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One of the most important pieces of gear we can ever invest monies towards is a car seat and the safety of our children in cars. However, along with car seats and infants, toddlers, and young children is the falling asleep factor. All three of my kids are great passengers, they can fall asleep in a matter of minutes in the car. But here is the problem:
Ah yes, the slouching head. They do it from the time they are born and as mothers we do everything we can from the time they are in infant carriers until they are old enough to not be in a car seat where they can prop their heads on their own.So over at TwitterMom’s we had the opportunity to review this great product from Melrose Kids called the Head Snuggler. Here is what Melrose Kids is all about:

Melrose Kids is a company focused on making things more comfortable for kids and just a bit easier for parents. Take a look at our products and check back often as we are always working on new ideas to add comfort to children’s lives and peace of mind to parents. We, at Melrose Kids, believe that parents are full of wonderful ideas but just don’t know how to get them off the ground. Well, you too can be an entrepreneur! If you have a great idea, get in touch with us. We’ll work hard to get your idea developed and on the market (with your direction, of course) and the best part is, we’ll pay you a royalty for every one sold! We’re a family company for families!

What did the Fish Family think about this?
To be honest, upon my first thought was “How awesome… how does it work?” Then when I let the information digest I began to think….”well how tight is it, will it really pull hard on my kids’ heads, can it cause choking in the event it falls too low…..etc etc.”

I have been meaning to do this review for some time, but lately….the kids just haven’t slept in the car!! And NO WAY was I going to do a review without really testing out the goods….I mean talk about false advertising. Sheesh.

Anyway, the Seth-en-stein finally fell asleep in the car. He is the worst for falling asleep and the slouch, Little Bitty is smaller and more agile, so she snuggles into her car seat without the slouch.

Here is a video that I snagged of Seth-en-stein sleeping in the car with the Head Snuggler. Now please bear with the video since I was driving and “attempting” to record the boy sleeping and how well the Head Snuggler really works!! I even turned a corner and you will see how I was jostled around while driving and recording and he.stayed.put!

Like I said, I was very skeptical about the product and the overall effectiveness. In fact, I almost gave up on trying to do the review because my kids were not falling asleep in the car. But low and behold….a day presented itself and VOILA! Kids are sleeping and Head Snuggler review here I come!! Seth-en-stein had no idea it was on his head, he would rub a tad, but not like he was trying to pull it off, just that maybe it was itchy in one spot and needed adjusting. The installation is super easy peasy too. You slide it over whatever you are going to use it on…a chair, a stroller, car seat and there are pre-cut holes for fishing the seat belt straps through depending on how the Head Snuggler installs with your car and car seat. I do have to say that if you plan on using it when they immediately fall asleep….I would say have a second person in the car. I was lucky to be at the bank drive thru when he passed out so I just pulled it over his head and he was put in place and no worries about slumping over and cricking his neck.

You can buy the Head Snuggler online and in select stores in Canada right now. Total bummer about only in Canada…but super that we can order online for US residents! The price is $20.99 plus a great low price for shipping. They also come in four fashionable and neutral styles for your kids: green with polka dots, green with purple bears (which is what I have), brown with brown bears and brown with blue bears.
I have to say that this is a great investment for any parent who hates the neck slumping and I think it worked just as they said it would.

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  1. I always hated when my son's head would slouch! Is this product safe for infants as well? I was wondering if this would work since my daughter's car seat still faces backwards. I'll check out their website. Worth a look since I still have slouchers from time to time! Thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. LOL! How cool! My poor little guy always looks so uncomfortable when he falls asleep in his seat. I'll have to look into this one!

  3. My daughter always falls asleep with her head like that, I hate it! What a great idea, I'm definitely going to be looking into this! Following you from MBC, love your blog!

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