Clean Up Your Indoor Environment Safer Scents for 2020

My home used to appear to be the poster child for toxic scents, air fresheners, candles and wax melts. For the most part, my ignorance was bliss to the damaging effects of these endocrine disrupters, the known carcinogens dirtying up my inside environment and other potential dangerous situations such as a house fire. I took the plunge years ago to toss all these toxic items from my home when I switched to essential oils, however, not everyone is quite so keen. So if you are looking to clean up your indoor environment, Enviroscent offers a safer scent without harmful chemicals and ingredients to freshen you home.

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Enviroscent Mango wood stand and liquid-less scent sticks.

Now I am a huge skeptic of any air freshener or “natural” product, but Enviroscent won myself and my kids over. The company stands by their products with over three dozen patents and a decade of research into finding a chemical free way of freshening your indoor environment. That environment can be anywhere from your car to the house where each of the various air freshening products are applied.

Enviroscent combines naturally sourced ingredients with responsibly sourced products and packaging to create authentic, long-lasting scent products that are free from harsh chemicals. they’re made using sustainably sourced pulp and paper, the purest fragrance oils, and patented “hold-push” technology, featuring natural starch and silica. From plastic-free packaging to refillable, reusable, and recyclable innovations, Enviroscent designs, ships, and sources its products as sustainably as possible. Enviroscent scents also meet EPA safer choice fragrance criteria and do not spill or leak.

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Plug Hub in Smoked Caramel

All Enviroscent products are free of toxins and include a dash of Bitrex, a natural bittering agent that ensures that if a child or animal ever tried to swallow it, they would spit it straight out before they could be poisoned. Can your scent crystals, plugins, wax melts, candles or canned sprays offer this feature to keep from endangering your family? Most likely all your store bought products offer that you call poison control if the product is accidentally ingested.

While all these details sound impressive I put the Enviroscent products to the ultimate test in our home: the room of a teenage boy who plays football. Mercy me. The results were astounding and overwhelming, to say the least. Enviroscent was so effective and powerful in my son’s room that I had to place in our upstairs loft to help dilute. On the upside, my son’s room hasn’t been that fresh since we moved into our home. As the scent began to dissipate more my son placed the reed diffuser back into his room and it’s been keeping it fresh ever since, without seeming too strong. My youngest son and daughter loved the mini stix for their rooms and closets.

safer scents, scent sticks, air freshener, non toxic air freshener, enviroscents
Stow or Go liquid-less scent sticks.

Last but not least is all the incredible scents! Scents like spring water and lotus, sea salt and aloe, lavender tea and honey, lemon leaf and thyme, red poppies and rosewood, then of course the seasonal scents we were able to try out in our home: smoked caramel and cinnamon and balsam fir and spruce. Our favorite was the lemon leaf and thyme, coming from the southwest we miss the rich scents of warm citrus blossoms this time of year and the spray definitely invoked a sense of home. Find their products exclusively online at their website, NOT ON AMAZON…sorry, and save big when you subscribe to their Scents Club where every quarter, a new box is sent with new scents, seasonal specials and more!

Whether you are looking for a non toxic option for your home air freshener or just looking to find a product that is safer for your family without harsh chemicals, Enviroscent covers both bases. Your indoor environment is often more polluted and toxic than being outdoors. Clean up your indoor environment with safer scents of Enviroscent.

*Disclosure: We received these products free of charge in exchange for a promotional post and honest review. As a connoisseur of all things non toxic, natural and more, we felt compelled to share with our readers a new option for indoor air freshening.

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