all we can. Life may give us lemons so we made pie and refreshments. Thanks so much for learning about The Herring family.


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