4 Things to Remember about Family Court Statements

Navigating family court is stressful enough without being complicated by false accusations and overwhelming paperwork to deal with. Documentation can prove or disprove statements made on court documents or during hearings.

Statements Need to be Backed Up

When dealing with the court, it’s no longer good enough to make any statements to the court that have nothing to do with the case and can’t be proven, even if the statements are factual. Pivoting and thinking about what can be documented or proven through third-party mechanisms makes working through family court far more efficient. Slow down and start looking at all of the statements on paper or said at a hearing. Continue reading “4 Things to Remember about Family Court Statements”

Why Consider Estate Planning for a More Secure Future

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Estate planning is not something many of us really want to think about, but it is truly necessary. An estate plan is a set of documents that are legally bound outlining your plan for the distribution of your assets upon your death. Few of us want to think about death, much less our own, but these documents are incredibly important ones to consider. Before you contact a law firm such as Chudleigh Law, consider these points._!–more–>

If you want to be in charge of who inherits your valuables, possessions, and money, you must create an estate plan. This is your opportunity to name a guardian for your children if you pass away before they are adults. These documents outline decisions that you want to be made about your own health, if you are in a state where you cannot make them for yourself. Creating a plan when you are of sound mind to do so ensures you get to say who gets what and prevents any ugliness after your death.

Protect Those You Love

I am sure you have heard plenty of stories about families battling over who gets what valuables when someone passes away. You may even find it surprising what people fight over when someone dies. Items suddenly become more valuable. If you create your own estate plan, you get to make the decisions. If you do not create a plan, the courts most often will decide after many years, a lot of money, and potentially bitter fights. Estate plans are not only for the rich, or those that have a lot of possessions. This type of planning is for everyone that wants to be able to say what happens upon death. It is not enough to verbally promise an item to someone, you must legally document it. That way, when the time comes, there are no questions about what you wanted. 

If you have young children, no matter your age, you need to protect them. With these documents, you say who will care for your children, how, and with what money. If you do not decide this ahead of time, the courts will make the decision. They may not make the decision you would have, so put it down on paper and create a legal document. You can also create individualized plans. If you have a child with special needs, they may need a plan more specific to them and this allows you the ability to do that. You may also have an heir that you do not want to give a lump sum, so you may set up a plan that gives that person a set amount of money per month for a set amount of years. 

Estate Taxes

When you have an estate plan, it can protect your loved ones in ways you have not considered. If you plan how you want your estate divided and you document it, it can reduce the tax liability for your heirs. Estate and inheritance taxes can be incredibly hefty. You may be able to decrease that burden with your documents and planning ahead.

Why People Need Auto Accident Lawyers

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A substantial number of auto accidents happen every day, requiring the involved parties to work out a compensation plan. In some cases, the parties might decide to settle the matter without involving a third party. However, some accidents, such as hit and run or where a person has died or sustained major injuries, might not be easily settled among the parties. Such cases require the parties to file a lawsuit and hence, the need for auto accident lawyers. Continue reading “Why People Need Auto Accident Lawyers”

What To Do if Seeking Legal Compensation

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If you’ve sustained a personal injury due to the actions or negligence of another entity, you may be entitled to compensation. After all, the injury isn’t a result of your own actions, and your life has been affected by it — receiving proper compensation can help make up for the place your life has been negatively impacted. Here are three things you should do if you are seeking to be compensated. Continue reading “What To Do if Seeking Legal Compensation”

4 Documents Newlyweds Should Consider

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Getting married can be a wonderful event in someone’s life. There is usually a lot of planning and preparation involved, even for simple ceremonies. It can be easy for newlyweds to dwell on the immediate needs of the wedding and taking care of the things that need to happen immediately afterward, like filing name change paperwork or combining bank accounts. However, there are important legal documents that should be considered by newlyweds so that they can have peace of mind in the case of any emergencies.

Continue reading “4 Documents Newlyweds Should Consider”

How to Increase the Value of Your Home


Increasing the value of your home is always a good idea. Even if you aren’t planning on selling it anytime soon (or ever), you never know when you might change your mind. And even if you never sell your home, increasing its value will add to the ambiance and comfort you feel there now. Future generations might also benefit from your home’s increased value if you plan to leave it with your children or grandchildren. Continue reading “How to Increase the Value of Your Home”

Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce

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Relationships are complicated. While you might have gotten married thinking that you would be with your spouse until the end of your life, time and circumstances can change matters. If a divorce is on your horizon, there’s going to be a lot of thoughts and emotions swirling around inside of you that will act as distractions. To stay prepared for all that is in store, take a moment to consider these points on how to ready yourself for this big life change. Continue reading “Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce”