Buying Your Ideal Skirt

Skirt shopping requires a certain level of effort, at least if you want to do it quickly and wind up with your ideal skirt. You have to consider exactly what you want, as well as the types of skirts that work on your body frame. Issues like budget, lifestyle and environment are also factors. Here is a brief guide to buying your ideal skirt.

Do Not Buy a Skirt for an Occasion

If you can help it, never buy a skirt for one specific occasion. It might be fine for that event, but it needs to be fine for many different events. Otherwise, it will not get worn regularly and will become a waste of closet space and money. It is always better to buy a new skirt because you want a new skirt but do so with many different occasions in mind.

Make Sure Your Skirt Length is Appropriate

Length is a big decision when buying a skirt. You certainly have plenty of lengths from which to pick. They range from mini skirts to floor-length maxi skirts that touch the floor. Choose a skirt length that is going to be socially acceptable where you intend to wear it, such as at work. You can also select a skirt length based on your environment. For example, when selecting from various skirt lengths, you might want a longer one for winter wear and a shorter one in the summer. Although, denim is so comfortable and breathable that the same skirt can work during all seasons.

Comfort level with your own body is another factor that goes into selecting skirt length. If you do not want to draw attention to your legs, a longer skirt may be in order. If you would rather show them off, a short skirt can do that for you. A shorter skirt also tends to draw more attention to your footwear or to your feet themselves. Keep that in mind when making your choice.

Choose a Skirt That Also Suits Your Body in Other Ways

The length is not the only part of your skirt that needs to suit your preferences and your body. You also need to consider the general style, including color or pattern. In general, patterns with small elements are better than those with larger elements, such as large flowers. At least if you are short. Large patterns can play tricks on the eyes and many your figure completely disappear.

You also have to think about the shape of the skirt before you buy it. A pencil skirt can help you accentuate your hips. However, it conforms to your body. If you want a skirt that is looser and does not feel restrictive at all, select one with a skirt that flows outward, such as an A-Line style. You can also make fashion statements with the general style of the skirt, such as by selecting a longer skirt with a slit to allow you to show off your legs.

Embellish Your Skirt, as Needed

No matter what skirt you pick, you can always embellish it once it is part of your wardrobe, especially if you have basic sewing skills. Adding some embroidery is a great way to personalize a denim skirt, for example. You can also add decorative buttons, stamps or patches to certain fabrics. Alternatively, you can purchase a skirt that is already embellished in such a manner.

Taking Your Outfit to the Next Level

Remember you will be taking your outfit to the next level after you buy a skirt. Therefore, a final thing to note is that you need the means to accessorize it the way you want. Selecting a skirt that fits into your wardrobe as if it has always been there is ideal for that purpose. Alternatively, you can purchase new accessories to go with your new skirt, if needed.

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