Expand Imagination with Magnetic Construction Magformers

Holiday shopping this year has been an absolute chore for me while shopping for my boys. They mentioned toys, but of course the toys they requested were just more Legos. Quite frankly my feet and my vacuum might not be able to take much more punishment from these construction bricks. So while perusing on Amazon on Black Friday I came across some really great construction sets that were out of the norm. They required just their imagination and magnetism. The construction pieces expanded their imagination with the use of magnetic construction and they are called Magformers.

magformers, magnetic construction From cars to cities to theme parks and wildly amazing shapes, Magformers allows your children to create and build wondrous creations. My boys have wild imaginations and they can create amazing Lego models and shapes. Lego has limited capability for them with having the bricks stick together. A girlfriend of mine shared how her boys super-glued their Legos…oh my!

To avoid the unfortunate disasters that happen with Lego models that break apart and of course gluing fingers (and other items) together with super glue, Magformers fits the bill. I love how the sets come in various geometric shapes. Such a great opportunity for the boys (and my daughter who saw how awesome these sets were) to build amazing creations, flex their creative prowess, utilize geometry skills they didn’t know they were using and have fun with models that will stick together with the strongest magnets of their kind.

Magformers helps support STEM education through their toys as their packages seem very neutral and unisex to me they also offer a full “princess” set for girls to build magical castles and more. Children are the ultimate designers with their unbridled imagination and opportunity to build anything. My boys of course looked to build cars, planes and tanks by mixing and mashing together their pieces…though a few arguments were thwarted in their efforts to create the “ultimate” machine as they called it.

You are never too old to build, create, imagine and play. With my boys being 12 and 7, my daughter also being 7, I encourage them to do imagination play and to disconnect from technology from time to time. What a great way for them to use their brains in fun and educational ways. The pieces are big enough for the smallest hands and tons of fun with the “magnetic attraction” that fascinates even adult minds. (I might have taken part in their playtime while mitigating any arguments.) As with any magnetic toy, keep away from electronics and credit cards. Magformers even offers idea booklets to assist kids with the various creations to help spark some ideas. Shop online at Magformers.com to find the set for your child.
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