Chicks for Free

A quoted lyric from that great song in the 80s, you know the one right?? The Dire Straits, featuring Sting? Yea, love that song, especially the Money for Nothing part. This song was stuck in my head today as I had dealings with people that think that this is their world and the rest of us just inhabit their miserable little worlds.

So I have this swamp cooler you see. The appliance is completely USELESS in Arizona from the months of May to say October. Why you ask? Well those months usually resonate at least 90 to 100 degree weather, not conducive for a machine that requires COOL water to make your home COOL. Anyway, we had the hunk of shit removed from our roof last year along with our 30 year old ORIGINAL air conditioning unit that cost us a pretty penny with $400 a month summer electric bills. Yeah, that is no joke.

Anyway, DH gets this great idea that the swamp cooler is worth something. (*Waves hand wildly…TO FRIGGING WHO??!!!! Who the hell wants this hunk of junk??!!) So I of course have to agree that this useless piece will be worth something. A year had almost past and that thing has sat on the side of my house, collecting dust, bugs, leaves, and space that would be better occupied by nothing so you can see my beautiful Cape Cod style siding. I finally get the gumption to clean out the SHIT that inhabits my house. I mean LOADS!!

We have that stupid swamp cooler, a 27″ TV that is brand new, but we have no where to put it, GOBS and GOBS of baby clothes that I am selling for like $1.00 a piece, not to mention any other miscellaneous stuff we have collected over the years that so badly needs a home…but NOT IN MY GARAGE!!

Gosh, off subject again with all the shtuff. I decide to list this shtuff on Craigslist.


I mean every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally wants something for free. I mean really? I am not asking a fortune, I am asking for you to pay a small fee to take it off my hands. All of the stuff works, and is in really good or decent (swamp cooler) condition. But everything works and could be useful to someone else, as I have no more use for the shtuff. I mean I would just sell all the junk at a garage sale anyway, so why not sell stuff bit by bit since the weather outside is hotter than an elephant’s ass. Shop online, call, pick up. No browsing in the heat, driving around, just bam bam bam!

But really everyone wants something for free. These people on Craigslist, DH’s boss who so willingly gives up DH’s Saturdays for conference calls that can be done during the week…oh wait that’s right…he (the boss) went to Lego Land during the week, so business will have to be put off for the weekend. Oops!? Did I say that out loud. I had realtors barking at me on the phone today while I was DRIVING, ordering me around like I worked for them. I let that little wet behind the ears, green pea punk hear a piece from me, call me making demands. HUFF!

Has our society been reduced to a “gimmee” attitude, where we expect the world for nothing? I mean I was taught hard work, work hard for everything you have, struggle, a little elbow grease, some brow beatings, sweat, blood, tears…..where in all my gruff and sacrifice does it say that I get a free ride? I didn’t get my chicks for free? I didn’t my money for nothing. So why does everyone else think that they get their money for nothing and their chicks for free?

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  1. It's a new generation…my parents would never have let me go to a movie at midnight either. I don't know what's happening.

    Keep your schtuff on Craig's List though, there are SOME honest people out there.

  2. Yeah as Trudy says its the new generation…and its horrible really every year that passes it gets worse…I was atually thinking about those lines this morning and was gonna post something about it later on heheh

  3. I grew up with the same work ethic as you…I was a teacher for ten years and it felt like each year that passed, the kids acted like something was "owed" to them. I fear for my own kids' generation because they live in such an instant gratifying world…

  4. My boyfriend's friend got a whole living room set in gorgeous condition for free on CraigsList. I'm all for free things, so I'm not complaining. Especially since I have to furnish my new house sometime soon.

  5. Oh I am all for the "If its free its for Me" but ONLY and IF it is free. I won't go and insult someone saying HEY let me just take this from you even though you are selling it. I mean I would rather give it to a good cause than someone who may turn around and not really use it but just sell it too.

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