Jambu Footwear Nomad

Shoes are a bit of a side hobby of mine. Admittedly I have probably over 100 pairs of shoes in my closet, in storage in my closet, yeah they are a problem as my husband would say. But hey, you can never have too many shoes, variations and or colors of the same shoe. However, boots are a whole different story.

One woman cannot have enough shoes, let alone the right pair of boots. Boots are the perfect fall and winter weather accessory and face it ladies, when the weather even begins to show signs of cooling off, we dig into our closets and bring out our boots.

I found Jambu shoes a few years ago when I was originally seeking out vegan and eco-friendly footwear options. The shoes are absolutely fantastic. Soles that bounce and give and support when you walk. Materials that move with you and are soft to the touch.

This time when I wanted to review their products I saw they have boots, a wide variety of boots, including an electric boot that keeps your feet warm. Seriously, electric boots? A bit frivolous, even for me. So I was offered the opportunity to review the Nomad waterproof, lined boots, second to my first choice of the Colorado Vegan.

Standing at about 11- inches high and weighing one pound the Nomad – Waterproof truly lives up to its name. Made with waterproof leather and brushed suede this shoe is the perfect example of comfort and security. This boot is built with laces so that you may design your own comfort! It is available in black/grey and brown/saddle. This shoe is surely t be the perfect fit against any surprises that the weather might bring. Cold, rain, hail, snow move over! The Nomad-Waterproof is here to make sure that style and comfort prevail against any weather surprises (Jambu, 2011)!

The boots came in an eco-friendly wrapper and box. I immediately tried them on for size and comfort. For fur lined boots they were extremely cool, very little, if not, no sweating at all which is what you normally experience in fur lined boots. I wore these boots today to work with a pair of skinny jeans, loose, off the shoulder elbow length tee with a tank underneath. All in the name of cool weather. The moment I stepped foot in the door at work I was flooded with compliments. “Cute boots!” “Oh my god, let me see your boots!”

Needless to say these boots are a Fish favorite and they will be for years to come.

Let’s not forget that shoes come with more than just the accessory factor. With them they carry a name that supports their mission and how it affects the environment. Additionally the company has people behind the name, with that being said, know your brand, know the people behind the brand. While I may think these shoes are fabulous, knowing the company I work with is even more fabulous.

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