Celebrate the Holidays with Eagle Brand Milk

Have you been on Facebook and those wonderful memories pop up to show you years past? I love those because I can see when my kids were just a wee bit younger and all the heartwarming activities we shared. Now they are tweens and a teen so I rarely see them anymore as they are out and about. This year my dear daughter wanted to definitely partake in the holiday baking. I was so pumped to share the magic of holiday baking with her. We were excited to celebrate the holidays with Eagle Brand Milk as the main ingredient in all these sweet treats.Our first and most favorite dessert and sweet treat, FUDGE! This easy, two ingredient recipe that we found on the Eagle Brand website was a family favorite. The recipe took less than ten minutes to make, but the fudge setup overnight in the freezer. Needless to say, it wasn’t lasting long on our counter.

Slowly heat the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (one can) and a package of chocolate chips. Stir until smooth and creamy with a slight shine. Pour into an 8X8 square baking dish. We lined ours with wax paper for an easy peel and eat setup. Once poured into the dish, even out and place into the freezer for a few hours or overnight for the perfect fudge consistency.

Our second treat that we ventured to make were salted caramel cookies.

These, well, we lacked the package of sugar cookie mix to really make these a success. Not wanting to run out to the store on Christmas Eve to purchase said ingredient, we improvised. By improvised, I mean we scrapped that recipe altogether and went rogue and made one of our own.

Using the same method to make the caramel as the Eagle Brand website instructed, we began the caramel process. In the meantime, we poured the pretzels into a bowl. Finding and using leftover chocolate chips, we melted those in the microwave in a Pyrex bowl. Once melted through, we poured the chocolate over the pretzels to ensure they were all evenly coated. After minutes of pain staking mixing and stirring, the sweetened condensed milk was not resembling caramel and ready to pour.

By this time I was running low on patience and just a tad hungry, we dumped the caramel onto the pretzels and found the caramel like my patience, low. Here is where we improvised again. In my hopes to make chocolate, caramel pretzel bars, we ended up concocting chocolate, caramel, pretzel clusters. Ugly as sin, but definitely something a mother could love. Sprinkled with sea salt, we tossed these into the freezer to set up.

Lo and behold they were a family favorite and everyone was breaking off clumps of pretzels to snack on. The sweet, savory and salty treat turned out better than expected. We also know where to make some tweaks for next years attempt.

What were some of your favorite holiday treats? Was Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk used in any of them? From triffles, to pies, to bars and cookies, Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk can be used for just about any sweet or treat!
This is a sponsored post, my opinion was not swayed, this was a post to promote Eagle Brand for the holidays and was done so in accordance with FCC guidelines.

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