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The Magic of a Blog

I have had my blog for many years now and during my ages of virtual verbiage and prophetic stories of motherhood that be told, I never once believed the magic to be lost. Where one day my Peter Pan syndrome of writings and ramblings of the inter-webs would eventually lose the lustre.

My children are growing and with their seemingly ageless passing of time, only so sadly marked by yet another wrinkle, another yawn, and an additional candle to extinguish I grow weary and sad with my online friend. I would retreat to her and share my woes, my triumphs, but now I find her and wonder what to say, what to share, where to start, what matters, and I ask myself why share. My magic will be lost.

How can the magic be lost though in sharing a story? No longer will the experience be mine to have and cherish but a commercial experience to share with random strangers who may revel in similar events or can relate. No longer will my memory in life be mine, be special, but it will be read, rehashed, scrutinized, or tossed by the wayside.

My magic is lost. I no longer miss coming to my old friend, finding my words was like water when the faucet was twisted on, they would flow, no longer will the words come. I question if this is my age, the lack of lustre for my online friend, stress, missed chances, or that I simply ran out of magic fairy dust, or maybe I simply ran out of lame motherhood stories of ass wipings and whine feasts.

Yet the words still flow, even if pointless, meaningless and nothingness they are something to me, to someone, they are true and felt which is what I have always prided with my blog. Raw, pure, honest, no bullshit, no fluff, and those qualities are what have driven away readers and engaged them all the same. Maybe, just maybe my unbridled magic for the blog will return, or maybe my fairy blog-mother will come and get me ready for the ball again.

Republicans for Healthcare Reform

the bird, flipping off

Shall I duck and hide now? Let my colors show that I am a red-blooded American, but I am a true idealist, optimist, realist. Tonight, since as I am writing this, the night is still Sunday night, I watched on live television the passing of the bill for healthcare reform to go to the president to sign.

At the exact same time I was Google Talking with the hubs, on Twitter, and watching my Monday Mingles. (Holla!) But I have to say that Twitter is what really got me. I guffawed at many who let their beliefs drive those for whom they associate, clearly blinded by their own ignorance to agree to disagree to individual beliefs and opinions. I eavesdropped, if you can do such a thing on Twitter, into conversations regarding why NOT to pass the bill. My curiosity was winning my better judgment to avoid an such conversations. But my bold lioness prodding drove me right into the belly of the #hcr beast!

I wrote some months ago about how The Chad and I were declined coverage. I was heated, and while I am stout on my opinion I am even more stout to listen to those who HAVE healthcare coverage and tell me I am a mooch, looking for a handout, or that I am a Marxist Socialist in favor of this bill. Because those spatting off about “no more land of the free” and “I’m paying for others abortions” could not be more of a load of horse shit. Here’s why!

The whole thought of America becoming a socialist country is minutiae. Healthcare is one, ONE, option in your “socialist” ideals. Really, anyone who claims socialism wouldn’t know a socialist country if they landed in one off their 747 American Airlines jumbo jet sporting Ray Bans.  Seriously, socialism at its core exists in this country right NOW! To claim “socialism” is clearly some one didn’t pay too much attention to detail in 8th grade civics. Okay…sorry that was harsh, but come on…Google it.

The abortion issue…pissed me RIGHT OFF! Why? Because you have a Republican (*cough…I am one by the way) gospel blow holing the Bible and abortions in the same sentence, but you know damn well that Republican is a substantial supporter of corporal punishment, better known as “Americans For Public Hanging’s Y’All.” Well is that not a pretty paradox wrapped in an enigma. But the conservatives eat this up like caviar from a whale killed off by global warming.

My take on healthcare (since I am not a politician and I get heated by politics and the double talk bullshit that I thank Bill Maher for entertaining me about every Friday night) is that health insurance companies SHOULD NOT, WILL NOT, dictate who and who does not get coverage and the level of coverage and care. Which by the way is FUCKING SOCIALIST by definition. Sorry. I digress.

I say this as a mother, woman, and family who has been dictated to regarding healthcare. I have been a high risk pregnant woman. With the twins, I was required by my physician, to ensure adequate growth of the twins as to not endanger their lives nor mine, to receive an ultrasound at almost every visit. However, my insurance company, had I consulted with the evil cash cows prior to all my visits, would have have informed me of a SINGLE ultrasound during my entire pregnancy with the twins. They deemed the pregnancy “a standard and healthy position” whereas my OB/GYN clearly felt otherwise. So if I was more diligent and money conscious, I would have declined myself receiving all the necessary care because my insurance company did not want to cover nor pay for ADEQUATE COVERAGE of the welfare of myself and my in utero children. But what happened? I paid. Through the teeth. My boob job cost less than my prenatal care and delivery of my twins. In fact, for what I paid for the twins, I could have gotten Botox, tummy tuck and lipo!

I am angry that our country thinks so poorly of our citizens. We bitch and piss and moan about taxes but will pay $1000 a month for that (*add southern drawl) Cummins Turbo Diesel One Ton with the dual rear wheels…..boy and she sure is PURTY, also pay as much in premiums for a family healthcare coverage, but live in a single wide trailer that is in shambles. Or worse yet, you are a $140,000 a year annual salaried, public official who has the best damn care in the nation with a $35 copay to any physician in the United States. Really? Suck on this.

I am frustrated that we do not see that people who do not have coverage COST our country money in taxes anyway. They cost money in healthcare coverage because they cannot afford to pay because physicians and hospitals charge an arm and a leg to make up the difference for people who have coverage and the insurance pays and those who are self-pay and cannot afford to do so. I am irked that our country is not about our country but more about, “What have you done for me lately? What about me?” Well what about US!? Pardon my patriotism here but what about others?

Why is healthcare about a woman’s right to choose? Why are we so worried about taxes and not how this could save us money in the long haul? Why are we not thinking about the men, women, and children who are DYING because they have to choose between “Should I go to the doctor or just suck it up and stay at my shit paying job to try to keep putting food on the table for my family.”  How have we let the debate become so heated that people unfollow each other on Twitter, name call, and claim our country is going in the shitter.

Last I checked people…we were swimming in feces WAY before the healthcare bill. Unfollow or unsubscribe to me all you want. I am Swiss when it comes to the healthcare debate, but I feel that EVERYONE, no matter your income levels, geographic location, pre-existing conditions, political and religious affiliation should be  offered a level of healthcare coverage. If that is so wrong then unfollow, unsubscribe or better yet…do what this winner did.

Ya…you can suck this! Give me Healthcare reform FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, not the overpaid fat cats golfing with Tiger Woods and betting with Michael Vick. Blowhards.

And now….back to your regular scheduled programming.


Have you met the people who blog? I haven’t. I have met them through their beautiful writings, tweets, Vlogs, emails, and IM’s. Through these people I have seen beauty and strength. I have to say that bloggers are some of the coolest people around. Pat yourselves on the back, cheer, hoorah, because really I know that I am in the presence of greatness with some of the coolest, most genuine people. I am also super dooper UBER thankful for all the kind words, thoughts, prayers, kudos, MoJo, etc for myself during this time and for my family.

Seriously….some of the nicest and greatest people ever! You folks are awesome!

Now as a token….who wants to take a day off and come guest post? I would love to have some guest posts!

Passing Out Love

Chadley had lunch today with some of our favorite people. One of which is still trying to convert us for half price Sunday’s and 50% off our annual tithings (not bad!) and the other told Chad he gets all his gossip from my blog!! WOO HOO! That is a productive lunch! So here is a shout out from your Neighborhood Common-Law Mormons, the Herring’s, to:

The Jarvis’ and My Mowers

Check them out and their beautiful families!

Another shout out as well to my BIL who finally hit adulthood! Way to go Brentley, Happy Birthday! Welcome to being 30! Go check out my BIL’s beautiful wife, my sister, Mrs. Greer!

Finally, to my SIL and my brother. My brother who finally communicated to me personally…after I don’t know how long of always talking to his wife! Love you Chris and Nic! See you guys Sat!