I Googled Mom

At the dinner table the other night my youngest children began to tell me about how they were looking for images to use as their school email avatar. Realizing how quickly my children have advanced in this age of technology, I was proud and amused at the same time. Until they mentioned how they wanted a particular picture and the method in which they obtained the image online. I Googled Mom, they said.

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The Neighborhood Circle

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Hard to believe that just seventeen months ago our family consolidated our items, packed them into a 51 foot moving van, and set off across the country on a one-way flight. The event seems such a distant memory with much of the details still a bit fuzzy due to the expediency in which everything took place. Life seems so ordinary these days in the circle of our lives; work, school, sports, dinner, relax and bed, only to rinse and repeat each day. With the occasional weekend get together with our new friends in our neighborhood circle. Continue reading “The Neighborhood Circle”

3 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Children

3 Ways to Spend More Quality Time With Your Children

Are you feeling like you do not get to spend enough time with your children? Spending plenty of time with them is important because you want them to know that you love them, are there for them, and enjoy spending as much time as possible with them. However, hectic schedules and busy lives can often make it far more difficult for you to get that quality time in with each child. There are some simple ways to spend more time with the kids while focusing on building a much tighter and stronger bond. Continue reading “3 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Children”

Put on Your Best Face

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I have taken for granted the ease and grace for which I handled the chaos, the first three years, of day-to-day life with twins. Not just life with twins in those first three years, but life with twin infants and a toddler. Keeping one child alive was one thing, but keeping a toddler alive and two infants was a whole new set of balls to juggle. My first two requirements were always met each morning: keep the kids alive and keep myself alive. Mom success and I was winning. The number one question my friends and new mom friends ask is, how did I do it. How did I get up everyday and maintain a positive attitude, not completely lose my shit, and still manage to raise three really incredible people? Continue reading “Put on Your Best Face”

Knives and Friendship

I had a set of knives gifted to me back in December 2016. For the past 18 months I struggled with these knives in my kitchen, I never had the right sharpness for what I was looking to accomplish in my culinary adventures. Constantly working against me, I would sharpen the knife, always giving the knife another shot that if I sharpened it just right and used what was provided (the honing steel) that maybe it would get the job done. I took great lengths to care for these knives, and hated to get rid of them, but one day I decided time to rid myself of the emotional upset of these knives and bought my very own set of Cutco knives. What never occurred to me was the metaphor of knives and friendship. Continue reading “Knives and Friendship”

On the Move Again

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Twirling the events of the past year through my head like balloons whipping in the wind, The Chad and I are just amazed at all that we have experienced over the last nine to twelve months. In just three short weeks we are moving, yet again. Seems as though we only arrived here in Orlando a few days ago, but we are almost into this adventure a full year. How is this so? Apparently time truly does fly despite times where we think time is standing still. My twins were just born yesterday too if you ask me, here they are, a decade older and I continue to be in disbelief I gave birth and raising twins. Much like my disbelief that we have to be on the move again, only this time, our roots will be firmly planted here in Florida. Our family will be able to officially close our chapter of life in Arizona as we close on our home in Oviedo, just outside of Orlando. Continue reading “On the Move Again”

Teaching Kids about Credit

The Chad and I are very transparent parents; we want to ensure our children are well educated about adult topics and life experiences, even at a young age. As children, many of us, including The Chad and I, were not taught about credit, handling money, or finances. I learned by proxy with my father as the banker, my mother broke her arm when I was a teen so I was left to write her checks, balance her checkbook, manage the household finances and do the grocery shopping. Not all children have that experience. With our children we wanted to explain to them the importance of proper budgeting, living within your means, and the ever heavy burden of credit debt. Continue reading “Teaching Kids about Credit”