Power On the Go with Go-Go Juice from JellyFish

Ladies, have you ever noticed that all the gadgets are geared towards men? As if we cannot have a handle on the latest in high tech innovations. The industry might as well lump us into the category that says we don’t understand horsepower or pound foot of torque. Moreover have you noticed the gadgets are masculine in nature, they lack curves, styling, or even a pop of color? NO MORE! Now you can have the latest in gadgets, even gadget accessorizing with Jellyfish.

jellyfishJellyfish mobile accessories are a symbol of today’s female fashion married with technology. Jellyfish found a way to accessorize our phones and gadgets because they understand that even a phone can be an accessory, an extension of one’s unique personality and style. Jellyfish has a full line of cases, power, and audio can be personalized with sassy colors, cool textures, and fun designs. So jazz it up and bling it on!

I received from Jellyfish their sweet Go-Go Juice Blast in purple. I love it! For Father’s Day this year my husband received a charging block and it has been a life saver. To be honest though….its a dude gadget.

jellyfish go-go juice, portable charging batteryHis is black. Blocky. Lame.

The Go-Go Juice Blast in purple is fabulous from the color to the feel. Its smooth and contoured to a woman’s small hands. Plus, this handheld high tech gadget can charge two devices at once. The Go-Go Juice Blast has two USB ports with different amperage to charge a tablet and your phone.

Oh how I wish I had this over the summer with the conferences I attended. Then I could have charged the multiple devices on the go as opposed to trying to find a charging station and fighting others for a plug. OY VEY!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Jellyfish also has a fun line of accessories. You can transform your phone and the unused audio ports into a bling spot. Jazz up your boring phone and your unused audio jack with the bowtie charm set.

The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guideNot into fun, funky and cute accessories like that? Makeover your phone with a fun and unique case and screen protector. Compatible with the latest iPhones and Galaxy series. Looking for just a fun and funky new case? They have those too. Great for ladies, teens, young women, even guys who have an eye for the finer accessories in life. These make great stocking stuffers or for those tech savvy females who appreciate great gadgets but with a feminine touch.

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