Did I say I gave a




No. No I do not.

Here comes my random babble after a few days. My observation. My out of blog experience.

the bird, flipping offFunny how I started my new job I was rather concerned on how my life would be changed and yet I was overwhelmingly welcome to the change. While I was and still am concerned for my kids and how my lack of presence in the home would affect them and my family as a whole, everything else went by the way side, and my concern for “everything else” (aka my blog, blah blah) went by the way side as well.

I found myself wanting to tweet for the simple fact that I enjoy connecting with some very lovely people, women, men, business savvy individuals, jokers, and highlighters; then I found that my Twitter stream was rather lame. My blogs that I read, had some family news that I had to comment on, but the other blogs are still the same old shit.

Then I began to wonder why I got so damn hyped about my blog. Why I was so worried. What was I so worried about. What was all the hullabaloo.

Watching as an outsider now is rather entertaining. No, actually HIGHLY entertaining to watch a large group of grown women act like fucking narcissistic assholes, parading around as if their excrement doesn’t emit any odor. For those of you…”you think your shit doesn’t stink” is the lay man definition. Women, biting each other in the back, acting like petty, egoistic webmasters, and acting like they are making some difference in the world or are “tops.” Top what really?  Top bitch? Tops at stepping on others to get to some glass ceiling? Really? What is this delusion?

Sure they may make a difference somewhere, but they aren’t THAT big of news if you ask me. When you reach Mother Teresa level….then you have made big news, otherwise, what did you ladies coin your phrase, oh yes, “suck it!”

Seriously, I am watching as these women openly Tweet, blog, and maintain their Facebook accounts while their children are being nannied by the television, or by some personal assistant, or purely neglected. I watch as they are so worried about how their blog performs, posting the right hashtags to get noticed, yadda yadda yadda. Who fucking cares. Really? Thinking that is a JOB is no fun, and really, are you making enough to be happy? No. No you are not. In fact, I think many think they can never make enough, or they need to make more. The perpetual cycle of greed.

I love to come back to my blog now. Write about whatever I want, like oh say the talkative broad that I finally asked to be moved away from because I could really care less about anything that came out of her mouth because she was too busy acting like a “top dog” and she knew DIDDLY SHIT! In all actuality she is no different than a lot of bloggers.

I realized then how much I love my job outside of the home, in the real world, with REAL people to interact with daily. How much I really hated to have to update my blog. How much I really DO NOT like interacting in a false fashion with people on the net.  How I missed genuine interaction. How many of these people ACT like they give a shit, but they have no HUMAN connection to you so they could give a shit. I loved to see that REAL people are being held accountable in REALITY for their actions. No one is above the law.

I have a small niche of people I interact with (you know who you are) whom totally get me, I get them, and I love them because they expect nothing out of me. When I post they dig it, I dig it, because I mean every.word.I.post. I don’t post just to post, as filler or as marketing.

Really…I could give two rat’s asses about marketing too. HA! I love to try stuff, products, whatever, but honestly, my blog is not here for you. It’s here for me. For others to read. My blog is an old friend you can go to and as if time had never passed. For connection, for solace, for a laugh.

I find that my detachment from social media and the interwebs is so fucking refreshing! Truly. Because I can go on Twitter now and connect with my lovies in a fun manner. I can watch all these self-absorbed “Look at me” mommies who have at best an eighth grade style education, but paid for much more. Seriously ladies, you might want to ask for a refund or better stop paying those student loans because your demeanor is a direct reflection.

I can watch my real moms lay out their heart and souls in their posts and still keep a smile saying how they are doing the best darn job they can, with no formal training or manual on how this thing called parenthood works. How they are reinventing themselves as women, as individuals, you can feel their authenticity in their words, in their posts.

Maybe now is the time for people to evaluate what truly matters. The brass tax of life.

I am happy to come home each and every day from my commute, which totally rocks, and to see my garage door climb open and I watch as three beautiful little people come running to my car door to say hello. So I can hear all about their days, what they did, what they ate, who they played with, what they learned. NOTHING, is better than that moment in my entire day. NOTHING is better in my entire life than those kids, my husband.

Hanging up. Disconnecting. Saying I could give a hoot, totally rocks. Because the net could blow up tomorrow and I would still have my family and that is what matters. My blog could die and who cares. Nothing else matters than those who are closest to you in your life. Love and cherish them. Nurture those relations, because all others could fail and if you didn’t have your family….what would you have?

For those of you narcissistic bloggers, I guess at least you would still have your blog right?

15 Replies to “Did I say I gave a”

  1. Oddly enough, I was hoping ‘rats ass’ made an appearance there somewhere, and by God you didn’t disappoint!

    I would miss you if you didn’t show up every now and again.
    Karie Karie you are so VERY!

  2. Love you! Love this post! Love that you don’t give a shit.


    And I couldn’t agree more – after a long day at work and a craptastic (for me) commute, those smiling little faces so excited to see you, makes it ALL worth it!


  3. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the goings on of the blogosphere – especially for those of us who don’t work outside the home. It’s like a warped reality. I caught myself a few weeks ago getting caught up in the game and I had to give myself a talking to. I agree with you. We need perspective. We need to be there for those who really matter. Our family.

    1. Completely Marilyn. I think that when we are at home, our connection is with those that we were interacting with, those online. Nothing wrong with that. But when we find ourselves entangled in their nasty webs….OY!

  4. **Clapping for my Karie**

    I am so happy you love your job and your life right now. that puts a smile on my face.
    Great post, you have such an awesome way with words.
    I spend a while 15 minutes today on my blog today {and the 5 days before that too}, and laid around building castles, making forts and having tea parties with the kids for all the rest. And I’ve liked it so much, I’m making that my daily priority.
    At the end of the day, I count on them, my family.
    I think we all need to keep that in mind!!

  5. you know at one point i worried on how many people visited and read and commented etc but now i dont! this blog of mine is there for when i feel like talking whether heard or not and not a competition or something…..so well said love! we need to reeconnect to 🙂 will email you soon

  6. This would be exactly why I dropped out of certain “groups”. While Twitter for me is more for promotion, I just forget about twitter, I am on FB and chat with friends there. Of course you could write a one four letter word post and I would still adore you because of who you are. I love how open and honest you are. And I hope you always remain that way. One day I plan on meeting you in person, and when that happens we can laugh about all the funny things you say. Me, I am just boring ole me.

    Thanks for commenting about Connor the other day. The dang doctors are driving me insane. Can’t get in to see the ped til Tuesday, and then who knows how long before they schedule the echo. Friends like you are what make me remember that he is fine and it is just a safety precaution!

  7. Your openness and honesty are so refreshing.

    I think I need to take a lesson from you..although, I’m hoping I’m not one of those narcissistic blogging moms you are referencing. I’m all me:)

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