Come Get You Some

I have to admit I am a Funewga (fa-noo-gah) (Fuckin New Guy…in case you didn’t know…old car biz saying) to this whole blog thing. I mean truly I am, still a little wet behind the ears and getting the hang of everything. So I was completely humbled, surprised, and totally honored by a few special messages from some very special bloggers.

Tania over at the Lucky Canuck awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. I tell you, this means a whole lot to me, because some days, I think that my blog is less than lovely, so this truly was a huge honor.Especially because she is just rawkin! She is just too sweet really she is, very quiet in the emails we have passed back and forth, just a Canadian gem…like all my Canadian blog friends!

Amanda, over at A Family of Shorts awarded me with the I Give Good Blog award which is totally wicked and again a huge honor and totally humbling to me. She is totally nuts and I love her, a fellow Zonie (AZ native) and so awesome I found her….or rather maybe she found me. Love her!

Have you all met Holly? She is a ROCKIN’ chick and also a fellow Zonie and twin mommy. So she knows the crazy we sell and talk about around here. She does Tea and talks about her twins at Saguaro Blossoms so check her out. She was ever so awesome to pass on this award, so to her I am grateful as well.

I am not one to take compliments well, I am generally the one giving them, just part of my nature and who I am I guess. So here is the deal. I am suppose to link up 15 new bloggers that I have found. Well I tell you, I found at least that this week and no way I can remember, I fave them and I just click through my bookmarks. What I want to do since you have to limit who gets these awards, I want to add a McLinky here!!

I want you, to come give yourself the award, grab it, steal it, pass it around, mom it forward to someone else, or heck just showcase it on your blog and let me know you did by adding your link at the bottom! I think we are all great bloggers, there are so many that I read in a day that I can’t get to everyone to comment, and I surely cannot just limit my choices. So please, come link up, grab your awards! Seriously! You deserve it!

So sign the linky that you took your award. And hey….helps your rankings!!

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