Have to get this off my Chest

I know this will be TMI for most folks but I have to say this as I am a proud Mommy.

I am no longer breast-feeding….no….that is not something to be proud of…..I am proud that I have pain stakingly breastfed TWINS for the last 8 months and now I am a free woman! For those who are of the LLLI they would scold me and more than likely crucify me, but I have to say that fueling my squids like that is very emotional and draining after a while. And if you have ever seen a woman breast feed multiples…..you gain a new respect and understanding on why God granted you two of almost everything! Even then….tough job! So the Squids are enjoying their new ability and freedom of “baba’s” and I got to free my girls again!

2 Replies to “Have to get this off my Chest”

  1. Yay for the freedom of boobies! I do admire you for being able to breastfeed…let alone two! I had issues breastfeeding all of my heathens. Love the blog though!

  2. Yippee! I too have my boobies back though I only had the task of breastfeeding one! Props to you for being able to feed two at a time. Those are some talented boobies! Oh yeah, you’re talented too! LOL!

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