How to Cook a Turkey

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and soon we will all be rushing to the store to get our turkeys to stuff and stuff our faces. But the honest truth is that some women and men alike have no idea how to create that perfect golden bird we carve into and tear to pieces and then eat for weeks on end.

The best way to cook any good turkey is follow the simple instructions about how to defrost the turkey. Sounds assinine, however if you do not have a fully thawed bird you might as well kiss your cooking time goodbye.

What else is key to cooking a perfect bird is DO NOT CHECK on the bird. Amateur turkey bakers, roasters, and friers think that they must continually check on their fowl in order to determine it’s doneness, if it needs something, or they just can’t help their compulsion to look at the basting beauty. So hold your compulsion, only check on the bird when it needs some basting, just to golden up the skin and keep it juicy.

But to keep your bird juicy, keep it covered. Also try stuffing the skin with some butter, this helps keep it juicy and browns up your skin. With that butter and the natural juices of your turkey you can use this to baste, but as I said keep it covered this keeps your turkey from drying out and when you uncover it will allow just that little bit to brown up the skin, little by little.

Your best bet is to follow your cooking guidelines on the outside of your turkey, it will dictate the time to cook per pound and the right temperature. Always use a cooking thermometer to ensure you have the adequate temperature to serve to your family on Thanksgiving Day.

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