Nerf Rebelle Agent

The world is no longer a man’s world…or boy’s world for that matter when it comes to Nerf. I am in love with the fact that as the brand expanded and continues to grow they have captured the hearts and minds of girls who may not want to play with dolls.

nerf bow, nerf rebelle agent bow, nerf for girlsA tomboy myself, I love nothing more than a solid game of tag and urban warfare with my kids and my husband, Nerf dart style. This summer we spent soaking each other with the Nerf Super Soakers and my daughter had her own Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Mini that packed a huge punch. More so now that we are out of the warm weather, my daughter can get in on the action with the Nerf Rebelle Agent bow in our Nerf wars.

Call it inspiration from The Hunger Games for every girl to be like The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guideKatniss or just the fact that girls aren’t all pink, bows, and dolls. Even though the Nerf Rebelle does come stocked in a stylish pink and purple ensemble, the bow is one tough firing machine when in competition with a herd of boys.

No man, woman, boy, or fuzzy puppy is safe from this spongy weapon of choice for girls. The Nerf Rebelle Agent bow comes stock with three foam arrows, carrying secret messages that can be read with the decoder. But don’t let the foam deceive you as the arrows can soar up to 85 feet upon pull and release of the bow string, which means my daughter can camp out in her favorite nooks and take out each one of her brothers with a spare. For added precision, the Agent bow features an electronic glowing dot that provides increased aiming accuracy with every shot.

I might even have to borrow this from her. With three arrows, I can peg every one of my kids from the kitchen when they need to complete their chores.

So if you have a daughter or girl, ages eight and up in your family, that wants to keep up with the boys and have a competitive edge, the Nerf Rebelle is sure to fit the bill. You can find this new line of Nerf (for girls) at major retailers across the country or you can shop online at or the Hasbro Toy shop.

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  1. I freaking love this. I know for a fact my brother would have been in huge trouble with 5 sisters toting the Nerf Rebelle Agent around. He would have been the constant target.

  2. I think these are neat, but I’m not so sure they needed to make one specifically for girls. I always thought nerf guns were for everyone! But if it gets girls playing with Nerf products, I’m all for it – they’re so much fun.

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