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Sleep is a precious commodity in our house. Since having kids, and especially my twins, I’ve adapted to a certain level of sleep. Couple that with getting older as a woman; hot flashes, night sweats, and my sleep is all over the place. The Chad is much the same, only he has spinal issues that interrupt his nightly rest. A bad back and cervical neck discomfort and he tosses and turns which in turn causes me to toss and turn because I have become a rather light sleeper. Pillows, or my woobie as I so fondly call it, are generally the culprit for restless sleeping.

Earlier this year we purchased new furniture for our living room. This was the first time we have purchased new living furniture in over ten years. Kids are rough on furniture and we didn’t see the point in purchasing nice things for our kids to destroy, but now they are a bit older and less of terrorists so we thought time to invest in comfort. When we did, the store threw in a set of cooling sheets and a cooling pillow. Mercy me, I was thinking I died and went to heaven hearing of “cooling” sleep products. Yet, the pillow was not as I thought. Firm, cool, and it doesn’t smoosh like my woobies. You see I have down pillows and lawdy, I can’t not sleep on them. I digress. I tried the pillow, I tried with all my effort to sleep on the cool pillow.

The Chad quickly took the opportunity to use the cool pillow until we received the Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow. I was skeptical because you put water in the pillow to adjust the level of comfort. Immediately I thought back to our California King waterbed we formerly owned. Don’t judge me, I think everyone has owned a waterbed at some point in their lives. Anyway, I tried to sleep on the Mediflow floating pillow and I had the worst night sleep ever. I sweat like a whore in church, tossed, turned, and could not find a comfortable position to save my life. So The Chad took this one from me too. He’s a trooper. He tries everything I dislike, including food and drink. He’s my favorite.

Lo and behold, the man LOVES the Mediflow floating pillow more than any other sleeping pillow. His head hits that poofy white cloud each and every night and he is like a slumbering bear in hibernation. The insert and information regarding the sleep study at John’s Hopkins were spot on, he “fell asleep faster” each and every night.He was more comfortable and mentioned that the Mediflow floating pillow did not feel like a standard pillow that would give and lose shape. This is a man who would lie awake TRYING to fall asleep and be up for hours. So what is the magic behind this water pillow?

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The secret is in the Mediflow pillow’s supportive waterbase. Not only is it fully adjustable to any desired level of comfort but it also provides responsive support as you sleep. No more waking to fill and stuff when you change sleeping positions. The waterbase adjusts as you move to maintain proper alignment of the head and neck.

The process to fill the pillow was rather easy and just required a bit of patience. The included funnel also is the key to unlock the valve on the bottom of the pillow. I have a removable wand on my faucet so I just placed over the funnel when attached to the pillow and began to fill to the desired firmness. Directions are included on each pillow so as not to overfill, under fill, and or have bubbles that could impact how sleep will feel.

The Chad has slept on the pillow for 30 days straight. He has not complained of neck pain or discomfort as he has in the past with other pillows. He enjoys that he doesn’t have to fluff or readjust his pillow in the middle of the night. An added bonus with the pillow, its rather heavy feeling because of the water base, so it doesn’t shift, which means he doesn’t shift. Worried about leaks? We were too, but after 30 days, the valve is sealed tight and no worries about water leaking onto our bed in the middle of the night. We love our water filled pillow and hope you do as well.

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  1. I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain when I wake up and the Down Plus Waterbase Pillow sounds like it would be perfect for me.

  2. I like The NEW Floating Comfort Pillow 300 Thread Count Combed Loft Fiber4 Needle Stitch Seam. I tried the Original and I think this new pillow looks so comfortable for my neck pain.

  3. I think that the floating pillow would be perfect for me! It sounds amazing and looks like it would really help my neck issues while sleeping!

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