Republicans for Healthcare Reform

Shall I duck and hide now? Let my colors show that I am a red-blooded American, but I am a true idealist, optimist, realist. Tonight, since as I am writing this, the night is still Sunday night, I watched on live television the passing of the bill for healthcare reform to go to the president to sign.

At the exact same time I was Google Talking with the hubs, on Twitter, and watching my Monday Mingles. (Holla!) But I have to say that Twitter is what really got me. I guffawed at many who let their beliefs drive those for whom they associate, clearly blinded by their own ignorance to agree to disagree to individual beliefs and opinions. I eavesdropped, if you can do such a thing on Twitter, into conversations regarding why NOT to pass the bill. My curiosity was winning my better judgment to avoid an such conversations. But my bold lioness prodding drove me right into the belly of the #hcr beast!

I wrote some months ago about how The Chad and I were declined coverage. I was heated, and while I am stout on my opinion I am even more stout to listen to those who HAVE healthcare coverage and tell me I am a mooch, looking for a handout, or that I am a Marxist Socialist in favor of this bill. Because those spatting off about “no more land of the free” and “I’m paying for others abortions” could not be more of a load of horse shit. Here’s why!

The whole thought of America becoming a socialist country is minutiae. Healthcare is one, ONE, option in your “socialist” ideals. Really, anyone who claims socialism wouldn’t know a socialist country if they landed in one off their 747 American Airlines jumbo jet sporting Ray Bans.  Seriously, socialism at its core exists in this country right NOW! To claim “socialism” is clearly some one didn’t pay too much attention to detail in 8th grade civics. Okay…sorry that was harsh, but come on…Google it.

The abortion issue…pissed me RIGHT OFF! Why? Because you have a Republican (*cough…I am one by the way) gospel blow holing the Bible and abortions in the same sentence, but you know damn well that Republican is a substantial supporter of corporal punishment, better known as “Americans For Public Hanging’s Y’All.” Well is that not a pretty paradox wrapped in an enigma. But the conservatives eat this up like caviar from a whale killed off by global warming.

My take on healthcare (since I am not a politician and I get heated by politics and the double talk bullshit that I thank Bill Maher for entertaining me about every Friday night) is that health insurance companies SHOULD NOT, WILL NOT, dictate who and who does not get coverage and the level of coverage and care. Which by the way is FUCKING SOCIALIST by definition. Sorry. I digress.

I say this as a mother, woman, and family who has been dictated to regarding healthcare. I have been a high risk pregnant woman. With the twins, I was required by my physician, to ensure adequate growth of the twins as to not endanger their lives nor mine, to receive an ultrasound at almost every visit. However, my insurance company, had I consulted with the evil cash cows prior to all my visits, would have have informed me of a SINGLE ultrasound during my entire pregnancy with the twins. They deemed the pregnancy “a standard and healthy position” whereas my OB/GYN clearly felt otherwise. So if I was more diligent and money conscious, I would have declined myself receiving all the necessary care because my insurance company did not want to cover nor pay for ADEQUATE COVERAGE of the welfare of myself and my in utero children. But what happened? I paid. Through the teeth. My boob job cost less than my prenatal care and delivery of my twins. In fact, for what I paid for the twins, I could have gotten Botox, tummy tuck and lipo!

I am angry that our country thinks so poorly of our citizens. We bitch and piss and moan about taxes but will pay $1000 a month for that (*add southern drawl) Cummins Turbo Diesel One Ton with the dual rear wheels…..boy and she sure is PURTY, also pay as much in premiums for a family healthcare coverage, but live in a single wide trailer that is in shambles. Or worse yet, you are a $140,000 a year annual salaried, public official who has the best damn care in the nation with a $35 copay to any physician in the United States. Really? Suck on this.

I am frustrated that we do not see that people who do not have coverage COST our country money in taxes anyway. They cost money in healthcare coverage because they cannot afford to pay because physicians and hospitals charge an arm and a leg to make up the difference for people who have coverage and the insurance pays and those who are self-pay and cannot afford to do so. I am irked that our country is not about our country but more about, “What have you done for me lately? What about me?” Well what about US!? Pardon my patriotism here but what about others?

Why is healthcare about a woman’s right to choose? Why are we so worried about taxes and not how this could save us money in the long haul? Why are we not thinking about the men, women, and children who are DYING because they have to choose between “Should I go to the doctor or just suck it up and stay at my shit paying job to try to keep putting food on the table for my family.”  How have we let the debate become so heated that people unfollow each other on Twitter, name call, and claim our country is going in the shitter.

Last I checked people…we were swimming in feces WAY before the healthcare bill. Unfollow or unsubscribe to me all you want. I am Swiss when it comes to the healthcare debate, but I feel that EVERYONE, no matter your income levels, geographic location, pre-existing conditions, political and religious affiliation should be  offered a level of healthcare coverage. If that is so wrong then unfollow, unsubscribe or better yet…do what this winner did.

Ya…you can suck this! Give me Healthcare reform FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, not the overpaid fat cats golfing with Tiger Woods and betting with Michael Vick. Blowhards.

And now….back to your regular scheduled programming.

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  1. Oh Karie…you girl, crack me up. I’m a very left wing person. Something has to change…I mean, how the hell is it okay for a guy to get Viagra on insurance, yet as a woman I have to jump through hoops to get my birth control paid for. Seriously, that’s f*cked up.

    1. Sky…I hear you! I am conservative now after having kids and thus growing older but GOOD GALL…something has to give for sure! They actually pay for men to get hard at age 60+ plus god forbid we are saving ourselves (in addition to the nation) by NOT bringing ANOTHER child into this world and they tell us that the choice is optional and out of policy. WTF!? I ROYALLY HATE INSURANCE companies…I could do a whole blog on how they bend you over with no lube.


  2. Okay Karie, you know I love ya! But darlin’ I am southern through and through. Hell, I stopped in Southern New Jersey just to stay southern! LOL So please ease up a little on the southern puns there. As for the healthcare bill…my one HUGE problem with the healthcare bill is that I feel like if it is good enough for us to have then why the hell aren’t the Congressmen, President, and Senate using it as well? Aren’t they suppose to lead through example? I know what you mean about the ultrasounds with the twins, same here. Except I was lucky. Our insurance never gave us a problem about them and we only paid (no kidding) $3000 for both of the twins medical expenses. And I have to hit the abortion note…I am against it, but think that it is useful in CERTAIN situations. Why? Because there are so many people out there who want to have a baby and can’t! Because these girls spread their legs willingly and didn’t worry about getting knocked up beforehand! Because babies are precious. But then (I know I am a conundrum) you have women and young girls who are raped and it would emotionally scar them for life to carry out that pregnancy. Or the baby that is dying and killing the mother along with it. Or the baby that is sooo deformed it wouldn’t have any kind of life. When we started handing out morning after pills and making it so our 16 yr old daughters could go get an abortion without a parent there to consent, we quit making our children be accountable for the choices they make. Do I want my daughter to come home pregnant. No. I’ll kill the boy responsible, and then I’ll place her in a nice locked room to keep me from hurting her! But it is our job to tell them about the choices out there. It is our job as parents to make them see there are consequences and if they choose to act recklessly then they are going to have to pay the price. Yeah, there is a spot for abortion. But not because you screwed up and got screwed, found out you got knocked up, and then decided you can’t deal with it and don’t want it.

    BTW- I’d never unsubscribe or unfollow. I LURVE you and I think your PURTY!

    1. Brandi I sent you an email and please DO NOT think for one moment I was being cruel in any way. I never meant to offend. I was merely channeling the boys in the hood type…aka the white hoods who act so superior but I feel are rather ignorant. But aside from that I agree that abortion has its place; medical necessity to save lives, medical necessity because of a failed pregnancy and the body is not expelling on its own (we know it as a D & C in the hospital….same term for an abortion), I think also because of as you mentioned rape, incest, ick….but I think that abortions HAVE to be by parental consent if under the age of 18 PERIOD! Or at least an adult that is considered a guardian. I think that abortion truly is up to a woman, if she made a mistake shame on her especially if she knows the man (or boy) will not be around and she will be angry and end up resenting that child for the rest of her life. That is NO LIFE for a child to be raised and born under resentment and anger and go unloved. That is more damning I think than abortion.

      But you have these slags who lay on their backs time and time and time again and YES, those are the ones who ruin the “women’s choice” for the rest of them. I tell you what I will put the EVER LIVING FEAR OF GOD into my daughter the way my mother did me about getting pregnant at 16. I think as parents and educaters they need to educate these kids more…its not about sex….they understand that…its the emotional side of what really goes on that they don’t get so they get knocked up thinking “Oh, he’ll love me forever”

      Woman….I would never quit you! xoxo

      1. I didn’t really take any offense Karie! I just had to pick on you a bit. Love what you said to Sky about “bending us over with no lube”. Now I gotta go change my darn pants again!

        1. Brandi, I know You were jabbing me….but I really never mean to offend anyone. I am so off the cuff and brash with my honesty that sometimes…I can offend with chI never intend to do since I am all about personal respect.

          Oh and you like that eh? Yeah I don’t hold back much. LOL ((HUGS))

  3. It’s really interesting to watch it. I’m not sure how anyone in their right mind can possibly believe that A) healthcare isn’t something everyone should be entitled to… and that B) The founding fathers were against immigration.

    But you’re very right. What kind of people only associate with like-minded people? Those who are WEAK-MINDED.
    It got so bad that I said, “It’s interesting watching all of you loonies get swept up in this debate” And got unfollowed by a whack load of people who were seriously offended. And I didn’t even SAY what I believed.

    I guess, being Canadian, it’s fairly obvious. As we’ve had public healthcare all my life. And while you may have to wait a little while… Every sick person gets what they need. I don’t pay a dime when I go to the hospital. Low income people get help with their medication.
    I understand people being Pissed that they’re never going to use this social programming. The people who had the money to use the system the way it was designed. But how can one, even in that position, want to stand idly by while poor people go untreated?
    In a place such as America, so rich as America, no one should be suffering while others are so well off. Greed is just UGLY.
    You know what I mean?

    1. Wahoo a Canadian! LOL You know this must be so interesting as an outsider for you to watch. I look at the US as the daytime soap opera of the world. We have so much drama and we act so self-absorbed its rather comedic. Granted we have our aid efforts but is that for celebrity or for true charity?

      The thing with America is they think that everyone wants a hand out when really, all we want is equality for basic needs and our country is so hell bent on hard work and working to get there but no one wants to offer that first step of hard work to get it like a JOB. Like adequate healthcare and coverage. So sad how we are willing to sell our souls to the devil to make a million, but we would never sacrifice of ourselves to be an angel for just a moment, which would last a lifetime for that one individual’s life.

  4. Well, to touch on another note, the difference between abortion and corporal punishment is that babies didn’t ask to be made and criminals got themselves to the point they are at by doing something really bad. I mean if you have the death penalty then you most likely killed someone or something equally as bad. I also have crap insurance. I can’t even go to my doctor to have a yearly physical because our insurance doesn’t cover preventative care so I haven’t been to my gyn since Blaze was born 2.5 yrs ago. I can’t afford it. But that being said, I do not agree with this healthcare bill. I have pre-existing conditions. i have PCOS, Insulin resistance, and a mild form of epilepsy. You would think I would be all over it but I don’t like it. I don’t think everything about it is bad but I do not appreciate the way the bill was shoved down the throats of our country when you look at all the polls out there and see that the majority did not want it. I think there needs to be reform but I think Glamobama went about this the wrong way. I have no problem with people of differing opinions and would never unfollow you because you believe differently so I hope you will be equal with me on that…lol.

    1. Shana, I love that people weigh in. I am one to agree to disagree and drop the subject if people are offended or become angry with my stance and the same for them as well. I feel that our Founding Fathers created our nation with endless possibilities. Not for us to get wrapped up in Biblical rapture and bureaucratic nonsense. I agree that maybe the government did act a bit hastily, but I can see why they did it. We shall see how the plot unravels in the coming months. Thank you so mcuh for sharing woman!

  5. Girl, you are a trip. I love it, though. I do think we all should be able to have health insurance. It’s not cool when my hard working husband has a GOVERNMENT job, yet health insurance and dental (God help us if we want dental) are so expensive that you may as well give your whole paycheck to it. Don’t feel bad about being blocked. Many-a folks have blocked me. Oh well. LOL Love ya!

    1. T-Wife! You know what woman…this country amazes me. We fork out an arm and a leg for income tax that is divvied into paying back out national debt and for federal programs so why not make healthcare one of them?! Then we could eliminate all these OUTRAGEOUS differences in varying premiums per employer based on who is providing kick backs and what have you. It’s a racket!

      I am so happy so many of you have weighed in on this….I love America and my blog because of so many women, intelligent women weighing in on this subject and can share their views with me and everyone is respectful. I love it!

  6. I am with you in the fact that this country already revels of socialism we just call it other wise. I am a divorcee who had to go out and by a crap policy in 07 so I could have health care …My premiums are up 3 times and coverage down 4 so yes congress make your move but make it one you would use…Amen

    1. Adrienne, I am so glad someone else sees this and not just me! Our family too had to go out and shop for a policy and were declined. We were also informed of 15% hikes every year after the first year for our premiums. Something wrong there! But the corporate policies with employers…yeah those are fixed because they are getting a HUGE kick back from large companies with LOTS of employees and some SICK and or over weight employees taxing the health care system. The whole thing is a total racket.

  7. My two cents…the current (well, pre-this law being passed) needs change. However, I’m not sure this is the change that we need. I don’t like how it was rushed through and nobody could tell you every.single.thing that was in it.

  8. Karie… man I love you! Here’s my thing… and get ready to spit whatever you are drinking out at the screen. I am the most CLUELESS person when it comes to politics. My eyes glaze over, and I just get a migraine listening to them… so I choose not to.

    Yesterday I started reading things on FB and twitter and finally asked.. what’s going on? I’ve stopped watching the news, because at this time in my life I don’t want to dwell on it all.

    I don’t know anything about this health care thing, but I do know that there are people that can’t afford health care, yet get denied by medicare ~ so I’m extremely happy for them.

  9. Karie, you are something, and I love that pic BTW 🙂

    On the abortion issue they were all heated up on… besides rape and incest which would be detrimental to a womans mental well being, and a D&C, women who have ectopic pregnancies are classified as having had abortions. So, with the Feds not paying for ‘abortions’ just what the hell is a woman bleeding to death supposed to do?

    I hope hope hope that the medical profession is able to code it so it is funded.Some of it is crazy- the way they were referring to abortions was like it was a recreational procedure!

    1. A FREAKING MEN Ellen! You know I have had two D & C procedures…technically “abortions”

      1. I had an ectopic pregnancy, if not for that I would have bled to death just as you said. AND 2. I had a pregnancy in my uterus that did not take due to complications with the ectopic. I am just amazed that they make abortion to seem like its a binger where eh…lets go screw till we pass out and then abort everything. Maybe there are women like that and maybe there aren’t. Either way…the government and or any other person making a decision for a woman, her body, etc is not our place, nor anyone elses place. HA HA, yeah I was doing my mingle and felt like taking a few goofy pics! LOL

  10. I think the comments here might be more entertaining than the post in the first place!

    So.. my husband is so very aware and even scary with his views about the current health reform stuff.. I’ve basically tuned it out (I’m with Amanda on this one… the less i know…) bad huh? But to me it’s like the whole election process anymore. What is the deal with america being split right down the middle on EVERY single issue these days? There are no in-betweeners??

    Which seems crazy? I am the biggest inbetweener you’ll ever find. I can hear the arguments on both sides and honestly understand them each and agree with both and disagree with both. Maybe that makes me a fence sitter. But.. is that a bad thing?

    My husband has diabetes. This has meant for 15 years we have lived in absolute terror that we might not at some point or another have full insurance. It means he can never go out on his own, live the great american dream so to speak. Insurance dictates our lives. My first baby cost I kid you not… $16. And that was all co-pays for the damn prenatal vitamins. The meal my husband sneaked into the hospital for me from McDonald’s cost more than our co-pays at the time. I worked for a hospital group at the time. He was a law student.
    Next baby, under $100 in copays and such. (but astronomical monthly amounts from the paycheck)
    last baby, same thing.

    Current insurance we pay less out of pocket monthly, but the deductible is so high we live in fear of a broken arm or other small child disaster.. let’s not talk about a large disaster.

    My point? I don’t have one. We all have insurance woes. And there definitely is a need to fix the current system. It ain’t workin’ for any of us. The INSURED or the uninsured.

    Believe it or not, I have faith that the government will figure it all out. I’m told much of the ‘changes’ will start taking effect slowly over 4-5 years or so?? And watch Bill Maher on the weekend. You couldn’t torture me with anything worse. Something is wrong with me, I can’t watch that stuff. maybe because my husband eats drinks and breathes it?? I dunno.

    signed. your loving fence sitting pal… 🙂
    I love America Where we can shout our mind and still wake up the next morning safe and free. 🙂

  11. Okay, I can say that I don’t really give a flip either way about the HCR. We’ve been denied private insurance because of my husband’s weight on more than one occasion. But our great hillbilly state of Oklahoma (yee-haw) offers a health insurance program called O-Epic, (not much more than glorified mediciaid) that is state funded, and offered to self-employed, or lower-income families. It’s only for adults, but for around $100.00 a month it’s not really too bad. $10 co-pay for office visits, and prescriptions are $5 for generic. Um, you can’t really beat that crap! No problems with pre-existing conditions either.

    P.S. We qualify due to self-employment, and we are tax-payers.

    So, that being said, if Obama’s HCR can beat them apples, then I’m on it. Whatevs.

    Cause, you know it is a “BIG Effing Deal!!!”

    1. I know right….I am thinking of changing my card to the Green Party this year. I’m conservative and believe in family values….but am liberal when it comes tot human rights and thinking. I heart you woman.

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