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SoapBox Soaps

This past holiday season my friend Joie and I partnered together to find some really great products to give that also share the message of giving back with their business model. SoapBox Soaps is no exception to the fun and functional products we have found. My teen and husband love receiving soaps, body washes, colognes, and what not as holiday and everyday gifts. SoapBox products were/are the perfect gift item with the message of giving back.

The Mission of SoapBox

SoapBox mission is to “empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases.” The founder and owner, David Simnick was inspired to carry out this mission by interning for both for profit and not-for-profit organizations during college and joining a USAID contractor post college. All the while he tinkered in his apartment crafting his very own homemade soap. His experiences led him to realize that hygiene aid wasn’t being implemented to its fullest potential and wasn’t being paired with essential items like soap. Six years after implementing this idea and mission, SoapBox soaps are in major retailers across the nation and over one million donations made.

The Dirt on SoapBox

While I love a great soap, what I do not enjoy in my soaps is smelling like soap. Or a perfume. Or something unnatural and synthetic. Call me snobby. Call me crazy. I love to just smell natural, fresh, clean. Clean skin to me should smell warm, a bit musty, something familiar where you cannot quite place the scent but the feeling the scent invokes is inviting and comfortable. Others however, love and enjoy a fresh scent in their soap that carries over to their skin. SoapBox definitely fits that bill. With their vanilla scented hand soap and coconut scented body wash you would definitely be able to skimp on any perfumes. My husband truly enjoys the scent, but as I said for myself, I am too sensitive to the scents to enjoy them.

soap box soaps, soapbox soaps, soapHowever, the soap bars are pure magic. As a cold pressed soap maker, I find their commercial soap bars are amazing. Again, non-drying and the bars last forever. The scents are ever so mild and gentle in the bars that I would buy stock in pallets of these bars of soap. Hands down, my favorite, next to cold pressed handmade soaps.

The overall feeling of cleanliness is great. Your skin does not feel dried out after experiencing SoapBox soaps. Most commercial soaps often leave skin feeling dried out and filmy after a shower.

Their line of shampoo and conditioner are also very nice for the cleanliness portion. I had the opportunity to try out the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. Considering I do not wash my hair but every three days this was a treat. The blend really brought out the volume and natural curl of my hair making it easy to style and manageable. Their blend is paraben and sulfate free and no harsh scents, bonus!

Giving Big

Not only does SoapBox Soaps give a bottle or bar with each purchase, they also give generously with their portions. Affordably priced as low as $3.99, the bar soap is significantly sized at eight full ounces. The body wash, shampoo and conditioner are also well sized at 20 ounces and priced at less than six dollars per bottle. SoapBox gives back even more when purchasing $49 or more in soaps for the family you get free shipping. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can find SoapBox at local retailers like Target, Walgreens and Kroger brand stores.

In addition to finding those “it” gifts what qualities do you look for in a company?

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