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My husband is a gadget dude. He is all about the coolest and fun tech gear. He is in IT so of course this whets his pallet. When we bought our Jeep we realized we had no where to place our cell phone and phones. The one spot we have is under our emergency break and results in difficulty when driving to grab the phone and pass to the passenger for handling. So The Chad has been looking for an innovative gadget that will cradle his phone but doesn’t require two hands.

Imagine his excitement when iMagnet showed up at our house. He was more excited than myself. Immediately tearing open the package and evaluating how to install, the placement of the magnets on his phone, he was in geek heaven. Once he determined which magnet to use, the placement, he went about figuring the installation in our Jeep. Once we settled on a location he was in hog heaven and tossed that phone right onto the magnet mount and the best part was the resiliency and ability to stand up to rugged terrain, traffic, wind with our top down.

imagnet 360As our technology has evolved our laws are starting to catch up with how we live our lives with that technology. With all the new hands free restrictions and laws, all sorts of new gadgets and inventions have come about to assist and support our change in our way of life.

Phone holders that are cradles, attach to the visor, all require some assistance of more than a single hand and could hamper our ability to drive when we go to reach to answer a call or use our phone as a GPS. iMagnet solves the problem of truly being hands free, cradle free and is compatible with all major smart phones and devices. iMagnet is a company that is passionate about their products, they are gadget freaks obsessed with new ideas. Based out of California they are a top-rated retailer with Amazon and have been all the rage with Macworld and CNET.

Person Washing Hands with Soap in Washbasin --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Person Washing Hands with Soap in Washbasin — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The Official iMagnet Mount includes 1x iMagnet Mount, 1x circle metal plate, and 2x rectangle metal plates with adhesive backing. Patented, washable sticky-gel suction cup with a one-of-a-kind sticky, gel-glue layer coating that mounts on any non-porous textured surfaces like dashboards and windshields.

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