Essential Oils

Part of our journey to implement a healthier lifestyle by removing toxins from our diet and our home we have looked farther than our pantry and our refrigerator. We began inspecting the everyday items we use each day like household cleaners, soaps, shampoos. Even items like pain relievers,antihistamines and the overall air quality in our home; these everyday items carry toxins and chemicals that could impact our health and wellness. We also wanted to see how we could mitigate these toxins and improve our overall wellness, well-being, health and happiness.

young living, essential oils, oils, young living oilsFor the last year I have researching essential oils, the application, the impact, any side-effects. I also began researching the various organizations, companies and manufacturers of essential oils with their efficacy, potency and shelf-life. After much consideration I invested our family in an organization that has been in existence for over 25 years, is family owned and operated, owns their own farms and stands by the quality of product their produce, sell and use in their own homes.

I joined the Young Living family and our family has been relishing in the confidence and comfort of supporting a healthy lifestyle choice. We found that the oils help support our bodies from the ever demanding lives we live with busy schedules, exercise, diet/nutrition and everyday stresses of work and or school. Over hundreds of oils to choose from that help support various functions of a healthy lifestyle and enhance the feeling in our home.

The oils can be applied topically (alone, through carrier oils like olive oil, coconut oil, etc), the oils can be ingested through food, drink, and or capsules, inhaled just by taking a deep breath over an open bottle, diffused and much more.

Not only do these oils enhance the flavor of food but they smell absolutely divine! If you have been around my site long enough you know how much I adore lavish products and scents. My diffuser is run a good portion of the time in my house to support my husband and I with mental focus as we work throughout the day (Frankincense or peppermint), to provide a tranquil environment for my children after school for their homework studies and to help ease them before bed (lavender), finally we run oils such as RC, Thieves and Purification to help support a healthy respiratory system.

I was a skeptic at first, I didn’t believe these oils could offer such a wonderful enhancement to my family and our home. I doubted the support to the various body systems and their functions. Until I began to use them everyday. Until I saw my children ask for them and I watched as they experienced the change with the support to their way of life.

Are you wanting more out of your life? Are you wanting to reduce and remove toxins from your home? Are you wanting to support your body in a different way than through toxins and chemicals? To find out more about Young Living and to request a sample, simply fill out the contact form or email me at to receive recipe ideas, monthly oil specials and much more.

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Are you ready to take the next step and add Young Living to your home?

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