Off the Beaten Track Ideas for a Day in San Diego

Are you planning a trip to San Diego? Whether you are going for the first time or twentieth, it is worth adding some of these off the beaten track spots to give your vacation a boost. Follow this guide for the perfect San Diego day, without hitting the usual tourist spots.

Art Districts  

Start your day touring one of the nine art districts that fill the city. The San Diego art scene is vibrant and waiting for you to enjoy. These areas are full of innovative art and lively music. Both in the galleries or simply roaming the streets, art is found everywhere here. Take the time to do your research to help you find which district is right for you. You can even return later to visit one of the many spots open around the clock.  

Liberty Public Market 

After a morning of artwork, make your way over to the Liberty Public Market for lunch. The Market was established with the mission of providing the best from local artisans to San Diego natives and visitors alike. There are so many delicious delicacies available you may want to pick up a few different dishes and have a tasting tour. Save room for dessert as the Market offers a variety of unique treats to help you have the perfect end to your meal. 

Brewery Tour 

Now that you are full, it’s time to head off for a brewery tour. Home to over 150 different breweries, the craft beer scene in San Diego is large and still growing. While on your tour, you can try some of the best the city has to offer and make note of places you’ll want to go back to for more. You can spend hours learning about the history and culture of the breweries and tasting some truly unique and tasty beers.   

Coronado Sand Dunes 

Once your tour is completed, you probably want to walk off all the beer you’ve consumed. Find your way to the Coronado Sand Dunes. These gorgeous man-made hills serve as a backdrop to one of the best beaches San Diego has to offer. As you roam the dunes, see if you can figure out the secret message written by the sand. If you get too hot, you can head into the luxurious Hotel Coronado, the filming spot for the classic movie Some Like It Hot.   

Bay Cruise 

Finish your day in the bay. Before the sun sets, board the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran for an unparalleled view of the city from the sea. If you are visiting during the right season, you may be able to go out and see whales and other marine life. While out in the bay, keep your eyes out for some of San Diego’s most famous landmarks. Then, relax as you watch the sunset over the ocean and reflect on the adventures of the day.   

San Diego is a city full of vibrant culture and exciting things to do. No matter how you spend your day, you’re sure to have an amazing time.  

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