A Doctor’s Day

What’s your favorite television medical show? Do you go for something light like “Scrubs” or “Doogie Howser, MD?” Maybe you’re all about the drama and you love “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “House” and “Nurse Jackie.” Who could forget “M*A*S*H” with its mix of comedy and drama that made it speak uniquely to so many? Ask anyone in the healthcare profession and you’ll discover that our favorite medical TV shows get a lot right – and a lot wrong. Take being a doctor, for example. It’s not all sarcastic quips like Alan Alda delivered as Captain Hawkeye Pierce or stellar dance routines ala Donald Faison as Turk. You’ll need to look to someone more like Rachel Tobin Yale class of 2015 to discover what a doctor’s true day looks like.

Regularly Scheduled Program

There’s no such thing. A doctor’s day hinges on so many different variables. First, has the doctor finished residency? Doctors still in their residency program work long hours in any number of different locations and medical specialties depending on their assignments. Often, you’ll find residents crashed out asleep while on duty in the hospital because they simply don’t have time to go home to get their needed rest before they report for their next shift. Surgeons can work an average of 60 hours a week, depending on whether they’re on-call and what emergency surgeries arise. Primary care physicians can expect to log almost the same, while specialists have a more normalized schedule of around 45 average hours per week.

What’s in It for Me?

Where a doctor works makes a huge impact on their day, as well. As you can imagine, a surgeon in an urban location logs more time on the clock than a local physician in a small town. While each position has its’ drawbacks, they have benefits as well. Most people in any part of the medical field will tell you a big part of the reason they do what they’ve chosen to do is they want to help people. Admirable, yes, but the desire to help and make a positive difference in others’ lives feeds part of their souls. A busy, urban surgeon gets satisfaction from a well-performed surgery. That small-town doctor enjoys getting to know his or her patients beyond just their immediate medical concerns. Oncologists may use their profession as a way to honor someone in their lives who fought cancer. Physical therapists celebrate each time a patient reaches a personal milestone.

The medical profession is challenging, but also very rewarding.

Different Wood Types for Benches

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There is nothing better than having a relaxing little spot of calm in your own backyard. Backless benches can be a great addition to your garden. They can be put just about anywhere and add a nice touch. They can serve just about any purpose. You can place them inside your home as a seat for your table. Since they do not have a back, there is no limit to their use. You have many options when choosing the material for your backless bench. Keep reading to find out all about them. Continue reading “Different Wood Types for Benches”

3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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It’s recommended you visit the dentist every six months to undergo a deep cleaning, get X-rays done and see if anything has grown or developed in your mouth. However, that’s only twice a year. What do you do during the rest of the year when you’re not getting the full works at the dentist office from Brad Dixon, DMD? The time you spend on your teeth outside of the dentist office is actually what makes your appointments better and your mouth healthier. You have to follow a strict regimen of cleanliness and care to prevent issues, and taking small steps daily will lead to less severe problems in the long run. Hare are three preventative dental tips to keep your pearly whites in pristine condition.

Continue reading “3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy”

It Is Never Too Early to Start Bat Mitzvah Planning

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Religious rites of passage are significant life moments for those of deep faith. Some can occur at any life-stage, such as a baptism ritual, or for those of a certain age, such as the sacrament of confirmation. A Jewish boy’s bar mitzvah and a girl’s bat mitzvah ceremonies, where children assume the religious responsibilities of adulthood, take place when he reaches 13, and she 12 or 13.

The event may be a multifaceted one, with family gatherings before and party celebrations after the ceremony. As such, the weekend requires extensive preparation and planning. Even taking into account variations, some generalities can be applied. Using a bat mitzvah as an example, the following guidelines can help a family prepare for the big day.


Three or four years before your child will be of age, reach out to representatives at your local place of worship. Because you may find that the calendar for your synagogue or temple fills more quickly than you had imagined, you must schedule the bat mitzvah well in advance. Welcome directions and guidance provided by the experienced service planners. You will learn not only about timelines and necessary tasks, but you will plan for your child’s intensive study period the year before the ceremony.


Before proceeding with planning, decide how much you want to spend. Bat mitzvah festivities can be as elaborate as a wedding’s, with costs commensurate with those of that affair. Try not to focus on competing with others; your bat mitzvah should be personal and reflective of your values. Preparing will be stressful enough without your spending far beyond your means.

Guest List

One of the more challenging and sensitive matters is that of narrowing the number of attendees. Create a tentative list that you can manipulate as you focus your planning. You have to decide how personal you want to make the event. Have your daughter provide input about peer invitees. It may make sense to invite her entire school grade if the class is small enough. You, the parent, decide on the list of relatives.

Party Plans

Once you have an idea of potential numbers, you will discover the importance of starting early. The time comes to contact a venue or an event planner to prepare for the party that follows; because the capacity of a building may dictate the number of guests, you may find it more practical to reverse the order and begin guest planning only after this step. Additionally, you will have to arrange accommodations by reserving hotel-room blocks, which could be challenging if hotels have scheduled other events at the time.

You will have to make entertainment and ambiance choices. Will you provide live music or a DJ? What will be your party theme? Will you offer special menus?

Ceremony Preparation

At some point, you will process the actual bat mitzvah with the rabbi. The tone, guidelines, and actual rules for the ceremony will depend on how liberal or conservative is the domination. While your child studies through the synagogue or school or both, family members will likely partake in education at the same time. You may find yourself delving into extensive readings or participating in a few classes.

Consider your options for documenting the ceremony, taking into account any institutional restrictions. While photography and videography are traditional enhancements, give consideration to the modern testament of live streaming a bat mitzvah, both to record the event and expand the reach to participants. Finally, plan for the distribution of programs, yarmulkes, or other enhancement items, especially for non-Jewish guests.

Every detail counts when planning a religious ceremony to mark a significant spiritual moment. A bat or bar mitzvah will embed memories that every participant will reference in years to come, in particular your child, the center-of-attention; more importantly, careful planning will ensure the event features the appropriate mixture of gravitas and joy that is called for.

Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce

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Relationships are complicated. While you might have gotten married thinking that you would be with your spouse until the end of your life, time and circumstances can change matters. If a divorce is on your horizon, there’s going to be a lot of thoughts and emotions swirling around inside of you that will act as distractions. To stay prepared for all that is in store, take a moment to consider these points on how to ready yourself for this big life change. Continue reading “Steps to Take When Preparing for a Divorce”

Top 4 Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Memory

As you age, it’s common to experience some degree of memory loss. In fact, given the frequent occurrence of various types of dementia among older adults, memory loss has sometimes also come to be seen as an expected part of aging. Unfortunately, dealing with memory issues can cause problems in your everyday life and even affect your family and caregivers. Thankfully, elderly memory care doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem. There are a few key things you can start doing right away to boost your memory and help protect your brain health. Continue reading “Top 4 Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Memory”

Hobbies to get into after college

Once you have fished your schooling, there is a general query as to what should happen next. Many do not know how to occupy their time and are left feeling a little lost. If you already have a job, that can help you stay busy, but it may not provide you with an interesting or enjoyable time. For those who are looking to get into something fun and unique, here are four activities in which you could participate. Continue reading “Hobbies to get into after college”