Richard Scarry BusyTown Mysteries

I recently had the opportunity from One2OneNetwork to review the Richard Scarry series of BusyTown Mysteries on CBS Saturday Mornings (schedule and local air times in your area HERE). To be quite honest I had never heard of Richard Scarry, let alone BusyTown Mysteries but if CBS felt the series of childhood books worthy to air for children then I knew I had to take a gander.

Plus what can I say, Michelle @ One2One rocks and she wondered why I wasn’t in on the campaign…and I cannot let them down right? I mean they have the coolest reviews that in my opinion are family fun and friendly. (Love you guys!) Okay enough of my schmoozing.

I literally just received the disc and Big G and I popped the DVD in to watch the thirty minute program, comprised of two 11-minute stories per episode. I thought it was great! Very reminisce or Sesame Street, late 70s early 80s TV programming. You know the programming I am speaking of, the ones we all grew up on that were just great shows! Nothing mind numbing and at times painful like SpongeBob. While I like SpongeBob and Patrick one liners, definitely not a cartoon for children.

We watched BusyTown Mysteries all the way to the end and Grant wanted to watch again. And again. And again. Until I finally told him that the show is on Saturday’s so we set up the DVR to record just for him. Could you tell he liked the show? I know I did and he was head over heels. He even knew “GoldBug” one of the beloved Richard Scarry characters. I began to wonder how he was so familiar and fond of “GoldBug” and then while cleaning for the day shortly after they watched the movie I found this:

If you look quite closely you will see this is an ORIGINAL Richard Scarry book! The beloved characters of GoldBug, Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm in the books and the series are lead by these cute and lovable characters. The book, copyright of 1974, is my husband’s book from when he was a child. So imagine my surprise when The Chad saw the show and was like “OH HEY! GoldBug!” Just like Big G, my dear husband also shares a love and special place for Richard Scarry characters and stories in his life. In fact, Richard Scarry’s books have sold over 150 million copies and have been translated into 30 languages over the last 40 years (, 2009), so you can imagine how many different generations have grown up on these wonderful books.
The Scarry book that is losing her binding and a treasure in our home is Cars and Trucks and Things That Go and my boys LOVE this book, so I was enamored at the fact that the series would be a big winner in my house, especially if The Chad will watch with Big G, great bonding time for them.
If you kids are more interactive Busytown also entertains and educates fans at home with the fun, interactive website where kids can explore different neighborhoods in Busytown, interact with the Busytown characters and play 14 games and activities designed for preschoolers, including interactive games, a Fan Club and “My First Email,” which lets little ones email their progress to pre-approved friends and family addresses (, 2009)
Thank you One2OneNetwork and CBS programming for providing me with a copy of the series to view with my family, I am so glad they were already fans and now I am as well!

Five for Fighting AUTOGRAPHED CD Giveaway

If every album provides snapshots of where an artist’s mind at heart is at the moment, Slice, the latest offering from John Ondrasik (aka Five for Fighting), is a collection of digital jpegs and faded Polaroids. The album takes stories of friends, family and even American servicemen, and sets them to music shot through with the spirit of the great songs of his youth. It’s a diary, or a blog, in which Ondrasik speaks his mind about current issues, experiences and sentiments, while setting those thoughts to piano, bass and drums. [Source: One2OneNetwork]

If you loved Superman you will love this album (in my opinion of course). If you really liked 100 Years, you will REALLY like this album (again, in my opinion). Some albums are made where you like only a handful of songs, they resonate with you because of a time in your life, an event, some meaning is hidden in the words that shoots through your emotions. Five for Fighting has created an album (again in my opinion) that each song represents an event in our country, our lives, our emotions are touched. Some songs on the album make you want to get up and dance, cry, laugh at a memory, or just smirk. Here are the fabulous tracks to this new album:

1. Slice
2. Note To The Unknown Soldier
3. Tuesday
4. Chances
5. This Dance
6. Above The Timberline
7. Transfer
8. Hope
9. Story Of Your Life
10. Love Can’t Change The Weather
11. Augie Nieto

Now if you are like and love to catch music LIVE, RAW, IN CONCERT!!! Well here are the show dates for Five for Fighting, where you can catch them in a live performance with your favorite songs and the new releases off Slice.
24-Oct                          Washington, DC                                   Jammin Java
26-Oct                          Boston, MA                                         The Paradise
27-Oct                          Philadelphia, PA                                   World Café Live (downstairs)
29-Oct                          Nashville, TN                                       The Belcourt
30-Oct                          Chicago, IL                                           Lakeshore
3-Nov                           Salt Lake City, UT                                The State Room
5-Nov                           Seattle, WA                                          Crocodile
6-Nov                           Portland, OR                                       Aladdin Theater
10-Nov                         San Francisco, CA                              Swedish American Hall
11-Nov                         Los Angeles, CA                                 Largo at the Coronet

If you have caught a “slice” of the new album then here is your opportunity to win it and enjoy for yourself, and what is even better, this is a great collectors item with the AUTOGRAPHED CD and hey, maybe a great gift for someone else to enjoy too!

The skinny on entering to win a copy of Slice:

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  • Tell me how music has been a “slice” in your life.


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(Album Slice was provided on behalf of One2OneNetwork for promotional purposes)


Brandi Carlile: Give Up the Ghost Album Review

Fall has to be the best time of year! Tons of great media out at this time of year. Seriously, I will say it again, all the great TV shows are back on for fall, movies in time for Thanksgiving, and the music scene is EXPLODING!

Speaking of exploding, have you heard Brandi Carlile? I had not heard of her name to be quite honest, but her sound was familiar. The awesome folks at One2OneNetwork provided me with a download so that I could see hear for myself what Brandi is all about. And I tell you once I heard her music she reminded me of the young, breakout sounds of Sarah McLachlan. Brandi has such a fun, unique, soulful sound with emotional lyrics, she has her own style that is just absolutely,,, Karie Herring

I love her songs “Looking Out” and “Dying Day.” I have them in my iPod when I go jogging every night because each has a great beat, a makes you want to move rhythm, not to mention the beats per minute are perfect for boosting your cardio! She also has some really great slow ballads that emote strong emotion, but I am a feeler, I feel my music. I don’t just listen to my music because music is life in our house.

Speaking of life and music, maybe you recognize Brandi’s sound? Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? (Waving hand WILDLY!!) Yes, Brandi has been a featured track artist for the show along with several commercials, so if you recognize her, your favorite fall show is where you have heard her wonderful music. But don’t take my word on how rocking this girl is with her funky country, rock, pop sound and her soulful, emotion filled music. Find out more about Brandi and her new album “Give Up the Ghost” in the Brandi Carlile newsletter.

Here is her current track list for “Give Up the Ghost”:
Looking Out
Dying Day
Pride And Joy
That Year
Before It Breaks
I Will
If There Was No You
Touching The Ground
Oh Dear

 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

At Home with Friends: Joshua Bell album

This week has been so fabulous for me because I celebrated my nine year wedding anniversary and I got to do it in a really fabulous way. I know, can you tell I love to use FABULOUS!

So the week started off with reviewing and holding a giveaway for the new Harry Connick Jr. CD “Your Songs” which is heavenly. I love anything HCJ, he reminds me a lot of Sinatra, Van Morrison, just awesome. Then as the week progressed I got a chance to review the AWESOME sounds of Joshua Bell.

If you have never heard of Joshua Bell, go, go now and Google, get him on iTunes, buy his CD. I am a music snob and his music is really right up my alley. He is a violinist for starters. I am a violinist. *GASP. I know, who would have thought this snarky mom of three would play the violin, let alone like any artist that plays themselves. I grew up attending The Nutcracker Suite productions with a full orchestra, I have gone to the symphony (and am that snob in full applause at the end), I am a HUGE classics fan.

So when the ladies at One2OneNetwork asked if anyone wanted to reivew Joshua Bell’s new CD, I was scrambling to make sure my  hyperlink was clicking as fast as it could! I love his music. The violin, folks, is one of the most emotional and powerful instruments I personally have ever heard and to hear this man play the way he does is absolutely magical. My kids when they heard his music were like the children from that Lowe’s commerical with the green paint, at ease.

His new CD which became available on September 29th is JAM packed with other phenomenal artists. Imagine the divine singings of the violin strings with Josh Groban, Sting (SWOON! BIG BIG SWOON!), Regina Spektor, and Sergei Rachmaninoff (classics composer in case you didn’t know).

If you thought a date night with Harry was great….MOVE ON OVER! The music of Joshua Bell is a serenade, but don’t feel pressure to take my word for it.

Oh and he was on The Tonight Show last night, I happened to miss because I was listening to him at home for my anniversary. Thank you! But even better if you missed him on The Tonight Show if you happen to live in the Chicago area, he will be ON TOUR! Yes catch this violinist master at his best at Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center in Chicago. But don’t fret, you can still catch him on TV for the following days:

Better TV – October. 6
WNET Sunday Arts – October 11th between 12 and 3 PM .
Tavis Smiley on PBS check your local listings at – October 5th
WGN TV Noon News – October 8th at 12:00 noon

Here is a little about Joshua’s album and music:

The album covers all of the genres, from classical to pop, bluegrass to Broadway, jazz and ethnic World Music. There are even a couple of seasonal tracks just in time to celebrate the holidays.

Joshua Bell is a Grammy Award winning violinist and performed on the Oscar winning soundtrack for Best Score to the film The Red Violin. Joshua attended Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music where he recently returned as a senior lecturer. 

You don’t need me to tell you anymore, go listen for yourself on his website and be sure to tell the ladies and gents at One2OneNetwork thanks for the recommendation on some superb music! I know I am grateful to listen to Joshua’s new album over and over until the next one comes out.

Harry Connick, Jr. Your Songs; Review and Giveaway

It’s Friday night, you and your hubs are planning a great evening out! You have a babysitter lined up, the kids are primed, you take your time applying your makeup and getting ready when the worst happens.
The babysitter cancels.
What is a dressed up girl to do? Well why ruin a perfectly good date night!
If you can’t take yourself out on a date with your husband let the date come to you!
My DH and I love to have a date night in when we can. Maybe grill some steaks, bust out the wine and best of all, the MUSIC!! To me, I think that music can transcend moments in time and set the mood, especially on a date.
Now the music can vary depending on the evening but I will tell you that the best date night and mood music is bar none Harry Connick Jr. His voice to me is like a lullaby, soothing, romantic, and just has a way to put you at ease and get you moving all at the same time. He has that make you melt like butter voice. So you can imagine how awesome his new CD “Your Songs” is to listen to on a date or even an evening where you want to relax, unwind, and enjoy since he sings some fabulous classics.
The folks of the One2OneNetwork are helping to promote the new album and I was lucky to get a copy before the release date of September 22nd and I love it! Not only for a date night but also because after a long day with the kids, listening to an absolutely beautiful man singing in my ear is heavenly.
Some of the classics Harry Connick Jr. performs are “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel, “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack, and “All the Way” by the extraordinary Frank Sinatra. These classics coupled with Harry’s style and grace, a full jazz big band and string orchestra put you in such a wonderful mood and some of them make you want to get and dance!
Now if you love Harry as much as I do (in the music sense…..though he is delicious looking, has a wonderful sense about him and I would be a wet noodle if I ever met him) you can catch his upcoming TV appearances promoting his new album. For those of you who want to catch this delicious dish talking about his new album and performing tune in on these dates:
  • 9/25 – Oprah “Live Friday”
  • 9/28 – Today Show
  • 9/29 – The View
  • 9/30 – Imus in the Morning
  • 9/30 – Letterman
  • 10/1 – Today Show
  • Week of 10/5 – Rachael Ray
 If you want more info on Harry and One2OneNetwork you can sign up for the newsletter or heck…you can just read the deets to enter to WIN a copy of his new CD.
That’s right, courtesy of One2OneNetwork and to promote Harry Connick Jr’s new album, I get to give a lucky reader a copy of the new CD “Your Songs” to enjoy in your home and maybe on your date night. Do you want to win? Here are the deets:
To Enter this Giveaway:
  • Tell me why you want to win the “Your Songs” CD
  • Do you prefer Harry the singer or Harry the actor (since he is so multi-talented)
  • Follow my blog or tell me you already do (bottom of the page)
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What are you doing still reading?? 
Oh right…the contest ends October 9th 2009.
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