4 Documents Newlyweds Should Consider

Getting married can be a wonderful event in someone’s life. There is usually a lot of planning and preparation involved, even for simple ceremonies. It can be easy for newlyweds to dwell on the immediate needs of the wedding and taking care of the things that need to happen immediately afterward, like filing name change paperwork or combining bank accounts. However, there are important legal documents that should be considered by newlyweds so that they can have peace of mind in the case of any emergencies.

1. Power of Attorney 

There are different types of power of attorney that can be granted to people. Depending on the circumstances, someone may be needed to take temporary or permanent control over medical or financial affairs. It is a good idea to have the documentation looked over by a lawyer, as they can assist in determining what would work best for the individual situation. If anything happens later on, they can also give information on how to override power of attorney.

2. Living Will

A living will is a document that can be used in the event of someone becoming somehow incapacitated and unable to let others know how to proceed. It should contain directions regarding what should be done if that person is experiencing something such as terminal illness or is in a persistent vegetative state. Any treatments that are or are not desired should be put into the document and should address a range of possibilities to ensure all potential circumstances are covered.

3. Will 

Adding a spouse to a will can ensure that they have everything they need after the passing of their partner. A lawyer should look over the document so that any loopholes can be spotted, and additional information added as needed. Spouses should discuss their wills and be sure that they agree on the details, especially in regard to who will care for any children in the event that both spouses pass away while the children are still minors.

4. Life Insurance Policy

Any life insurance policies should be looked over, whether they are through an employer or purchased directly by the individual. While some married couples list each other as the only beneficiaries, others may prefer to divide the money differently. Children, siblings or other family members may be added to the policy as desired. Spouses should talk to each other about their life insurance policies to ensure there is enough coverage for the remaining spouse to be live alone comfortably should anything happen.

Deciding to get married to a life partner is a big decision. There are many things that need to be done in order to try to ensure each partner has a good life in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Taking the time to discuss important documents like wills and life insurance policies can help spouses get on the same page about important issues. After the documents have been filed, it is a good idea to revisit them periodically in case any changes have occurred. Keeping documents current is a great way to prevent future confusion or arguments.

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