Fixing Up Your Property to Preserve the Value

Buying a home is not an inexpensive matter, so preserving its value is of premium necessity. Whether you eventually plan to sell or whether it will be your lifetime home, it will be important to keep or even improve upon the bottom dollar. Take some of the following ideas into consideration when considering what needs to be done.

New Roof and Windows

Time and weather can take a toll on even the best roof. Maintenance should be a routine occurrence and the condition should not be taken for granted. Loose or damaged and missing shingles should be replaced or fastened down. The decking should be replaced every twenty years and the shingles. This can be an expensive undertaking but looking at second mortgage rates could prove positive as a way to pay for it. A second mortgage could also pay for new windows, should they be needed. Upgrading the windows can be beneficial as a means of energy conservation.

Plumbing and Electrical

If the plumbing is old and you often have leaks or even some flooding, then it is likely that the plumbing needs an overhaul. Old lead pipes should be replaced by more modern materials and brought up to current standards. The electric systems should also be inspected. Old aluminum wiring can break or develop cracks and may pose a hazard. Make sure the system is grounded and that you have adequate breaker boxes to provide a secure current to each outlet and switch.

Sprinkler System

If you do not currently have one, consider installing a sprinkler system with a timer. That will add instant value to your home and grounds and make it much easier to care for the lawn and keep it in good shape. Make sure to have the sprinkler system inspected annually. Improve on your curb appeal while you are at it, with some attractive plantings or flowers to brighten things up.


Even if the rest of the house looks great, a cracked porch or chipping driveway will take away from the handsome looks of the home and may also give the appearance that it has not been cared for. An alternative for replacement could be resurfacing it or replacing the driveway with blacktop.

Give the exterior a good power wash and apply a fresh coat of paint to any stucco or other paintable exterior surfaces. Siding may or may not take paint but if it can be painted, make sure to prime it first to help prevent rust and stains and to help the paint adhere properly. You may or may not need to use all of these methods to improve your home, but every little thing you do can add value.

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