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Moving to Orlando has been such a treat! Not that we did not have an abundance of awesome visits, trips, and experiences living in Arizona the past 14 years, but Florida has so much to offer our family. The twins celebrate a decade of life this year and we have bounced around ideas of what to do for their birthday besides the obvious of Disney. My dear daughter has been begging for The Crayola Crayola experience orlando, orlando travel, kids travel orlando, family travel orlando, crayola Experience here in Orlando.

Most know Florida for Disney World and the whole Disney experience, but Orlando has so much more! How fun that Orlando offers The Crayola Experience. Located inside The Florida Mall in Orlando, The Crayola Experience offers 70,000 square feet of colorful fun! Expect to spend several hours sifting through the various labs and attractions inside the experience. Shop, snack, paint, play, and interact every creative way Crayola experience, crayola orlando, crayola annual passholders, crayola experience tickets, crayola experience coupon tickets, crayola $4 offpossible. From crayons to paint, mold to movies, The Crayola Experience is a fully immersive and interactive event.

January is Super Hero month and Crayola has all sorts of events and happenings at The Crayola Experience. Enjoy some Crayola After Dark, drawing workshops and more. Crayola is always planning fun and excitement for the whole family. Take part parents, because coloring isn’t just for girls or kids.

Plan the event ahead of time and purchase tickets online to receive a $4 off discount just by purchasing online. Or if you plan on making a habit out of visiting The Crayola Experience Orlando often, check out purchasing an annual pass. Annual passes offer additional benefits to enjoy all year round with no pressure to schedule any particular trip or day.

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  1. I didn’t even know this existed. This would be so much fun. I know artsy fartsy Quinn would have a ball and he’s 15!

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