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As my kids have gotten older they have come to really enjoy card games and board games. To my hearts content I appreciate their love for simpler games and the detachment from technology. We have just about every traditional board and card game imaginable so family game night can become a bit mundane. Like our food, we like variety!

blue orange games, kids games, board gamesWanting to keep my kids on their toes and their minds engaged we look for games that use critical thinking skills, creative thinking and of course are just plain fun. Blue Orange has a variety of games to that effect and one that we truly enjoyed was the game Ring It! Imagine the concept of Uno with colors and numbers and the buzzer ringing of Family Feud melded into one.

Clap and ring your way to victory! Players continuously flip their cards until a combo is found. Be the first to find the combo, clap your hands and ring the bell. Hesitation may cost you 1st place, but if you act too quickly you may make a mistake and face a penalty! Get ready for chaotic clapping followed by lots of laughter!

Did I mention this game requires a bit of coordination as well? Flip your card, if you see the match, clap and then ring the bell. Yeah, my family was too eager to ring the bell and half the time we forgot to clap. The kids were awesome about changing up the rules with matching more than just the numbers or the colors. The game even suggests changing up the rules a bit to make it interesting…and my kids being that they have an entrepreneurial spirit they were all about changing up the rules and playbook.

Now keeping them leashed so they didn’t totally hijack the game was a whole different ball game.

Blue Orange offers a wide variety of games that kids can build on just like Ring It. Blue Orange has 14 years experience creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals. Choosing durable, feel-good materials, they pledge to produce games that last through generations and create cherished moments. Respect for the environment is a priority and Blue Orange is committed to planting two trees for each one used to create their wooden games.

With the holidays around the corner, board games are always an easy and fun gift idea for kids and adults alike. Ring It is also just a bit larger than palm size and great as a stocking stuffer. You can find Blue Orange games online or at local retailers.

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  1. Thats kind of a nifty twist on Uno. I remember we payed Uno constantly when hibbys Grandmother was alive, she loved that game. I think just ringing the thig would be enough, I would forget that you had to clap and to ring too!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. I can imagine the laughter over loss of cordination when trying to be first. I’ve never heard of this before so thanks for posting.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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