All In the Name Giveaway Part II

Alrighty…..the names are in!The Contest is created!!

All of you who were so gracious to submit names for my soap business will receive your sample bar of soap!! I will be emailing you shortly to gather your shipping information….for the rest of you….stay tuned….more “soapy” giveaways are coming!!

Now go vote and see what the fabulous names are for the soap business!!

AND, if you want to check out all the cool soaps….(which I still have to post some more for you all) feel free to head on over to the blog I share with my sisters!
(My sisters are Brittany and Nicole!)

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  1. Can i vote twice there are 2 names I like heheh 🙂 I am off to sleep and clear me mind 🙂 need some aromatherapy hehe..hugs sweety

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