Heat Up Your Winter with Tabanero for National Hot Sauce Day

National holidays and obscure national holidays seem to be all the rage. National Pancake Day, National Donut Day and National Pizza Day have all generated a devout following for food holidays. Some sanctioned, some adopted by the masses to celebrate…well because they can. So this January 2nd we are celebrating National Hot Sauce Day to really heat up the winter. Hot sauces around the world will be heating up kitchens as they flow onto our favorite foods as one of our popular condiments.

tabanero, national hot sauce day, hot sauce, thefivefish.comWe were blessed to help celebrate this honorary day of spice and heat with a complimentary bottle of Tabañero. Our normal hot sauce of choice is Cholula, Tobasco, and or my own homemade recipe, we put hot sauce on just about everything, including our already spicy foods like enchiladas. I am not sure if because we live in the southwest, but hot sauce is just a way of life for us. The bottle of Tabañero was calling my name and I couldn’t wait to try it on my eggs and spinach for breakfast. Oh baby! Was I so glad this was my meal of choice because this Yucatan Peninsula inspired concoction was absolutely divine!

My kids were all about the sauce. They had some with cheese crisps, enchiladas, eggs, whatever they ate Tabanero went atop. We are THAT serious about our sauce. The name is deceiving because of the Habanero but this picante style hot sauce has a wonderful smokey flavor which is all part of the pepper and spices used to make this amazing condiment. Simplistic and gorgeous on your pallete with the fewest of ingredients: select Habanero peppers, carrots, onions, key lime juice, agave, garlic, salt and grapefruit seed extract. Basically it was awesome in a bottle in our house. Then it was gone.

national hot sauce day, tabanero, thefivefish.comYes, that is the dead soldier.


Tabañero couldn’t even live to see the grand day of celebration with festivities happening online and onsite in Los Angeles with giveaways (win a year’s supply), trade-in programs where you surrender your current hot sauce for a bottle of Tabañero and take advantage of special anniversary recipes inspired by and containing The Most Flavorful Hot Sauce in the World.

Where did Tabañero come from? The back of co-founder Kevin Peake’s car as he launched Tabañero for sale in 2011. Tabañero Hot Sauce is firmly rooted in its humble beginnings and is committed to giving back a portion of its proceeds to the Tabasco region of Mexico where their journey began.  Tabañero is a very unique hot sauce made from all-natural ingredients from Tabasco, Mexico, situated on the exotic Yucatán Peninsula. Taking a clue from the Mayans (who occupied the Yucatán Peninsula thousands of years ago and were one of the first civilizations to use peppers to flavor their native cuisine) the Tabañero Hot Sauce team, in 2007, began to utilize the fertile crops of the area to design the first recipe of the future award-winning hot sauce.

Whether you are a hot sauce aficionado, foodie, fan, or want to live on the edge and try a little something new, Tabañero will help you celebrate this holiday with some spice. Or spice up your Sunday Funday with Tabañero bloody Mary mixes! Gluten free and mild enough for even those who prefer ketchup as their condiment of choice. So go out and get spicy my friend, Happy National Hot Sauce Day.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary bottle on behalf of Tabañero, I make no claims about how spicy this may be on your wimpy mouth.

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  1. My boys and in that I’m including my husband adore muy caliente food! In fact chili with hot sauce is on the menu for tomorrow night! I need to try the Tabanero.

  2. This sounds like a hot sauce I want to try. I like hot sauces that have flavor and smokiness, like you described – not just heat.

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