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As women become mothers and as we age our style still for the most part remains the same. We want to be stylish, we want to be “hip” but our style more or less evolves with our age and with our bodies. I have found that I still love to wear beautiful clothing that accentuates my body, but that does not make me look like Michelin Man. I have a few bumps and rounds here and there from having children, but nothing too bad. But I cannot pull off my hipsters and a tee showing my navel like I could just a few short years ago. However, I can sport my jeans and a fabulous top that accentuates my curves and my fabulous style.

With that being said I found Shade Clothing. They are fantastic! I at first was a bit skeptical on the clothing, very stylish, but would it be “MY” style.

I was so glad I proved myself wrong when I received a piece of clothing from Shade to review. Fabulous! Absolutely FABULOUS! The timing was perfect and terrible all at once as I received the top a few days before my grandfather’s funeral, but I looked great! I had so many compliments on my shirt, coupled with my Michael Kors trousers and Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps.

I chose to review the Dolman Tunic which was a great choice because of the 3/4 sleeves where the top is not too hot and not too cold, literally just right for the fall weather.

The tunic has snaps along the left shoulder and down the sleeve. I was afraid the snaps would be heavy and binding and to my surprise they were very unnoticeable when I was wearing the top. The fit is awesome you can ruch the bottom as seen in the photo, or you can wear the shirt completely I was also afraid that the scoop neck would either be too low or too high causing an eye sore at my neck line and the scoop is perfect, especially because I am a bit more leveraged in the bust area so I like shirts that do not make me look like “Holy Boobs Batman.” Shade Clothing claims to be clothing for modest women, but I hardly consider myself modest, I consider myself more classic, stylish, a mom by all means and have no intentions of dressing like an escort or looking as if I stuffed myself into my clothes or dressing in a MooMoo.

Shade Clothing was founded by Chelsea Rippy, who like the rest of the shopping women of the world, could not find clothing that was stylish and not revealing. The clothes were either teeny bop or your grandmother’s line of clothing. And so Shade Clothing was born to supply a fashionable line to women that they look super in and feel great. Shade Clothing has stores in UT and AZ and of course you can shop online.

Now do you want to feel great in some fabulous and super clothing? I know I was ecstatic! Here are your details to enter to win a $30 Gift Card with Shade Clothing:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me your one thing about clothes shopping or clothes in general. (Mine…the sizes are never the same for any designer…sizes all over the board!)


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305 Replies to “Conservative Style Shade Clothing”

  1. For me it is that there aren't enough choices for Petites. It is very frustrating since I am only 5'2.

    mandjregan at gmail dot com

  2. Honestly, I hate clothes shopping because i need to lose weight. I hate going into a dressing room and trying stuff on.

  3. Frustration sets in when you can't find a petite section in a store. Or if you do, they're all petite size 16 or up. What's the deal with that?

    badgermomma at gmail dot com

  4. That looks like a great shirt. It is hard to find nice clothes that are just a teensy slutty, without descending into total skankery!

    Thanks for the tip

  5. I actually own two of Shade's long sleeve cowl necks and I can't tell you how much I love them! They are super comfy and the tunic style is so flattering! I love them!

  6. I hate that I have big hips and a small waist (*gasp from everyone). It makes shopping for jeans a bear, and they are never the correct length!

  7. I agree with you that sizes range all over the board with different designers, I have to take 3 different sizes into dressing room, time consuming!

  8. The thing I hate most about clothes shopping is those times where you try on one brand of jeans in your size and another brand in the same size and one fits like a glove, the other has whiskering the in thighs or too short of an inseam or gives an instant muffin top… Women's pant sizes should just convert to plain measurements like men do. Simple. Get over the number! It's all a lie anyway to make us feel better…What was a size 14 back in the day is now dubbed size 12. Sheesh, rant much? 😀

  9. Following Shade Clothing in Twitter :: @MrsCox

  10. Following your blog. Mildly stalkeresque.

  11. Following vous on Twitter :: @MrsCox

  12. Entered your Sweetie Pie Kids g/a

  13. One of my pet peeves is the fact that many designers cannot get it through their skulls that someone can wear a women's size and still be short enough to qualify for petite clothing!

    clynsg at

  14. One thing about clothes shopping….I HATE IT! I hate shopping in general! Grocery, clothes, etc., it all sucks! But I'm with you on the sizes, I cannot stand that nothing runs the same size. I get excited when I can fit into a size 9 jean and then the next pair I buy are like 13's. STUPID!!!!!!

  15. For me its loving all the beautiful clothes online but not being able to try them on, risk free…not finding enough free shipping, or places where you can return the clothes if they were AWESOME online but horrible on you. That is my biggest pet-peve with online shopping… yet I still do it often 🙂

  16. Trying on jeans…that fit everywhere but then have a huge gap at the waist so you're inevitably going to have plumber's crack at some point in the day!


  17. I love Shade's dresses…modest, stylish dresses are the hardest to find these days. I really like Shade's layering basics too! I wear them with almost every outfit!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  18. I love shopping… I love clothes but after having my little guy I just can't seem to get all the waif off! I hate it! I hate buying clothes… I fell like I am buying to big because I won't stay this size but I need clothes. One thing I love about Shade is there clothes are cute tight but cute big with a belt or cardigan!


  19. I have been told by my husband that I have expensive taste, and I'll admit to it. The thing is that we are poor students. So, since I have expensive taste and no money, I just end up not buying anything. Really, my wardrobe is sad. Half of my clothes are from high school, and I've already finished my undergrad.

  20. I only go clothes shopping with my husband–he's got great taste and he'll tell me the truth. I love that!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. The size thing drives me nuts too. Today I was trying on bathing suits and a medium bottom was too small in one style yet in another style of the same suit, a size small fit. The same brand, the same pattern fabric, just a different cut. What?!

    ebickell at hotmail dot com

  22. My top is a bit heavier than my lower body, so I end up trying on shirts that fit perfectly everywhere except for my chest. Thus, I end up going up a size, which then ruins the look, so I usually end up skipping out on getting a really cute top.

  23. I have a pair of jeans that are one size too small that I have been trying to get into for a year now. I just can't give up hope!!

  24. I have the hardest time finding clothes that are long enough in the arms & legs and that don't pooch around my ghetto bootie. It's a miracle that some of Shade's clothes actually fit!


  25. Stuff always goes on sale! Just be patient, and you will save a lot of money.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. So…pants never fit me right. If they fit in the hips, then they don't fit my waist, or my thighs…sigh. Too bad Shade doesn't have more options there!
    torrimahoney at gmail dot com

  27. Manufacturers tend to make everything for the tallest people. Even the petite sizes are often too long. I'm 5'3" and often need to shorten things.

  28. My biggest complaint is all the pants are for tall people. I'm only 5'4" and it makes it really hard to find pants that fit.

  29. I'm not a huge fan of clothes shopping. I love clothes, but get frustrated when shopping…it's hard to find something I like that fits the way I want it to.

  30. My one thing…it's jeans. If I find jeans that fit my hips, they are too short. If I get jeans that are long enough when I sit, I wind up tripping over them when I walk. I have yet to find a perfect pair of jeans!


  31. for me, the problem is finding clothing now that I have gained weight. It is depressing enough to go to the store and even worse having to shop the next size up.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  32. I love shopping for clothes. I consider myself to be very fashionable. However, I have always liked to bargain shop when it comes to clothing. 🙂

  33. I have a small figure but an ample chest so its tricky to find tops or dresses that contain the top while accentuating the waist and not looking like an night walker! 🙂

  34. so much of what i buy fades so quickly, because I often have to wash it in warm or hot water due to having spit up on me! My clothes pretty much all look faded after just a few washes. Boo!

  35. My problem with clothes shopping is that I'm somehow either too short (at 5'5"!) or the clothing I try on is made for really tall people because jeans always drag on the ground and long sleeves end somewhere around my knuckles.

    thefatesarevicious at yahoo dot com

  36. I don't usually have any problems with clothes shopping, i LOVE clothes shopping, i have a lot of fun choosing different things for myself and my kids all the time 🙂

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  37. It's nearly impossible to find jeans that are small enough around the hips and not too tight around the waist… the smallest size pinches in the waist; the next size up bags around the hips.


  38. i hate trying to find jeans that fit and continue to do so, if i buy a pair of jeans that appears to fit, after washing and wearing several times they no longer seem to fit right and become to big in the wrong places

  39. I love shade clothing. They sell them at Costco here in UT.
    Now that I have kids I need to remind myself. TRY IT ON. It is worth the extra 5 minutes not ot have to return for a poor fit

  40. My problem: it's incredibly tough to find bright, cheerful colors. I'm so sick of olive drab, gray and brown!

  41. I have a hard time finding tops that fit properly. My chest is larger but the rest of me is not. I find that they are either too tight across the breast area and fit everywhere else or if they fit up top then way too baggy everywhere else


  42. I hate how I have to try on everything because I have a long torso, so most shirts looks like 1/2-tops on me. I'm now 32 so it's not appropriate for me to wear them like that. haha.

  43. It is impossible for me to find jeans. They are either too short or too long. I'm average (5'6"), so shouldn't all jeans be about my inseam?

  44. I hate trying on clothes (especially since I gained weight) and no two sizes are ever the same.

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  45. My issue is that it is so hard to find clothes made in the usa. I don't like to buy clothes made in any other country.


  46. My problem is ALSO that I am too short — 5'3". The person ahead of me also complained of that and she said she was 5'5", so imagine what it's like for ME! Even the short sizes aren't short enough. Why do they assume all women are Amazons?

  47. I hate that I always have to try things on. I picked up a top that was marked XL and it wouldn't fit my size 8 daughter!

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