The Neighborhood Circle

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Hard to believe that just seventeen months ago our family consolidated our items, packed them into a 51 foot moving van, and set off across the country on a one-way flight. The event seems such a distant memory with much of the details still a bit fuzzy due to the expediency in which everything took place. Life seems so ordinary these days in the circle of our lives; work, school, sports, dinner, relax and bed, only to rinse and repeat each day. With the occasional weekend get together with our new friends in our neighborhood circle. Continue reading “The Neighborhood Circle”

On the Move Again

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Twirling the events of the past year through my head like balloons whipping in the wind, The Chad and I are just amazed at all that we have experienced over the last nine to twelve months. In just three short weeks we are moving, yet again. Seems as though we only arrived here in Orlando a few days ago, but we are almost into this adventure a full year. How is this so? Apparently time truly does fly despite times where we think time is standing still. My twins were just born yesterday too if you ask me, here they are, a decade older and I continue to be in disbelief I gave birth and raising twins. Much like my disbelief that we have to be on the move again, only this time, our roots will be firmly planted here in Florida. Our family will be able to officially close our chapter of life in Arizona as we close on our home in Oviedo, just outside of Orlando. Continue reading “On the Move Again”

The Crayola Experience Orlando

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Moving to Orlando has been such a treat! Not that we did not have an abundance of awesome visits, trips, and experiences living in Arizona the past 14 years, but Florida has so much to offer our family. The twins celebrate a decade of life this year and we have bounced around ideas of what to do for their birthday besides the obvious of Disney. My dear daughter has been begging for The Crayola Crayola experience orlando, orlando travel, kids travel orlando, family travel orlando, crayola Experience here in Orlando. Continue reading “The Crayola Experience Orlando”

Vintage Comfort for Fall or Winter with STS Blue

As my husband would refer to Fall and Winter fashion, it’s Han Solo season. Women begin to unpack their leggings, knee high boots, and jackets. This year I began to see less and less of the Han Solo outfit here in Florida and saw the warm embrace of vintage comfort styles. Denim, jean jackets, leather jackets, fur, crushed velvet, everything was reminiscent of my childhood. So I was excited to share and see the vintage comfort for fall of this years go-to jean jacket from STS Blue. Continue reading “Vintage Comfort for Fall or Winter with STS Blue”

The Eye of the Hurricane

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Was the first day of September and my Dad sent me a text. His words ever so sincere and deeply concerned. “Karie Babe, please be prepared for Irma. I just saw on the news the models for a possible Cat 5 storm. Bottled water, canned goods, batteries. I love you so much.” Flippantly, I dismissed his words as a retired man’s plight to watching too much Fox news. Had I not been so arrogant. Continue reading “The Eye of the Hurricane”

Moving Cross Country

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Summer time is the busiest time of year for moving. While this is the slowest and most boring for school aged children, this is the busiest time for adults. Our family recently planned a cross country move with a van line due to my husband taking a new job. What was supposed to be a one year timeline turned into a one month sprint. In less than three weeks, we packed our entire house, shipped our cars, found a house, registered our kids for school and somehow managed to keep our sanity while moving cross country. Continue reading “Moving Cross Country”