iClever Kids Halloween Headphones


Welcome to the iClever Halloween Headphones Giveaway!

Little ears deserve fun earphones made especially for them. iClever has limited edition Halloween Headphones complete with detachable batwings. These are absolutely adorable and will have your child thrilled to use their earphones for their own media, and helping to create a non noise conflicting environment in your home, car, at school or anywhere really.
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Halloween Nazi: No Candy for You

As I make my trip to Costco today to stock up on Halloween candy I would have never guessed that trick of treating could be so contentious and cause for controversy. Kids and their parents are seeking out neighborhoods that offer more opportunity on Halloween. The newest outrage is whether or not you BELONG to that neighborhood and whether or not you are DESERVING of free candy.  So if I understand this correctly, a holiday that is generally reserved for small children to dress up and go door-to-door begging for candy simply by saying “trick or treat,” are undeserving? Do they have to fit some criterion in order to get candy on Halloween? Aside from a costume and catchy line. No candy for you if you come from a different neighborhood.

So if they arrive on your block by vehicle we are taking note and not answering the door? Are we conducting profiling? Age, race, creed, social and economical demographics? Those appear to be a few of the factors in determining who will be recipients of this years sugar haul based on various interweb discussions.

Apparently some of our more affluent residents, neighbors and parents are up in arms about children who are shipped in from other, (and sometimes) less fortunate neighborhoods in order to partake in the festivities. These affluent neighbors, citizens, possible fellow parents, are indignant about these less fortunate children taking all the good candy.

halloween candy, rick kids get candyI was rather confused to hear this and saddened all at the same time. Many thoughts ran through my head of which the first was: so only the “entitled, affluent” children get the good candy? Are you checking ID at the door before they trick or treat? Validating they live within a one square block radius of your privileged home? Maybe you are evaluating them based on their costume? Clearly that is not this years chic Halloween couture….here’s your fee for entrance to my neighborhood, oh and no candy.

Halloween was  and is always about the candy. If not for the silly costumes, it’s all about how much candy you could stuff into a pillowcase. Or that was the case back in my day. Our goal was to hunt down as much candy as possible and brag about who or which house doled out what type. In fact our friends would tell us how their candy excursion was the following school day, and we would plan to converge on their neighborhood the following year if we found their loot to be far more superior. We could only dream of receiving the epic loot they incurred on the door-to-door adventure.

One post by a woman who boasted celebrity neighbors indicated that her paying higher property taxes is sufficient enough payment for social services within their community and that the candy should not be an additional charity.

I can’t be too sure of how taxes equates to free candy for children but okay. Your economics I suppose, or your ignorance to understanding social services.

Maybe I am older and wiser, or just delusional, to think that candy is just candy and kids are just kids. Could it be that my faith has shown me that Jesus didn’t preach and love in Talbiye, one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Jerusalem. He wasn’t hobnobbing with the tax collectors, boasting and denying the less fortunate his love and knowledge. Above all, he NEVER denied a child. He loved people. He loved to be out and among community.

Why do we act this way today? Is candy really that controversial that we would deny children the opportunity of one night of joy? Have we become so selfish and self absorbed that we have lost our sense of community? Or is it that our charity comes with a form of recognition. We only give to charity if we get our picture on the wall and someone recognizes us for our deed.

Do you remember when you took your child, or saw another child, trick-or-treating for the first time on Halloween?

I recall all of my kids as they sheepishly approached the door, shy and sullen to speak, barely uttering the words “trick-or-treat” loud enough to be heard. When the first plunk of candy echoed in the pails their faces lit up with confidence. Running to the next house. Shouting to the next resident their holiday beggars line. The joy was overflowing based on their accomplishment and they beamed.

no candy on halloween, halloween candyHow could anyone deny a child that moment? Well unless you are a total a-hole I suppose you could deny them.

Maybe I am missing their point. I could be missing the reason these folks feel so outraged about passing out candy to additional kids. As a resident of a middle-class, well maintained neighborhood I am blessed to have the opportunity to purchase the better candy. I am blessed to have awesome neighbors, community, and my children are able to partake in Halloween festivities. I am even more blessed to share with other children and their parents who may not be as fortunate. I am blessed to have folks knock on my door who aren’t from my neighborhood that want my candy. I am blessed to show my kids the power of giving and community. These children may come to my neighborhood or your neighborhood or other neighborhoods not only for the candy, but maybe their neighborhood is so overrun in crime and violence that they cannot enjoy this fun holiday. Maybe their parents cannot afford to pass out candy so they seek out neighborhoods that are seemingly friendly and inviting for the opportunity to see the excitement on their child’s face. Maybe you are the talked about neighborhood, the holy grail of awesome candy and awesome people.

Has our society become so detached from one another as a community and a whole, that we no longer connect on a basic human level? Or have we become entitled to our socioeconomic demographic that we are intolerant to people who aren’t in our salary bracket? I fear a community and neighborhood where the residents no longer wave. I fear a community and neighborhood where we do not chit chat with other residents and folks on walks or doing yard work. More over I fear the day that children stop knocking on my door for Halloween. That would suggest that our community is completely devoid of love, happiness, safety and opportunity for everyone. If you happen to be that person behaving like a stuffy ass about candy where is the harm about purchasing additional candy? Where is the harm in loving people and being with people. Again maybe my naivety for the love of Christ and all my neighbors, but I see a wondrous beauty in something so simple.

Take a moment of humility and be thankful you can brighten that child’s face for the evening. At the end of the day it is one night. One night a year for candy. You are not serving rack of lamb to a group of ungrateful toddlers, you are sharing confectionery goodness with a child who looks forward to pretending to be someone they are not for the night just for the opportunity to see what candy you might share. Because it is all about the kids, costumes and candy. If you have to, just pretend for a moment you are not that selfish and , pretend to be love this Halloween and share in the joy of children.

Honest Tea Kids – Sweeter Alternative

Are your kids still reeling from the Halloween candy? Maybe they are suffering from a bit of a candy hangover per se. Well maybe the cure or the better option for next year’s Halloween candy option is Honest Kids from the makers of Honest Tea.

Honest Tea has a new line of organic, no high fructose corn syrup, low-sugar, fruit-flavored drinks that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Not to mention the good for you option with these drinks not being overloaded with sugary sweetness and the guilt of high fructose corn syrup.

My kids love the Honest Tea kids line of drinks with the light, sweet fruit flavors that quench their thirst and I can feel guilt free about them drinking them. Made with all organic ingredients, natural flavors, and in easy to access pouches. In five fun-filled flavors: Appley Ever After, Goodness Grapeness, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Tropical Tango Punch, and Super Fruit Punch.

This year for the holidays, choose a healthy alternative to the sugary, sweet, unhealthy, tempting snacks and treats that support poor choices for your kids. While a sugary snack here and there is alright in moderation, but sometimes the holidays take over with the desire for sweets. Don’t take my word for it, try Honest Kids drinks for yourself, find them at your local grocers, Costco, and other local retailers. Try adding them to your stockings this year for the holidays or in next year’s Halloween treat bowl as a healthier, just as sweet alternative.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

The Five Fish is excited to share with you on this Halloween the review and giveaway of The Dog Who Saved Halloween. For parents you will be happy to hear a flashback of child star names; Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik our favorite brother and sister duo from TV’s Blossom.

Everyone’s favorite four-legged friend Zeus (voiced by Joey Lawrence) and the Bannisters are back in The Dog Who Saved Halloween, an all-new adventure jam-packed with family-friendly thrills and chills! When George, Belinda and their kids Kara and Ben Bannister move into a new house – just in time for Halloween! – everything seems to be fine…until they notice eerie glowing lights and strange sounds coming from their neighbor’s house where creepy Mr. Cole (Lance Henriksen) lives with his protective pooch Medusa (voiced by Mayim Bialik). When a black cat suddenly goes missing, George Bannister (Gary Valentine) insists on investigating the matter himself – and ultimately enlists an odd yet familiar pair (Dean Cain, Joey Diaz) to help. But after the trio and Belinda Bannister (Elisa Donovan) get trapped inside the spooky house, it’s once again up to Zeus to save the day (Anchor Bay Entertainment & Grand Communications, 2011)!

My kids loved this movie, not only for celebrating Halloween and the upcoming holidays, but everyone loves a super hero and a dog all in one.  Lots of laughs and slap stick fun in this family favorite. Add it to your family’s holiday collection of movies this Halloween and in time for Christmas where you can celebrate this holiday favorite all year round.

Here is how you can win a copy for your kids this Halloween Day:

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Delicious Halloween Drink Recipes

Halloween drinks, Halloween drink recipe

Are you looking for a wickedly good Halloween drink recipe for your upcoming Halloween party? Check out this tasty drink, called The Blood Shot sure to be a party favorite!

Halloween drinks, Halloween drink recipeThe Blood Shot
1 part Iceberg Vodka
1 part Peach Schnapps
1 part Jagermeister
1 part cranberry juice

Mix, pour over ice, let cool then strain into shot glasses and serve!

Add some pizzazz and real fright to this drink by adding your favorite vampire teeth, some plastic eye balls, or even gummie worms to add the “spooky,” fun, and festive twist to this adult beverage. Remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Trick or Treat with Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms is gearing up to celebrate Halloween in a hauntingly healthy fashion with a family-friendly event down on the Farm. Aside from meeting 10,000 cows, guests are invited to wear their costumes, trick or treat and enjoy chocolate milk, all while meeting Roxie, Shamrock Farms lovable spokescow, and famous Peanuts characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Sally! Especially since chocolate milk is the official drink of Halloween. Treat your bones with Chocolate Milk, the Official Drink of Halloween, a nutritious beverage in disguise that Mom can feel good about during this candy-filled holiday! As with any sweet indulgence, in moderation and mom’s can feel better about a cold glass of calcium filled chocolate milk as opposed to tooth rotting sweets that can wreak havoc on our kids.

This Halloween event falls on Saturday October 29th, and at Shamrock Farms in the southeast valley heading towards Tucson we will be honoring our “kids ride FREE” deal (with adult admission) so this is an awesome added value event for families to enjoy with kids being FREE. Attendees will also receive a FREE milk and will be able to trick or treat along the tour.

Roxie Costume Party at the Farm: Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 (3 tours offered)

Visit the Cold Room – Not counting school milk, Shamrock Farms stores 930,000 bottles of chocolate milk in its Cold Room on a WEEKLY basis where 1,330 pallets are loaded and over 1.8 million chocolate school milk containers (stored weekly) are handled at the farm.

Production – Shamrock Farms produces more than 200,000 gallons of chocolate milk every week which equals to about 3.2 millions cups of milk each week.

In addition to celebrating the Halloween special, come celebrate Arizona’s 100th birthday, we’ll be having special Centennial activities at the Farm! There’ll be an enhanced tour featuring Arizona’s history and every guest during our 2011 season will receive a commemorative band with admission celebrating Arizona’s Centennial and Arizona’s hometown dairy.

More than 10,000 cows are standing by, ready to make our farm tour a real hands-on experience for kids of all ages. With interactive displays, games and a tram ride, it’s a cornucopia of family-focused and educational activities for the whole herd.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Kids and parents want more flair with their pumpkins and why not? Halloween is but one day, once a year, and who doesn’t like to play dress up. Dress up your pumpkin, our pumpkins should be much the same as dress  up. Fall is upon us, well if you live anywhere but Phoenix Arizona where we still crest into the high 90s and we are all begging for cool weather to wear some fashionable boots. Oh I digress. With Halloween not that far off, the kids are all anxious to start cutting into pumpkins and today’s pumpkin is not the pumpkin of yesteryear with the traditional triangle cut eyes and triangle cut scary mouth.

halloween, pumpkin decorating, pumpkinsWhat I like to do is find out what the kids want for their pumpkin picture, whether the picture is of a witch on a broom, swirls, or any other picture of choice, print that picture and tape it to your pumpkin.

From there you can carve out the picture simply by stabbing the lines with a sharp paring knife or you can use a push pin and tap all along the lines so it dots out the picture on the outside of your pumpkin. After you have traced out the picture on the pumpkin the carving can begin. Cut off the top to create a lid like a standard pumpkin carving, scrape out the innards, saving the seeds if you so desire for a great fall snack and then begin cutting out your creation.

Place a small tea light candle inside and you are ready to showcase your creation and your pumpkin for all your trick or treater’s or as a party display. Don’t be afraid to dress up your pumpkin, choose something creative or out of the ordinary. Pumpkin decorating ideas can be found all over the internet and Pinterest.

McCalls Pumpkin Patch

G was in Albuquerque last week as we all know since I had some free time (HA!) last week. During his stint there Grandma ran him around and they did all sorts of fun stuff. One of his memorable activities was visiting the McCalls Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty with his cousin Colin and Colin’s church day school. Here is how their pumpkin patch visit went along with pictures of BIL #1, G-Mommy (Great Grandma), cousin Colin, and pictures of the hayride. G was able to pick out his own pumpkin which is so cute since it is the size of a softball and he brought home baby pumpkins to our baby pumpkins. Such a great brother! Also big thanks and love to Grandma Bev for setting up the field trip for G for the pumpkin patch and all the great pics!