A Two and A Three

Time flies is a cliche at her finest. I am no fan of cliches, I think they are overused, lack substance, and well they are easy to use when you have nothing intelligent to say. But in the case of my children, time cannot stand still. Blogging I care not much for these days because let’s face it, spending all my spare time on the computer typing furiously about promoting another product, bashing people because of a lacking self-esteem (ahem), is rather, what would be the word…pathetic, and truly could be worthy of an intervention.

Although I work full-time and my children attend some of the finest educational institutions while I am at said job, my time is well spent with them during the time we are not apart. Soccer games, bike rides, hugs, kisses, coloring, reading, Lego’s and of course the token sibling fights consume the majority of our time. However, I have to stop and take in the sight of my children, survey them as individuals. I then am astonished at how much these beautiful little people have grown, changed, morphed, become more than I could ever dream of for such people that have blessed my life.

In as little as a few weeks the dynamic duo turn three. THREE! I am flabbergasted, astonished really because a time warp has taken place where just yesterday I started my blog while pregnant with the squids. Writing how I was still in denial that I was pregnant with two delicate lives in me, how could this pregnancy happen to me, would I make it, would they be okay.

Today, I write about how I hope they will be okay because may the powers that be protect these two little demons from the mommy wrath since they unloaded all the bath water, cup by cup onto the now flooded bathroom floor. Sigh.

But while I curse them for their behavior and the water and the mess I would never ask anything different. I have not been able to recall my memories of old when life was not consumed by children, their giggles, their screams and whines, and the precious moments of “I love you mom.” Recalling how boring life really was without kids, how I wasted money on frivolous minutiae. As the twin twosome turns three I am pleased to say that at least half of the duo is completely potty trained, ahem Sara….get a move on girly, they can recite their alphabet, count to ten, recall colors randomly, use manner like no one’s business and speak in clear and full sentences.

No let me take that final comment back. The twinsome cannot shut the eff up! I say this with complete love but they are blabber mouths, chatterboxes, motor mouths, these two command your attention when the topic arises. Their memories shadow any elephant, recall is amazing and would defy any statistician. I say this not as their mother, but as someone who is yet again astonished at the beauty and mystique of the growth of young children. How someone so fragile can grow so rapidly to function at a level that sadly most adults cannot operate. But with them turning three we have covered some major milestones that I am so pleased to have experienced in my life and as a parent.

Motherhood does not grant us beauty and serenity in the typical sense, motherhood is also not easy. I found however that anything that is easy in life is not of any value. So while I know these milestones have not been easy, we have experienced some major growing pains together and am thankful for the patience and love of my children as I know as they experience these same milestones with their children in our near future they too will be thankful for the patience and love given to them during those wonderful and thwarting years. I also know I would never ask to change anything about our lives, about my life with them. They are one of my life’s greatest challenges and as those who know me best, know I love a good challenge. With that, I am happy to take on the challenge of some more great years with the troublesome twosome, because I could not imagine life without these beautiful children of mine.

5 Replies to “A Two and A Three”

  1. Happy birthday to your dynamic duo!

    My twinkles just turned one, so I can echo many of your feelings. This year has been a blur, but I would not trade the twin experience for anything. What a priviledge.

    As for those sad, low self esteem people, they will be fine with their #organic kleenexes, crying into their #organic Froot Loops.

  2. Aw, what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your ‘terrible twosome’ 🙂 I haven’t been over in awhile and as I read your post, I’m stuck again by just how eloquent your writing is!

    Anyway, happy 3rd birthday to the twins!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Seth and Sara! My girls just turned 8 and 6. You talk about your motormouths… I swear, they’re not even quiet when they’re sleeping. Isn’t it amazing how much time does pass so quickly when you have little ones in the house? Sometimes it’s the only way in which I can measure time passing at all.

    1. Oh em gee Jenime…have the girls grown that fast?! Man how time has passed woman, I totally agree that is the only way to measure time has passed. I adore you lady. xoxo

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