Already got the t-shirt

My new job is really really new. Not like it is new to me because I could literally walk this job in my sleep. I am already running circles with it and cannot wait to get on the floor to perform. I know I am tits at my job. As a total perfectionist and over achiever, management is within my sights if I keep my nose clean and perform as and above expectations.

But above all else I am ecstatic about the details of the job.

My job is on the forefront of recovery in the nation. While I wish I could say more, I ambursting with excitement, energy, passion, and unyielding knowledge for this position and how I hope to help so many who are struggling during these rough economic times.

Never in my life has a job been more fitting for my degree in finance, my almost 15 years in lending experience, and my passion to work with people. The job is Cinderella’s slipper to me. As a skeptic to presidential plans and executions with environmental factors (Clinton with FMLA, Bush with…well what did he do..oh right he cried wolf and we invaded…sounds like a little man from Germany that we all know so well from text bookes) and especially now with an economy that is on, in my opinion, a 15 year recovery plan, I am EXCITED to be on the forefront of a presidential plan and execution. A fabulous plan and recovery option for all parties.

If I say more I may reveal too much too soon in my game. But I am OVERFLOWING with excitement and had to share with everyone that my job rocks. Really, totally, absolutely, kicks some major corporate ass, is AWESOME.

Again, never in my life have I been so eager to get to work as I am now. But I know that this job is all about the fact that we got the t-shirt and we are just trying to make sure we can keep our shirt on as well as for others.

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    1. Seriously Marilyn, this job is going to make HUGE differences in peoples lives. I am the eternal optimist though so I am totally jazzed!

  1. You’ve made ME excited about your job Karie! It sounds amazing! You a lucky woman! And totally can’t wait to see how things play out. 🙂 You go girl!

  2. So excited for you! Doesn’t it feel great to have a passion, something you truly believe in and get paid for it? It sounds like you’re gonna go far in this, and I am gonna keep reading and find out just what it is.
    So happy for you and your family!

  3. Yes Goob, the job sounds like it was made just for you! I am so happy to see you ecstatic over working on something so close to your heart. Can’t wait to hear more about it!!! Oh, and btw…I need your address.

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