Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour

Expanding on sustainable food sources has been the greatest advancement and leap for food producers and brands over the last 10 years. As the worlds population continues to grow as well as urban development, food makers are looking for ways to capitalize on the same nutritional levels we need to survive with a minimal impact on land and resources. What consumers did not expect is one of the resources could be the most pesky, yet delicious. Chapul capitalized on the idea for sustainable food sources through their international adventures; the delicacy of sauteed crickets around the world resulted in the next big food revolution. Thus Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour were born. Continue reading “Chapul Cricket Bars and Flour”

Power Women’s Health Multi-Vitamins with Folic Acid

Multi-vitamins with folic acid

How many of you recall your mother telling you to eat your greens growing up? In fact, I am that cliché to my kids now, harping on them to eat their greens. So what is so important about these vegetables? I am glad you asked, one vitamin that is so important is folate, or known as folic acid. The Arizona Department of Health Services PowerMeA2Z site, which is designed especially with women in mind, educate women and offer a way for women to order a 100-day supply of FREE multivitamins with 400mcg folic acid.  The Arizona Department of Health Services PowerMeA2Z site says that this B-vitamin is intricate in reducing the risk of neural tube defects in babies. Beyond that, folic acid is also used for other conditions commonly associated with folate deficiency, including ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism, and kidney dialysis. Who knew… but folic acid also makes your hair shine, your nails grow and your skin glow. Continue reading “Power Women’s Health Multi-Vitamins with Folic Acid”

Pumpkin Picking and Getting Lost in Corn

Arizona is not synonymous with farming or pumpkins yet we have some of the greatest farms in the state due to our varying climate and climate regions. With the end of summer many farms are excitedly preparing for the fall harvest. Many of the farms in Arizona have a wide selection of pumpkins to choose from which means pumpkin festivals! This past weekend our family had the opportunity to visit the historic Prescott area again and attend the Mortimer’s Farms Pumpkin Fest and Corn Maze. Cooler weather, family and fun was just what the doctor ordered when we went picking pumpkins straight from the fields shortly after getting lost in the corn maze. Continue reading “Pumpkin Picking and Getting Lost in Corn”

Pumpkin Fest and Corn Maze at Mortimer’s in Prescott

pumpkins, fall, autumn,

In the town of Dewey, Arizona right outside of Prescott this welcoming community, home to Mortimer Farms, will be hosting the Pumpkin Fest and Corn Maze. October seems to be the official mark to the short fall season here in Arizona. Our cooler Arizona weather prompts the pumpkin craze with the kickoff of fall. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pretty much everything has some pumpkin added. Continue reading “Pumpkin Fest and Corn Maze at Mortimer’s in Prescott”

Children’s Museum of Phoenix Celebrates College Savings Month

While October may be traditionally reserved for pumpkins, pumpkin spice anything and breast cancer awareness, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is celebrating education with college savings month in October. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has over 48,000 square feet of learning, imagination and fun and this month they are promoting education in a variety of ways.  I wanted to share these great opportunities with my fellow Phoenicians. Continue reading “Children’s Museum of Phoenix Celebrates College Savings Month”

Jeeping 101: Mud

For any Jeep owner, mud is an obstacle of conquering. We see mud and immediately we are fearless children who know no limits. Mud is just wet dirt calling our names to sling about everywhere. Mud is a wanton desire to cover our tires and every inch of aluminum and steel. A good mud hole is also disguised as a treacherous foe to any overly fearless seemingly arrogant and skilled off-road driver. Jeeping 101 tells us to always survey any obstacle, including mud. Continue reading “Jeeping 101: Mud”

Arizona Sweet Corn Festival

Arizona sweet corn festival, sweet corn, Mortimer farms, sweet corn Mortimer farms, AZ corn

Arizona has always been known for their five C’s: cotton, citrus, copper, cattle and climate. While Arizona boasts the dry,warm climate of the summer months, cooler temperatures in the northern climates are a wonderful escape. The other “C” that Arizona offers is the corn, as in sweet corn! In the town of Dewey, Arizona right outside of Prescott this welcoming community hosts the annual Arizona Sweet Corn Festival at Mortimer Farms every summer. Continue reading “Arizona Sweet Corn Festival”

For the ailing heart

My love recently moved back to Arizona and I have to say that I am so selfishly excited, exuberant, wetting myself in joy, bouncing happy to have my sister home again! I know she is happy to be around her family again, but I know her poor heart cries for the South. My sister should have been born in the deep South with the Confederate flag and all I swear!

For one, I named my sister. I named her after my best friend from Sunday school and her name was Brittany. So because I loved my best friend so much I thought what a fitting name for the person who was destined to be my best friend! So my sister was born and she has been a feather in the wind floating around to everyone and everywhere. From a very young age my sister would spastically wave to everyone…..and I mean everyone! I remember she would talk endlessly to the bakery staff at Bashas’ market, partly because we got free cookies, but my sister was friendly to everyone. If we moved, she had friends that day. If we went on vacation, she had friends to come with, new ones she would meet along the way, and she was by NO means shy. My sister was dainty without tact. By that I mean she was very lady like in she would wear a sweet night gown and put her hair in curlers, but then proceed to do kart wheels in the front yard….WITH NO PANTIES!

Yes….my sister was born to be a Southern Belle.

So to ail her poor aching heart for her southern pleasures in the dismal desert we call Arizona I have found some “Southern Comforts” replacements or close seconds:

Apple Ice Cream – The best I could find, which is right down the road from her house is The Apple Dumpling Cafe and they serve everything under the sun apple…including her ice cream.

Crickets – We got crickets. And later this summer she will her the never ending chirp, hum, hoop, and purr of the Arizona locusts, or as we call them “secadas” (suh-kA-duhs).

After the Rain – In Arizona she will get to see rivers flowing….literally, so no more crying your own as the Almighty will provide you with flash flood rivers through the neighborhoods and dry river beds, quite a sight!

The Deer – In Arizona, we don’t have the axis deer frolicking through the wood of the south, but we have PIG! Javelina will wander through your yard, maybe even a stray skunk, foraging for food. On a good day, maybe some coyotes, jackrabbits the size of a Bulldog, and your occasional Gila (thats HEE-LAH for you Yanks) Monster.

Wildflowers and blue bonnets – Those will be replaced by dandelions, sunflowers, Mesquite blossoms, tumbleweeds, Bouganvilla (BOO-gun-vee-yah), and the Fishhook Cactus blossoms.

Lightning bugs – We don’t have the glowy butt bugs that I miss too from a childhood spent in the midwest, but we have some SPECTACULAR lightning to be seen and FELT here during the Monsoon. We also have grasshoppers and locusts that fly in droves in early June through August that look like a dust storm. Only here too can you see a dust devil as high as a house.

So while I know your heart yearns for the dirt road, where everyone knows your name, and the pace that is just barely faster than a snail……..the desert and all her beauty are your South-Western home. And we are glad you are back and love to be able to spend so much time with you and your family.

Why I love AZ

Yesterday was so awesome. I woke up to my husband and three beautiful kids and to top the whole day off…….I got to open all my windows in the house and my back door. I think the high for yesterday was in the 70s and the day was absolutely fabulous! We went on our evening walk and I had to bundle up all the kids in sweaters and hoodies and Chad and I put light sweaters on because the wind was blowing and the night air was a bit chilly. However, you know you live in AZ when you are wearing a sweater, shorts and flip flops.

Then this morning I woke up to a bit of a chill in my house. I figured because the AC had just run not too long ago. WRONG! The thermostat said 68* and the thermometer outside my kitchen window said 50*. FABULOUS!!! I actually had to put a robe on this morning. More beautiful days to come as we head into the AZ winter. I love it here because 1) NO SNOW (Love the snow, very pretty…..but hate living where there is snow and bitter cold) and 2) 70* November and December’s rock.