JAWS Non-toxic Cleaning: Safer, Greener

Now that the kids are back to school my home can have some resemblance of normalcy and order. By order I mean that the cleanliness will be much easier to maintain throughout the week, if not weeks, while school is in session. So I spent the earliest part of my Friday morning power cleaning my house in celebration of back to school. Despising the work of cleaning, yet embracing it’s cathartic powers, I recalled how I was provided a new non-toxic cleaning solution to try in my home and I was put at ease. My disdain with cleaning comes from the lack of effective non-toxic products on the market that are readily available. As a mother of three children, a Lhasa-Poo, toad and husband, ensuring their overall health is my top priority.

jaws clean, jaws cleaning, non-toxic cleaning JAWS, or known as Just Add Water Solution, was the latest product to test drive in my home for cleaning and safety. What I first noticed was the clear bottle design that is light weight and has a rugged sprayer. JAWS FAQ indicates that the sprayer is guaranteed for up to 26 refills, which equates to about 50,000 sprays. The quality control tester for that must have had some serious forearms, I digress. The directions are easy as are the pod handling. No more fumbling with funnels and refills that spill all over causing more hazard, mess and clean up. Simply fill the bottle with water to the fill line. Pop the pod in and slide the sprayer through the opening. Tighten the sprayer cap and VOILA! The pod releases the solution into the water and you are ready to clean.

The kitchen solution is amazing and not just for the kitchen in my opinion, but the orange cinnamon scent is most excellent for those funky smells that emanate from the trash can, fridge or even the stove. Not stopping at just my kitchen, as I mentioned, I took the spray to my grill. Sadly I am ashamed to show you how awful my grill had become from the months of excessive use and neglect. By neglect, I would fail to give it a thorough cleaning. So I gave the entire inside tub, grills, etc.  a good spray down of the JAWS solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Hosing the inside down I watched all the grime wash away, some heavy spraying was required, but no major scrubbing which was nice.

Overall I feel confident with the JAWS solution and the non-toxic cleaning solution to use in my kitchen and around my family. I like the orange-cinnamon scent which is not a violent and abrupt smell often experienced from most commercial cleaners. The toughest stains and jobs were tackled on my cutting board and my grill, so I was sold on how well the product dug in on grime. The price is something everyone can agree on at $4.99 for the bottle which also includes the two refill pods, while the individual refill pods are sold and priced separately at $3.99 for a two-pack. JAWS comes in four total formulas as well, kitchen, shower (bathroom), glass and hardwood. Available for purchase online at JAWSClean.com or I found that our homegrown grocer Bashas’ also carries the JAWS cleaning system and refills.

*I was provided a bottle of JAWS to test in my home, this did not influence or sway my opinion. No compensation was received for this post.

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