A Kids Point of View – Week 2

If you haven’t seen these posts before please enjoy.

This will be a post every Monday to jump start the week. I was inspired to do this weekly post when I found that my kids had gotten hold of our Sony Cybershot Camera and needless to say there are some very incriminating, informative, and even down right hilarious and frightening photos that my children have captured. I hope you will enjoy these brief moments in time, captured by my children when they thought no one was looking.

In honor of Halloween this month these will be some spooky and even frightening photos.


Your photographers are:

Grant – eight years old

Seth and Sara – three and a half years old.


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    1. HA HA if you saw my kitchen at say gnome height and you had fingers most covering the flash you could see they are perched behind and to the side of my island and that white is a 45 degree angle from the floor to the dining room window. Believe me it took some time to figure it out as well. LOL

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