Middle Management

My kids crack me up. I used to get bent out of shape with the idea of having twins and all the work, especially with having an older child. I would worry about the influence of Grant on the midgets. Little did I realize that the gnomes would actually have an effect on G.

The Five Fish Since they have been in pre-school I have watched them evolve into such phenomenal little people. Bear with me while I brag that at the ripe age of TWO they can count to ten, sing their ABC’s and have total recall of select nursery rhymes. Not to mention they love to read, not as if they can recognize the words just yet, but they LOVE books and stories. In addition to all these wondrous learning milestones, they are peaking on social skills and their fluent ability to communicate.

What was once grunts, a few intelligible words here and there are now full on sentences. Now they can communicate what they want, when they want, how they want it. So much so that the two of them plot and scheme and even go as far as to involve their older brother and have him do some heavy lifting.

But when the situation is just the two of them. WATCH. OUT.

A typical conversation between the two of them, possibly myself, possibly big brother, and sometimes daddy:

“Ses, Ses, come puh hee…open Ses” as Sara is instructing her brother Seth to come help her pull open the fridge….of course the little muscle is such a sweetheart and helps her open the fridge. They then begin to loot the fridge like a pirate scoring booty.

“Mama…GO! Go mama, go fas, we go ho. GO NOW mama!” as my middle management, back seat driving son YELLS at me to pull into traffic, because clearly he knows when is a good time to pull into traffic to maneuver our way home.

“Saaawaaaa….Sawa, eat Sawa. Come sit down Sawa.” or my favorite “TimeOUT!” And each one will yell that to the other. What is even better is when the two of them feed the other. They remind me of a little old couple who is constantly managing the other.

“Grraaannnnttt….Gant, you sit hee.””Gant, no chaiwr Gant, you bensh.” The two middle managers instruct their older brother to sit on the bench for dinner while one of them chooses to sit next to him and the other occupies the chair in the area.

I have to admit these little people amaze me each and every day with how much they retain, how much they process, how they grow and evolve. While I miss the everyday being with them and playing with them and spending endless hours listening to them beat each other up, fight over toys, listen to whining about how midgets invaded a certain older brothers room….I would not want them to miss out on all the learning that takes place for my future management team when they go to school each day. How they manage each other, mom, dad, big brother, and of course the dog.

Sounds like it is time to look up how to apply for student loans and research the good business schools online, so I can enroll these up-and-comers.

2 Replies to “Middle Management”

  1. Ha. Aw! I have a feeling you have two little geniuses on your hands 😀
    But seriously, they are too adorable! I’ve always been fascinated with twins and how their minds work.

  2. Awww they are so precious when they are all cooperating together. However it’s sometimes leads to extra gray hairs for mama. I agree though sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and watch 🙂 I hope you’re doing ok and miss ya!

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