Deep River Snacks Chips & Charity Gift Set

Holidays are always about giving. Truly, the gift of giving and not receiving. So how about the gift of giving that truly keeps giving?

While on the hunt for some great gift ideas, stocking stuffers and the like, I learned about Deep River Snacks. Non-GMO, gluten-free, nut free snacks that are kettle cooked to tasty perfection. My family loves a good potato chip, especially kettle cooked, my kids always ask for them. Why not great snacks like these in their stocking as opposed to the traditional processed candy and sugary junk. Deep River Snacks has a wide variety of chips to choose from as well as the various flavors. In addition, Deep River Snacks cares just as much about what is on and in their bags as the people they touch.

Each of our bags features a special charity partner that has touched the life of a Deep River Snacks employee. We think it’s important to raise awareness for these causes, and we hope you’ll take a few moments to learn more about these special charitable organizations. We also support other organizations through our In-Kind Donations program. In addition, we’ve committed to donating at least 10% of net profits to these, and other charities, each year. In 2014, we donated 14% of profits to charity!

deep river chips and charity, deep river snacksGive the gift that keeps on giving not only in taste but in how you can give back to others with the Deep River Snacks Chips & Charity Gift set. This awesome gift set is a collection of twelve bags and a $10 gift certificate redeemable at over two million charities.

Not only do their chips taste amazing, which I had the opportunity to nosh on the Zesty Jalapeno and the mouth watering Rosemary & Olive Oil, but they have a great mission of giving, giving back and they give back in the wonderful flavors and tastes of all their various chip selections.

So this holiday while seeking out those last minute stocking stuffers and or gift ideas consider Deep River Snacks for their gifts that keep giving and for the delectable alternative to sweets and candies for something a bit more fun and tasty.

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  1. Your post makes me really hungry for some gourmet type chips. I have never tried flavors like you mentioned before. I bet they would taste great.

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