Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion & Ladies too

Several years back I recall busting my husband using my very expensive exfoliating body wash. I had invested in a quality brand with my aesthetician and he was using my little bottle of gold. How dare he! Personal care is no longer a taboo among men. Manicures, pedicures, visiting a stylist (not just a barber), and investing in quality styling and personal care products have become more mainstream with men. The Chad has taken to a daily moisturizer and exfoliating, he also appreciates a good beard balm and quality hair products. Our natural response when we were asked to check out a new men’s product was a resounding “yes.”

baldwin men moisturizing lotion, mens care, mens moisturizerMen’s products can be too overpowering or too lack luster from what The Chad tells me. He really enjoys the unscented women’s product, which if you break out the details, the only difference is packaging and marketing. So to his enjoyment, when we received the Baldwin Savvy Care for Men Moisturizing Lotion he was happy to oblige a test drive and review of the product.

For the last 30 days we have been trying out this great product. By we, I do not just mean the royal we, but I do mean the both of us. He is a good sport about reviewing products with me. After each shower, and some shavings, he has applied the Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion. In his words,

“I really like it. The scent is clean and not overpowering. I like the way it feels, it isn’t heavy or greasy like some face creams, lotions and gunk.”

Gunk huh?

Now that we established from his point of view that Baldwin Men Moisturizing lotion is not “gunk,” what exactly makes it so awesome? Here is what Baldwin has to share about this great product:

  • DEAD SEA MINERALS – The true power of the earth from the lowest place in the world the minerals of the Dead Sea can do magic for your skin.
  • NATURAL OILS – As part of our system, we use only natural oil that we hand pick to revitalize and repair the damage men face on the skin. We use Argan oil, Jojoba, African Shea Oil, Centella Asiatica from the tender leaves of the Centella plant. This is a special plant that is actually know for it’s reparation properties to the skin.

baldwin men moisturizing lotion, baldwin men care, mens moisturizer, beautySweet! So why is this only for men?

My husband was lucky enough that I had begun to run out of my favorite moisturizer (Clinique). Quite frankly I have been feeling lazy about ordering more. I decided to give his moisturizer a whirl for my super sensitive skin. After two full weeks I can say I am still breakout free with my skin. Anytime I encounter a change in products my skin freaks out within the first week and I have hell to pay. Not the case with Baldwin, the formula is super gentle, velvety soft, and applies evenly with a quick dry time.

baldwin men moisturizing lotion, baldwin mens care, mens moisturizerUsing the Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion I do not feel like I am wearing moisturizer, the feeling is very light and refreshing. The price is just as light and smooth for the amount used on a daily basis. We found we only used a dime to nickel size amount. More depended upon if we needed more to cover the neck area.

So if you are looking for a new men’s care product or one for yourself, Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion is on our list to buy time and time again. Or if you are looking for something different to give this Father’s Day, this is a great addition for a men’s care package. Baldwin also offers an anti-aging cream with similar but more in-depth ingredients to help maintain skin vitality. They offer a full line of men’s care from shampoo to shower gel. You can find them on Amazon!

Do you or your spouse find each other trying or using each other’s products? What products of his do you love to use? (Yes shaving cream counts too!) Guys, what products of hers do you like to use but they haven’t formulated a scent just for you?

3 Replies to “Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion & Ladies too”

  1. Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion does sound nice for my son and husband. They have very sensitive skin.

  2. This product sounds like something I would like. I use moisturizing lotion on my dry spots, especially my feet. I am a Diabetic. I don’t know about my hubby liking this for Father’s Day though. I once bought him an Axe Sport Gift Pack and he ended up giving it to our grandson. Oh well, I tried! I won’t be wasting any more time & money on these types of gifts for him.

  3. These products sound amazing and would make such a wonderful gift for any man/woman. I would love to try them out myself.

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