Seventh Generation Saving Planet Home

Make everyday Earth Day! Why is it that each and every year that Earth Day rolls around Americans and others around the world feel some innate  urge like they do at New Years to make a resolution.

What I find about people who want and choose to go green is that they claim the switch is more expensive, costly, hard to find. I can tell you that you cannot put a price on quality, cleanliness, safety, and eco-friendly options for your family, your home, this planet.

Seventh Generation is a staple in my home. I trust their products, I know that using them and not the standard household cleaners and the home products are making a difference in the world, protecting my kids, and all at the same time still making a difference in the world. Even if it is just one household at a time.

“Seventh Generation has partnered with eco-lifestyle consultant and author, Alexandra Zissu, whose new book, The Conscious Kitchen, discusses what’s good for your health, what’s good for the planet and what tastes great. Her book also includes great tips on maintaining a green and healthy kitchen.”

So this is how you can change your home, your way of thinking about being eco-friendly, and how you can have a healthy kitchen and healthy eating habits. Enter to win a Seventh Generation cleaning kit prize pack!

Tell me have you gone green, are you going green, do you have hang ups about going green?

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Giveaway ends May 1st.

*As part of this review and giveaway I received the prize pack seen above on behalf of MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation. My opinions are my own and NEVER swayed.

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  1. We try to recycle and installed a water saver showerhead. My husband is also the “outlet ninja” and unplugs almost everything that isn’t necessary or being used.

    I really try to remember to bring my reusable shopping bags with me when I shop; I keep them in the trunk of my car and there’s a sticky note on my dashboard that read “Bring the Bags BABY!!” to remind me to get them out of the trunk at the store.

  2. I do as much as I am able. I recycle and have a solar oven and Hybrid car presently.

  3. We recycle, use the recyclable bags at the store, turn off lights, lower the thermostat.

  4. I’ve already switched out my light bulbs. I am using less chemicals in my cleaning and walking more.

  5. We recycle paper, glass and metals. We use energy efficent appliances. We live in a home that is built into the hillside for energy efficiency. We use a whole house fan instead of the air conditioner. Not only do we live a little greener, but we also save money.

  6. I recycle newspapers, cans, plastic, and cardboard. I also take my own reuseable bags when I go shopping. I love going green!

  7. We have been going green, I use green cleaners, filtered water instead of bottled, buy organic when possible, changed to micro fiber cleaning clothes and I no longer buy paper towels, napkins or paper plates.

  8. Our family is getting more green each year. First we started recycling, then gardening, then switched the lightbulbs to compact fluorescent ones, then started composting and put out a rain barrel, then we bought a whole lot of cloth shopping bags (which we finally remember to bring in the store more often than not), then it was switching appliances over to more energy efficient ones (slowly, as the old ones die), and now it’s switching over to green cleaning products as we use up the old ones. So far it hasn’t seemed to be particularly inconvenient or expensive to go green, so why not?

  9. We are “greening” more and more every day as we learn new things about reducing our impact on the environment. We already use some of the Seventh Generation products and love them!

  10. We are going green, by trying to recycle as much as possible. The problem where we live is that apartment communities don’t have the recycling facilities that residential areas do and until that is resolved by the local council they make life really hard!

  11. No hang-ups here about going green. We started gardening organically this year, making our own compost from kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. No chemicals on our lawn or garden.

  12. My husband and I started to recycle more. Unfortunately, they don’t recycle glass here.

  13. I think I’m fairly green (in my house and in my life) but am ALWAYS looking for more things I can do to be more green!

  14. I have a hard time giving up products I know work. I do recycle though and trying to do a little at a time

  15. I have been green all my life and I’m 50 years old almost. I hang laundry and re use almost everything I come in contact with. My front yard is full of cactus and I have no lawn.

  16. I’m trying to go green! I replaced all my bulbs to energy efficient bulbs and started composting. That’s it so far, but i plan lots more changes!

  17. I’ve gone green by cloth diapering and trying to recycle all I can, but my hangup is probably in paper towels and disposable wipes — just can’t seem to get away from those because they are just SO convenient!

  18. I do have a major hang-up about going green: price. We do as much as we can but just can’t afford to go all the way and eat all organic, etc.

  19. I only buy organic products to use on our body, and we recently started to recycle. I would love to get rid of my harsh chemical cleaners and try out seventh generation. My biggest hurtle has been price, I have been clipping coupons and that has been helping.

  20. I recycle everything…cans, bottles, paper and plastic. Clothes go to a clothing bank. I wash with cold water and starting to buy green products.

  21. Sent in request for K. Herring but also fan of the five fish….wasn’t sure which to do. I am very tired and having trouble concentrating…

  22. I have gone green already by using cfl’s, however the price of “green” cleaning products keeps me from going green in that manner

  23. We are doing as much as we can to go green. We recycle and reuse as much as possible. We have also started a vegetable garden and are thinking about composting.

  24. I’m semi-green. I recycle whenever I can & I’ve been driving a Prius for 8 yrs.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  25. I’m trying. I use cold water for wash, and hang my clothes, and have changed all our light bulbs, and do recycle

  26. We are as green as we can be….even growing our own garden with Earth Boxes..

    mikkipiglet (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. We are working hard at going green – recycling, walking instead of driving, using natural products.

  28. We are trying to go green. We have been recycling for a while and have just started composting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I’m semi-green. I compost, recycle and use cloth bags for shopping but I use styrofoam and plastics.

  30. I’m trying to go green — recycling, using cloth napkins, driving less and walking more.

  31. We have been steadily going greener over the past couple of years. From cloth bags and hand towels to recycling and rain barrels.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  32. I started composting this year so it is a work in process but I have done a lot to go green.

  33. We’ve gone green — We make our life greener by regularly recycling everything possible. We also use CFLs, Energy Star appliances, and reusable shopping bags. We combine driving trips to save mileage — and turn things like lights off when not in use. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  35. I have gone more green than ever before. I recycle as much as I can, I compost and use a stainless steel water bottle now.

  36. I would like to go green, but there’s no recycling center around here.

  37. We are in the process of going green. We recycle whenever possible, have energy star appliances, and try to unplug and turn off the lights need not needed. I would love to try these green cleaners. Thanks for the chance!

  38. I have been trying to go a bit more green, using natural products when I can.


  39. I am going green, the major thing we do is recycle, but I could work on a few more things to really go green!

  40. We started recycling this’s super easy and amounts to about half our garbage being recycled now!

  41. We bought good bikes for everyone so that we can ride all over our small town.

  42. I have gone green by recycling, composting, and using my bike for transportation instead of driving the car.

  43. We try to do what we can, like recycle, use reusable shopping bags, refillable water bottles, etc…

  44. I try to be green by using reusable bags at the grocery store, and that a simple step in the right direction.

  45. I try and do things that are “green” but I don’t think I will ever completely be green. I ride bike all over and recycle when I can!

  46. It’s a work in process for us. We’ve recycled for years, but we’ve just recently started using more earth friendly products and trying to eliminate our use of disposable items and replacing them with reusables. But we’re getting there! Thanks.

  47. I have completely gone green from recycling to using reusable bags to switching out the light bulbs and buying energy star products.

  48. I am going green slowly, I recycle, re-use and repurpose things, conserve water and electricity and have some of the energy saving light bulbs but I know There’s more to be done.

  49. I reduced the amount of paper towels we used by keeping many more kitchen towels on hand including some I knit myself.

  50. I bring my own bags when I go shopping and I try to recycle
    cans and newspapers

  51. I’ve been frugal for as long as I can remember and now people are calling it green. I really don’t understand the big deal.

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